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> TORRANCE, Female - B17/11/1853 - Here, at Agnew Crescent, on the 17th
> instant, the wife of Mr D. Torrance, of a daughter.
> WRIGHT, Male - B19/11/1853 - At Sheuchan Parks, near Stranraer, on the
> 19th inst., the wife of Mr John Wright, farm overseer, of a son.
> CRICHTON, Male - B18/11/1853 - At Fort-William, on the 18th inst., Mrs C.
> Crichton, of a son.
> DALLY, Male - B16/11/1853 - At Wigtown, on the 16th instant, Mrs Thomas
> Dally, of a son.
> M'MASTER, Male - B19/11/1853 - At Wigtown, on the 19th inst., the wife of
> Mr John M'Master, steamboat agent, of a son.
> COLVILLE, Female - B21/11/1853 - At Wigtown, on the 21st instant, the wife
> of Mr Colville, officer of Inland Revenue, of a daughter.
> M'CRACKEN, Male - B14/11/1853 - At Craigenquarroch, parish of Portpatrick,
> on the 14th instant, Mrs M'Cracken, of a son.
> CROSBY, Male - B22/11/1853 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 22d instant, the
> wife of Mr John Crosby, clogger, of a son.
> M'CLEW, John - M22/11/1853 - At Galdenoch, on the 22d instant, by the Rev.
> Mr Bell, Free Church minister, Lewalt, John M'Clew, Esq., Dinvin,
> Portpatrick, to Hellen, only daughter of the late Capain Martin.
> CAIRNEY, Thomas - M22/11/1853 - Here, at Sun Street, on the 22d instant,
> by the Rev. James Stewart of Sheuchan, Mr Thomas Cairney, to Miss Jane
> Perry.
> DAVIDSON, John - M22/11/1853 - At Sheuchan Parks, on the 22d instant, by
> the Rev. James Stewart, Mr John Davidson, painter, to Miss Margaret
> M'Crea, daughter of Mr Alex. M'Crea.
> DOWNIE, Dennis - M22/11/1853 - At Spittal, parish of Portpatrick, on the
> 22d instant, by the Rev. Mr Urquhart, Mr Dennis Downie, to Agnes, daughter
> of Mr Robert M'Queen, Enoch.
> M'DOWALL, John - M21/11/1853 - At Stewarton Village, on the 21st instant,
> by the Rev. Robert Hyslop, Mr Johh M'Dowall, farmer in Drummy, to Mary,
> third daughter of Mr William M'Fadden, farmer, Airies, parish of Kirkcolm.
> M'EWEN, Samuel - M22/11/1853 - At Valleyfield, parish of Kirkcolm, on the
> 22d instant, by the Rev. Mr Hyslop, Mr Samuel M'Ewen, to Jane, eldest
> daughter of Mr Robert Nesbitt.
> DEMPSTER, John - M15/11/1853 - At Ardwell, Inn, Stoneykirk, on the 15th
> instant, by the Rev. Mr Campbell, Mr John Dempster, to Miss Rankine.
> M'NAUGHTON, Mr - M21/11/1853 - At Grennan, Old Luce, on the 21st instant,
> by the Rev. Mr M'Dowall, Mr M'Naughton, teacher, Kirkcowan, to Miss Love.
> KERR, Joseph - M21/11/1853 - At Glenluce, on the 21st instant, by the Rev.
> Mr M'Dowall, Mr Joseph Kerr, to Miss Elizabeth M'Ewen.
> MALCOLM/KELLY, Agnes - D19/11/1853 - Here, at South Strand Street, on th
> 19th instant, Agnes kelly, wife of Mr John Malcolm, mason.
> FULTON, Peter - D14/11/1853 - At Dumfries, on the 14th instant, Mr Peter
> Fulton, of Newton-Stewart, aged 73 years.
> DOUGLAS, John - D15/11/1853 - At Drumlanrig Mains, on the 15th instant, of
> injuries received by being thrown from his gig on the previous night,
> betwixt Sanquhar and the Mains, Mr John Douglas, architect to his Grace
> the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry. In him his Grace has lost a
> faithful servant, the community a valuable member, and the working man a
> kind friend.
> WHITESIDE, Anthony - D21/11/1853 - At Charlotte Street, Ayr, on the 21st
> instant, Anthony Whiteside, Esq., late wine merchant, aged 93 years.
> EATON, William - D14/11/1853 - At Clarendon Crescent, Edinburgh, on the
> 14th inst., William Eaton, Esq., late Sheriff-Substitute of Ayrshire, aged
> 86 years.
> DAVIDSON, Rev. John - D6/11/1853 - At Craigholm Crescent, Bruntisland, on
> the 6th inst., the Rev. John Davidson, teacher of the Free Church School
> in that town, and for several years parochial schoolmster in Girvan.
> MARSHALL, David - D17/11/1853 - At the Manse, Cumbray, on the 17th
> instant, Mr David Marshall.
> FINLAYSON, Margaret Gordon - D19/11/1853 - At the Post Office,
> Kirkcudbright, on the 19th instant Margaret Gordon Finlayson, daughter of
> Charles James Finlayson, postmaster.
> BLACKLOCK, Thomas - D5/11/1853 - At Whinnyliggate, Kirkcudbright, on the
> 5th instant, Thomas Blacklock, draper, London, son of Mr Robert Blacklock,
> parochial schoolmaster.
> SPROAT/BROWN, Mary - D14/11/1853 - At Rockville, parish of Borgue, on the
> 14th instant, Mary Brown, relict of the late Thomas Sproat, farmer in
> Brighouse, aged 80 years.

[WFP: Wigtownshire Free Press Newspaper published since 1843]

"WIGTOWNSHIRE, a maritime County of S/W Scotland:

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The Wigtownshire Pages gladly hosts the transcriptions of the Wigtownshire
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[Hopefully these transcribed records may help some early family researchers
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b = born
m = married
d = died

inst = instant - this month
ult (ulto) = ultimo - last month
prox = proximo - next month
penult = penultima - 2nd last month
otp = of this parish
here = in the WFP it means Stranraer
c/chr/chris. = christened
curt = current (this month)

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