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From: "George M. McCaig" <>
Subject: "Earl of Carrick" Steamer
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 15:22:34 -0400

Greetings all,
I am in the process of examining the 1858 Death Registers
for Ayrshire. The following item caught my eye.
On January 6, 1858, deaths were registered for the following
men, victims of the shipwreck of the Steamer "Earl of
Carrick. The wreck occurred December 20, 1857 at Point
Dalby, near Peel, Isle of Man.

James McCamillie, 21, Fireman, from St. Quivox
Thomas McGuffie, 15, Cook, Newton on Ayr,
Robert Paton, 63, Master Mariner (a passenger) Newton
James Muir, 58, Seaman, Newton
Israel Moore, 39, Winch Driver, Newton
William Lawson, 50, Seaman, Newton
Robert Campbell, 21, Engineer, Newton
James Caddis, 35, Fireman, Ayr
David Baillie, 28, Seaman, Ayr

Informant for these deaths was John Lyon, Seaman, a survivor
(no mention if he was the only survivor). At the time of
registration of these deaths their bodies had not been

I still have the film. If any of you have an interest in any
of these men I can check for more detail for you. The names
of parents were only listed for a few of them, and of those
married, no spouses names were given.

George M. McCaig
Dwight, Ontario, Canada.

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