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From: Joyce Hancock <>
Subject: Explanatin of OPR
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 15:52:32 -0000

OPR stands for Old Parish Records or Old Parochial Registers. Basically they are
church records recorded before 1855. The christenings and marriages from these
records have been extracted and MOST of them are on the International
Genealogical Index.
The OPR cd is not available for people to buy for home use. You have to go to a
Family History Center, or the records are available on Scots Origin.
I read somewhere that about 2/3 of the people from Scotland were recorded in the
OPRs. In my research I have found about 1/2 of the people, instead of 2/3. Some
particularly bad years are 1833-34 and 1853-54. I find all of the children in a
family before and after the 1833-34 time period recorded, but children for those
years are not there. I have also found many children right before civil
registration started in 1855 missing.
When an event is recorded in two parishes I like to check the films for both
entries (films are available to order through your local Family History Center).
The person recording the information in one parish often times includes more
information than the recorder in the neighboring parish. (Many times a couple
recorded their marriage in both his and her parish. Also their first child was
often recorded in his and her home parish.)

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