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Subject: Re: [AVERY] Sarah (STANTON) DENNISON 1689
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 13:49:24 -0700
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I believe that I have the answer to your questions. I spent quite a bit of
time working over this problem two or three years ago when preparing a DAR
supplemental for John AVERY who married Mehitable BUELL. [acceptance still
pending as it was one of the myriad supplementals that were rushed in @ $25
before the price went up to $75 each--and all the non-supplementals outrank
the supplementals].

It will take me a little time to dig out and assemble the information and
documentation. Working it out was very interesting as "Sarah" had some
children born to both John and Benjamin the same date, same name--except
she was living 20 miles distant ("21" children in all--11 John's and 10
Benjamin's. Quite a feat!] She was married to John in 1705 according to
Groton VR. John didn't die until 1762. Found no marriage record between
Benjamin AVERY and Sarah STANTON.

I have a copy of the inventory of the estate of John AVERY and perhaps other

Margaret Swanson
Lompoc, CA

Quoting "J.B. Wilson" <>:

> Hello fellow researchers,
> While researching my collateral Avery and Denison lines I have become
> stumped on the correct husband and children of one Sarah Denison born
> 14 Apr 1689 in Stonington, Connecticut, the daughter of William
> Denison.
> Depending on which source you look at, some have her married to John
> Avery, Jr. (b. 1683), son of John Avery and Abigail Chesebrough
> (1656-1714), other sources show her married to Benjamin Avery (b.
> 1686), son of John Avery (1653-1724) and Abigail Chesebrough. No matter
> how I look it up, it is the same, some sources show her with John
> Avery, Jr. and other sources show her with Benjamin Avery. Both appear
> to be the sons of John Avery, Sr. or "the first John Avery of Groton".
> I'm stumped! What source do I believe? None of the books and sources
> that I've checked indicate that she was married to two husbands.
> So that being said, would anyone happen to have the *correct* list of
> children for John Avery and Abigail Chesebrough, and does that list
> contain John Avery, Jr. and Benjamin Avery, and if so, who do you show
> for their wives and children?
> And for Capt. William Denison (1655-1715) and Sarah Stanton. Do they
> have a Sarah Denison who was born in 1689, and if so, who do you show
> as her husband and children?
> As for resources, I've looked at the Groton Avery Clan and other
> genealogy books on line at the Godfrey Library. Would appreciate any
> help and pointers in an effort to connect the right parents, husband
> and children to Sarah Denison, b. 14 Apr. 1689 in Stonington, CT.
> Thanks so much. JB Wilson
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> JB Wilson, Beaverton, OR, USA
> "Searching for the Living, Honoring the Dead"
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