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From: <>
Subject: Lineage of Chief Oconostota
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 12:47:34 EST

Here is my record of the lineage of Chief Oconostota, aka Oganatoga, aka
Ground Hog Sausage. He was the son of Smallpox Conjuror of Settico and
Aganunitsi (b. abt 1680). Aganunitsi was one of the daughters of Chief
Amatoya Moytoy (b. abt 1640) and Quatsy of Tellico. The brothers of
Oconostota were Kittagusta aka Prince Skalilosken (who went to London with
Attakullakulla) and Chief Outacite aka Skiagusta.
There is a biography of Oconostota in Encyclopedia of Frontier Biography by
Dan L. Thrapp, Vol II, p. 1073.
Oconostota m. Ooloosta I and had daughter Ooloosta II and son Chief Tekahmih.
By an unknown wife he had daughter Ollie I of the Paint Clan. Ollie married
Attakullakulla and they were the parents of Dutsi Tarchee aka Dutch b. abt
Dutch was the father of Major Ridge and Oowatie. Oowatie, b. abt 1773 m.
Susanna Reese.
Gordon W. Pace

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