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Subject: Animal And Bird Totems
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 23:56:34 EST

Animal And Bird Totems

  Ant: patience, stamina, community-mindedness
  Antelope: knowledgeable action, speed, rapid growth, grace
  Armadillo: knowledge of boundaries, objectivity
  Badger: aggressiveness, persistence, centeredness
  Bat: releasing old habits, new growth, rebirth
  Bear: strength, introspection, self-knowledge
  Beaver: balance, alterations, building, shaping
  Bee: service, gathering, community
  Bird: unity, freedom, community
  Buffalo: abundance, prayer, healing, good fortune
  Butterfly: transformation, courage to change, balance, grace
  Caribou: travel, mobility
  Cat: grace, independence, sensuality, psychic vision
  Cougar/Mt. Lion: balanced leadership, cunning, wit
  Coyote: humor, trickiness, adaptability, reversal of fortune
  Crow: council, intuitive knowledge of universal law, assertiveness
  Deer: gentleness, sensitivity, alertness, peace
  Dog: loyalty, courage, unconditional love
  Dolphin: harmony, love, wisdom, connection with self
  Dragonfly: refinement of skills, illusion, need for change, relentlessness
  Duck: female-mothering energy, male-coping with stress
  Elephant: memory, learning ability, health, good luck
  Elk: stamina, friendship, pride, power, majesty
  Falcon accuracy, rapid progress, restraint
  Fox: cleverness, adaptability, cunning, subtlety, discretion
  Frog: emotional healing, cleansing, peace
  Goat :tenacity, diligence
  Goose: safe return, love of home
  Gopher: gathering, preparation for the future
  Grouse: completion, sacred spiral dance, fulfillment
  Hawk: messenger, truth seeker, clear vision, heightened awareness
  Hedgehog: self-preservation
  Horse: inner power, freedom, safe movement
  Hummingbird: beauty, wonder, joy, agility
  Lion: association with the sun, courage, nobleness, prosperity
  Lizard: caution, regeneration, renewal, growth
  Loon: communication, serenity
  Lynx: subtlety, silence, secretiveness, elusiveness
  Manatee: serenity, gentleness, trust
  Moose: self-esteem, confidence, strength, spontaneity, unpredictability
  Mouse: scrutiny, caution, success, awareness of danger, illusion, charm
  Opossum: peaceful alternatives, deception
  Otter: playfulness, efficiency, female energy, healing power of laughter
  Owl: wisdom, insight, psychic vision
  Pigeon: romantic love, loyalty, peace, innocence
  Porcupine: self-protection, memory, security, innocence, humility
  Quail: protectiveness, group harmony
  Rabbit: conquering fear, safety, gentleness with self
  Raccoon: curiosity, skillful investigation, playful energy
  Raven: prophecy, clairvoyant vision, magic, mystery, exploring unknown
  Salmon: determination, persistence
  Sandpiper: quickness, foraging, scavenging
  Seagull: observation, swift action, opportunity, carefree attitude,
  Seal: contentment
  Skunk: reputation, self-preservation, respect
  Snake: transmutation, fertility, regeneration, life force, sexual potency
  Spider: creativity, balance, interconnectedness, industry
  Squirrel: planning ahead, playfulness, trust
  Swan: grace, faithfulness, commitment
  Tiger: caution, appropriate timing, stealth
  Turkey: setting limits, appreciation, renewal
  Turtle: protection, grounding, longevity, healing, symbol of the bounty of
Mother Earth
  Vulture: resolution of problems
  Weasel: stealth, seeing beneath the surface, supernatural power
  Whale: intelligence, self-expression, intuition, creativity
  Woodpecker: sacred heartbeat, rain caller, growth, fertility, cleansing
  Wolf: eliminating weakness, commitment, family loyalty, teaching skill
  Zebra: power, alertness, community
  Blackbird: understanding of the energies of Mother Nature
  Bluebird: modesty, unassuming, confidence and happiness
  Blue Jay: proper use of power
  Canary: power of song and voice. heightened sensitivity
  Cardinal: renewed vitality through recognizing our importance
  Catbird: language and communication
  Chickadee: cheerful expression of truth
  Chicken: fertility and sacrifice
  Cock: sexuality, watchfulness and resurrection, optimism
  Cowbird: parent and child relationships, resolving old issues
  Crane: longevity and creation through focus, expression of feminine
  Crow: magic, creation, spiritual strength
  Cuckoo: heralding new fate, intuitive ability
  Dove: feminine energies of peace, maternity, prophecy and promise of future
  Ducks: emotional comfort and protection
  Eagle: spiritual enlightenment, clarity of vision, transcendence,
messengers, healing and creation
  Finch: energy of variety and multiplicity, increased potentials
  Flicker: rapid growth and trust, increased healing love, new sensitivity of
  Goldfinch: awakening to the nature spirits- fairies, elves and devious
  Goose: call of the quest, travels to legendary places, search new
  Grackle: overcoming excess, dealing with emotions
  Grosbeak: Healing the family heart
  Hawk: Awakening visionary power, guardianship, awareness, truth
  Heron: Aggressive self-determination, self-reliance
  Hummingbird: Tireless joy, accomplishing the impossible, beauty, agility
  Kestrel: Mental speed, agility, grace, control
  Kingfisher: New warmth, sunshine, prosperity, and love
  Loon: Lucid dreaming and re-awakening of old hopes, wishes and dreams
  Magpie: The proper use of intelligence, familiars, and occult knowledge
  Martin: Good luck and community peace, peaceful living energies
  Meadowlark: Cheerful journey inward, discovery of intuition, innate
  Mockingbird: Finding your Sacred Song (soul purpose) and recognition of
your innate abilities
  Nuthatch: Grounding of faith and higher wisdom, teaches true path to
realization is learning to manifest the spiritual within the physical
  Oriole: The weaving of new sunshine, can open doors to positive
relationship with all members of nature realm
  Ostrich: Becoming grounded
  Owl: The mystery of magic, omens, silent wisdom, and vision in the night;
symbol of the feminine, the moon and the night
  Parrot: Sunshine and color healing; teaches power of light and colors
  Peacock: Resurrection and wise vision (watchfulness)
  Pelican: Renewed buoyancy and unselfishness; teaches how not to be overcome
by emotion
  Penguin: Lucid dreaming and astral projection
  Pheasant: Family fertility and sexuality
  Pigeon: Return to the love and security of home; very gentle and loving
  Quail: Group nourishment and protection
  Raven: Magic, shapeshifting and creation
  Road Runner: Mental speed and agility
  Robin: Spread of New Growth in a variety of areas of life
  Sparrow: Awakening and triumph of common nobility; shows how to survive
  Starling: Group behavior and etiquette; clear communication
  Stork: Birth and unspoken communication
  Swallow: Protection and warmth for the home and proper perspective
  Swans: Awakening the true beauty and power of the self
  Swift: Speed and agility in the great quest; responding to opportunity
  Swisher: Awakening to the Fairy realm
  Turkey: Sharing blessings and harvest
  Vulture: Purification - death and rebirth - new vision
  Waxwing: Gentleness and courtesy
  Woodpecker: The power of rhythm and determination; stimulates new rhythms
  Wren: Resourcefulness and boldness

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