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Dear Patricia,
I prefer to start with two parent/one child trios. If they aren't
available then I work with one parent/one child pairs. Below is a document
that I wrote for the last Portland ISOGG meeting that outlines the basics.
You then use your relatives' data to do the mapping. See my mom's
chromosome map at if
you want to see where you eventually want to go after you have compiled all
of the matching segment data. You don't have to be a techie to do this, but
it will take some time commitment on your part. Having a chromosome map is
extremely helpful when you are trying to figure out how new Family Finder
and 23andMe matches are related to you.

Tim Janzen

Chromosome Mapping Basics

To start with.
1. You need a parent's 23andMe results or Family Finder results, and you
need one of their children's results.
2. Then compile a list of all of the known relatives of the parent who have
been tested who are either first cousins to the parent or more distantly
related to that parent.

If you are comparing data in Family Finder.
1. Log into the parent's account and go to the "Chromosome Browser" section
of Family Finder.
2. Then find the relative in the list of matches.
3. Click on the box next to the relative's name and then click on "Download
to Excel".
4. Save the Excel file on your hard drive.
5. Log into the child's account and go to the "Chromosome Browser" section
of Family Finder.
6. Then find the relative in the list of matches, and click on the box next
to the relative's name
7. Click on "Download to Excel" and save the Excel file on your hard drive.
8. Open both Excel files and copy the data from one Excel file so that it
is included right below the data in the other Excel file and then save that
merged Excel file on your hard drive.

If you are using 23andMe data for comparison.
1. Go to the "Family Inheritance: Advanced" section in "Ancestry Labs".
2. Then set the parent as the person whose genome is open in 23andMe by
clicking on that name in the dropdown menu up at the top of the screen next
to "Account".
3. Then set the child as the 2nd optional family member in the "Family
Inheritance: Advanced" section.
4. Then select the person to be placed in the "Select a person in question"
box. This person needs to be a first cousin or someone else known to be a
distant relative of the parent.
5. Then click on "Compare".
6. Then click on "download table". This will generate a CSV file
containing information about the matching segments for both the parent and
for the child.
7. Save the CSV file on your hard drive as an Excel file.

1. Open either the 23andMe Excel file or the merged Family Finder Excel
file mentioned above.
2. Then sort that file by the chromosome and then by start location so that
you can see all of the matching segments for both the parent and the child
adjacent to each other in the file.
3. Then delete all segments that are under 5 cMs for which the parent and
the child do not both share a corresponding matching segment with the
relative. Such segments will only be found in Family Finder data files. It
may be reasonable to map some segments in the 3-5 cM range if both the
parent and the child share that same segment with the relative, but caution
is warranted when mapping segments that don't contain at least 700 or more
SNPs because some matching segments could be IBS (identical by state) and
not IBD (identical by descent).
4. Print the Excel file so that you have the data available for easily
5. Open a raw Family Finder or 23andMe data file in Excel and delete the
genotype column
6. Add 4 new columns with these headings: "father's chromosome passed to
child", "father's chromosome not passed to child", "mother's chromosome
passed to child", "mother's chromosome not passed to child".
7. Add the name and birth date of the shared ancestor in the appropriate
column using the data that you printed off under point #4.
8. Repeat the process of adding the information for your chromosome map for
all known cousins who have been tested by either 23andMe or Family Finder
and then save the file.
9. Download the comparison files for all of your matches in Family Finder
and those who are sharing with you at the basic level at 23andMe.
10. Create a master file in Excel for all of your matches in Family Finder
and at 23andMe with columns for at least this information: name of match,
which company tested with, chromosome on which there is a matching segment,
number of cMs in the matching segment, number of SNPs in the matching
segment, start position of matching segment, stop position of matching
segment, whether the child shares the same matching segment that the parent
does, ancestor from which the matching segment was inherited, and any other
information about the people who are matching you that you would like to
save such as their e-mail address, the URL for their pedigree chart,
correspondence with them, etc.

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Subject: [AUTOSOMAL-DNA] family finder results

I have tested quite a few of my relatives to get a better picture of my
Family Finder results. I have read Cece Moore's article about mapping my
ancestors and I would really like to give that a try. I have almost no
techie abilities and I was wondering if anyone can tell me a very simple way
of doing this?
With 13 relatives to map I am excited to find out more from the tests!

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