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Subject: William H. Bennett, b 1824, KY?
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 01:42:25, -0500

-- [ From: Bill Denney * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Does anyone recognize the following family? William H. Bennett is my
great grandfather and I've been dead-ended on him for a long time; any
help/suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


1. William H. BENNETT Sr was born before 27 Jan 1824 in KY?. His birth
date is based only on his age at death of 70 years.

I have not been able to find him in either the 1850 or 1860 censuses,
but based on his children's birth places, he was most likely in either
Ohio or Virginia in 1860.

Per Virginia Lindsey, he probably migrated to Missouri with his wife
Jane's mother and brothers, Margaret, David, and John Howarth sometime
in the 1860's. They settled in Crawford County, MO, where the leading
industry was steel mining. They lived near Cuba which was laid out and
surveyed in 1857.

Per the 1870 Crawford County, MO census, he was listed as W. H. and he
was a miner, age 43, and b KY with $460 of personal property. Also
listed were his wife Jane, age 37, b England, William H., 15, b OH,
Joseph, 13, b VA, Samuel, 10, b OH, Betsy A., 8, b IL, and Nancy, 5, b
IL. They had five children as of June 1, 1870. His daughter Martha
(Margaret) was born after this census (taken in July, 1870).

16 Sept., 1871, Crawford County, MO, William purchased 100 acres of land
from Joseph A. & Sallie A.I? Taylor for $1100. (This was the going rate
later on for farmland in 1884 per the local paper, but perhaps this land
had mineral potential.)

They were living in Staunton, Macoupin County, IL at the time of the
1880 census. It appears that both of his parents were born in Virginia
(but the census was very hard to read).

6 Mar., 1884, Crawford County, MO, William sold 100 acres of land to R.H
. & S.A. Strain, part of Section 1, Twp. 39, Range 5W.

It appears that possibly some of his children were in Roslyn, WA by
about 1888.

He was living at 25 1/2 First Street in Portland, Oregon at the time of
his death on 27 January, 1894, but per the City Directories, it doesn't
appear that he had lived there for very long.

He married Jane HOWARTH on 4 Mar 1855 in Gallia County, OH. Jane
HOWARTH was born before 4 Oct 1836 in West Houghton, Lancashire, England
. She was 5 years old in the 1841 census (which would help confirm her
birth date of 1836) and was living with her parents (her father was also
a miner) at Chew Moor Nook in West Houghton, England.

Died on 15 Feb 1883 in Cuba, Crawford County, MO.

William and Jane had the following children:

2 i. William H. BENNETT Jr was born on 27 Oct 1855 in Gallia
County? OH. He was living with his parents and was a miner in the 1880
Macoupin County, IL census.
+3 ii. Joseph "Joe" BENNETT
4 iii. Samuel "Sam" BENNETT was born on 14 Aug 1860 in OH. A
Family Group Sheet by Virginia Lindsey states he was lost in the Gold
Hills. He was living with his parents and was a miner in the 1880
Macoupin County, IL census. Per Freda (Granberg) Bianco, via letter, he
joined the Army and was never heard from again. However, the National
Archives was unable to find his service files, so I question this.
+5 iv. Betsy "Bessie" or "Betty" A. BENNETT
6 v. David BENNETT was born on 20 Feb 1865 in IL. The 1880
Macoupin County, IL census confirmed the year and state. Died after 7
Jun 1880 in Staunton, Macoupin County, IL.
+7 vi. Nancy Ellen BENNETT
+8 vii. Martha Margaret "Maggie" BENNETT
+9 viii. Jane "Jennie" BENNETT
10 ix. Mollie BENNETT was born on 7 Apr 1877 in Cuba, Crawford
County, MO. Died on 16 Aug 1877 in Cuba, Crawford County, MO.


3. Joseph "Joe" BENNETT was born on 15 Aug 1857 in VA? or OH?. Died on
10 May 1892 in Roslyn, Kittitas County, WA (Roslyn Coal Mine #2).
Joseph was killed in a large coal mine explosion in Roslyn, Washington,
along with 44 other miners on May 10, 1992. He was living with his
parents and was a miner in the 1880 Macoupin County, IL census.

IN the 1889 Kittitas County, Washington Territory census, he was a miner
, age 31, b OH; Sarah A., age 23, b MO; Wm. G., age 3, b MO; Joseph, age
6/12, b MO.

He married Clara Alba BURLEY on 9 Sep 1885 in Cuba, Crawford County, MO.
Clara Alba BURLEY was born on 24 Sep 1865 in Cuba, Crawford County, MO.
Per her obituary, she came west and settled in Roslyn in 1887, where she
remained until her death.

In the 1900 Washington Census, she was living with her third husband
George Radabaugh in the town of Roslyn.

Clara and Joseph Bennett had the following children:

+11 i. William G. BENNETT
+12 ii. Joseph L. BENNETT

5. Betsy "Bessie" or "Betty" A. BENNETT was born on 25 Feb 1863 in
Edwardsville, Madison County, IL. She lived with her husband in Cuba,
MO until 1889, when they moved to a farm near Blue Lick, Saline County,
MO. Died on 1 May 1931 in Cuba, Crawford County, MO.

She married Thomas Edward "Ed" MOUNTS Rev. on 17 Jan 1884 in Cuba,
Crawford County, MO. Thomas Edward "Ed" MOUNTS Rev was born on 29 May
1858 in Cuba, Crawford County, MO. Died on 2 May 1931 in Blue Lick,
Saline County, MO.

They had the following children:

13 i. Santor MOUNTS
14 ii. Ira M. MOUNTS
15 iii. William S. MOUNTS was born in Jul 1886 in MO. They lived
in St. James, MO in May, 1931.
16 iv. Martha M. MOUNTS was born in Jun 1892 in MO. Died in 1971
+17 v. Alice MOUNTS
18 vi. Thomas J. MOUNTS was born in Mar 1896 in MO.
19 vii. Carl C. MOUNTS was born in Feb 1898 in MO.
20 viii. Mabel M. MOUNTS was born in Apr 1900 in MO.

7. Nancy Ellen BENNETT was born on 23 Aug 1867 in Staunton, Macoupin
County, IL?. Died on 17 May 1937 in Tyhee, Bannock County, ID. Per
Virginia Lindsey, they migrated to Washington State and then to Idaho in
the late 1890's.

It appears that they moved to Pocatello in about 1909 per her obituary.
She was also living in Pocatello, Idaho as of May, 1936 when her sister
Margaret died.

She married Samuel B. BURLEY Jr. on 19 Dec 1883 in Cuba, Crawford County
, MO. Samuel B. BURLEY Jr was born between 1863/1864 in Cuba, Crawford
County, MO.

They had the following children:

+21 i. Jane BURLEY
22 ii. Jennie BURLEY was born in Oct 1883 in MO.
+23 iii. Edna BURLEY
+24 iv. Grace BURLEY
+25 v. Samuel Berdine BURLEY III
+26 vi. Ethel BURLEY
+27 vii. John "Jack" Charles BURLEY
28 viii. Frank W. BURLEY was born in Jan 1910 in MT. He was living
in Pocatello per his father's obituary in the Pocatello Tribune
newspaper, dated 26 September, 1946.

8. Martha Margaret "Maggie" BENNETT was born on 2 Jul 1870 in Cuba,
Crawford County, MO.

She married Guy Ellsworth DENNEY Rev. on 5 Dec 1894 in Roslyn, Kittitas
County, WA. Guy Ellsworth DENNEY Rev was born on 27 Aug 1874 in Howard
Lake, Wright County, MN. Died on 29 May 1963 in Spokane, Spokane County
, WA.

They had the following children:

+29 i. Carroll Clea DENNEY
+30 ii. Clifford Raymond DENNEY Sr.
31 iii. Oma DENNEY Twin was born about 1901 in The Dalles? OR?.
32 iv. Unknown Son DENNEY Twin? was born about 1901.
+33 v. Orval William DENNEY
+34 vi. Jack "Saylor" DENNEY

9. Jane "Jennie" BENNETT was born on 24 Mar 1873 in Cuba, Crawford
County, MO. Died on 28 Jul 1924 in Roslyn, Kittitas County, WA. She
married Albert John GRANBERG on 16 Mar 1892 in Roslyn, Kittitas County,
WA. Albert John GRANBERG was born on 2 Dec 1862 in Stockholm, Sweden.
Died on 25 Oct 1933 in Roslyn, Kittitas County, WA. He came to America
in 1868 per his obituary and moved to Roslyn in 1889.

They had the following children:

+35 i. John "Chester" GRANBERG
+36 ii. Raymond Albert GRANBERG
+37 iii. Clarence William GRANBERG
+38 iv. Freda Lucille GRANBERG
+39 v. Edith Irene GRANBERG
+40 vi. Mabel Oma GRANBERG
+41 vii. Josephine "Jo Ann" GRANBERG
42 viii. Harry GRANBERG was born on 17 Jan 1908.
+43 ix. Helen Genevieve GRANBERG

Thanks again for checking.


Bill Denney--Vancouver USA


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