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From: "Sarah B. Natividad" <>
Subject: [AZORES] Jose da Motta-- Help, please!
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 17:33:42 -0600

I need a little help to sort out a tangle.

In 1765 Mariana de Jesus da Mota Medeiros married Manoel
Furtado Brandao. Her parents' names were Jose da Motta of
Povoacao and Margarida de Rezendes of Faial da Terra.
That was as far as I'd gotten on that line, until I got a
copy of "Familias Antigas da Povoacao" and found this line
in the Botelhos-Motas-Arrudas chapter, section 2.
"Familias" lists Jose da Motta Botelho as the father of
Mariana, and says he was born in 1706 and has three
marriages: First to Ana da Silva in 1736, second to
Margarida de Rezendes of Faial da Terra (date unknown),
and third to Barbara de Souza in 1778. I looked up the
marriage to Ana da Silva and it is indeed the first
marriage of the Jose da Motta whose parents are Pedro da
Motta and Maria Furtada, as in "Familias". The marriage
record to Barbara de Souza has as groom Jose da Motta
Botelho, widower of Margarida de Rezendes.

The trouble began when I went searching through the death
records. I found a death record for Margarida de Rezendes
in 1777, which fit the dates of the third marriage in
1778. But I also found a death record for Ana da Silva,
widow of Jose da Motta, in 1775 (predating the death of
Margarida de Rezendes by only a couple of years, and
indicating that Jose da Motta was already dead in 1775).
Even assuming there had been a mistake and Jose da Motta
was not dead, Margarida would not have been young enough
to bear Jose da Motta children in those few years, aside
from the fact that any children they had would have been
married off before they were born. A search for other
marriages of a Jose da Motta and Ana da Silva in Povoacao
turned up nothing. Clearly, the Jose da Motta, son of
Pedro da Motta, who married Ana da Silva and died (still
married to her) before 1775 cannot be the same Jose da
Motta who married Margarida de Rezendes and Barbara da

The marriage record of Jose da Motta and Margarida de
Rezendes would clear all of this up. If it was his first
marriage, it would give his parents; and if not, it would
presumably give him as the widower of Ana da Silva and
establish his parentage that way. Shirley (bless her
heart!) looked for the marriage for me in Faial da Terra
but was unable to find it.

I am still searching the earlier death records for
possible clues, but if anyone can think of any other way
to solve this mystery, or if anyone has a marriage record
for a Jose da Motta of Povoacao and a Margarida de
Rezendes of Faial da Terra, please contact me!


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