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Subject: [Bacon] Re: New Infomation on Nathaniel of Middletown, CT
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 17:25:14 EDT

OK, here is why Nathaniel of Middletown must be the son of Andrew of
Bramford, England. My research materials are a bunch of 1920's letters from
Selden & Lyle Bacon. They were both descended from the Middletown Nathaniel.
Selden, an attorney, spearheaded the intensely detailed and thorough
research, who also employed professionals in England. He was born in 1861,
the son of Rev. Leonard Woolsey Bacon (famous minister from New Haven, CT),
and wife Susan. Selden was a descendant of Michael Bacon of Dedham, MA, on
his father's side, and on his mother's from Nathaniel Bacon of Middletown,
CT. Document research was done in England, Massachusetts and Connecicut.
Since it is well known and documented that Nathaniel of Middletown's uncle
was Andrew Bacon of Hartford, CT, and that uncle Andrew left him much of his
property, the researchers decided to focus their attention on determining who
Andrew was, rather than Nathaniel - an easier task, all in all.

>From all the evidence, they concluded that Andrew of Hartford was indeed the
same person as Andrew of Bramford, England, and brother of Nathaniel - both
sons of Thomas of Bramford, also son of a Thomas of Bramford. They believe
this because evidence shows that the Andrew Bacon who married Mary Sherman in
Dedham, England is Andrew of Bramford (10 miles away) - they came to
Hartford, along with Sherman and Goodwin families on ill-fated ship Elizabeth
1634/5. All these families are interconnected in Bramford, Dedham, and
Hartford as shown by data detailed below, through notations in wills, etc.

Please read thoroughly, and contact me with any possible corrections,
additions, or thoughts about this infomation. I have all this in a neatly
organized file on disc. If you want me to email you privately with that as
an attachment, I am most willing to do so. I also have made all the
corrections and additions I know of to my chart, which now includes a few
more of everyones childrens' names. Once I get feedback about what I am
detailing below, and made any corrections, I will want to re-post it.

Peggie at

Background : Two Nathaniel Bacon men: Barnstable, MA and Middletown, CT

Letter to cousin Mrs. David Bacon from Lyle C. Bacon, in part: 'As you will
see by the letters, we are probably descended from Thomas Bacon from
Bramford. Certainly not from William of Stretton, as the family have
generally supposed. The error was made because Judge Nathaniel Bacon (Niles,
Michigan) obtained his data from someone in Middletown who gave it without
due knowledge.' 'Our great-grandfather, David Bacon was a Revolutionary
soldier … he is listed in the Massachusetts records of Revolutionary

The erred data Lyle refers to, used by Judge Nathaniel Bacon for his
genealogy papers, was probably the one in the paper (of which I have a copy)
called …

"A Table, showing … of Jabez Bacon, Late of Woodbury, Deceased; and of his
descendants bearing the name of Bacon. Compiled by Nathaniel A. Bacon, (one
of his grandsons) at New Haven, March 1845. New Haven: Printed by Hitchcock &
Stafford. 1845.

The Nathaniel Bacon of Middletown, who was married to Ann Miller is
mistakenly identified as being the same of the Nathaniel Bacon of Barnstable,
who was son of William of Stretton, Rutlandshire, England, in two affidavits
- one from Rev. Mayo of Barnstable, and the other, a statement in the New
Haven Colonial records. Therefore, Nathaniel birthplace and father are
wrongly stated as Stretton, in the families' genealogies.

The research effort, spear-headed by Seldon Bacon, focused on identification
of Andrew Bacon of Hartford, CT, who left much of his property to his nephew
Nathaniel of Middletown, CT, as one and the same as Andrew of Bramford,
England - son of Thomas. Very considerable research was done by paid
professionals, and the results are that Andrew of Bramford is in all great
probability also the Andrew of Hartford (later of Hadley, MA). There is a
great deal of evidence to associated the two as the same man, as you will see
in the notes below, taken from the letters detailing the research results.

They knew it would be much easier to trace Andrew to Nathaniel of Middletown,
than to try to sort out the Nathaniels, of which there were many.

1) Bramford is a 'suburb' of Ipswich, England.
2) Dedham is only ten miles from Bramford.
3) Ipswich is part of Suffolk.
4) Ipswich is the center of origin of the men who came over with Thomas
Hooker in ship Elizabeth in 1635.
5) Middletown, CT and New Haven, CT were close to each other.
Later Middletown may have become known as Middleton.
6) Bramford, CT, just out of New Haven, takes its name from Brentford, a
different place than Bramford, England.
(Re witnesses who identified 'Nathaniel Bacon here present' before the New
Haven Court in 1661)

Correspondence & References
1) Seldon Bacon and Dr. Lyle C. Bacon - both descended from Nathaniel of
2) Seldon is descended on mothers' side from the Middletown Nathaniel, and on
fathers' side from separate Bacon line of Michael Bacon, who came to Dedham.
Attorney of prominence in National affairs. Letters sent from office in New
York City. Son of Reverend Leonard Bacon, outstanding American clergymen.
Brother of B.F. Bacon, professor of Biblical History at Yale University.
3) Letters from Seldon to Lyle (1920's) September 30, 1925, Lyle contacted
4) Letter March 8, 1940 from Lyle (St. Paul, MN) to Mrs. David Bacon,
Edwardsburg, Cass Co., Michigan.
5) Lucius F. Crane, Esq. in London Researcher paid by Selden, Lyle, Joe
Ames, Fred Bacon of St. Louis, and John Landis of Detroit.
6) Letter from G. Woods Wallaston, Richmond, of the Richmond Herald (of the
College of Heralds) to Mr. Crane. Paid researcher(s) in Ipswich.
7) Sherman Genealogy by Charles Pomeroy Sherman.
8) Will of Thomas Bacon of Bramford Co. Suffolk. Yeoman. Dated October 22,
9) Will of Thomas Bacon of Bramford Co., Suffolk gent. Dated January 4,
1634/5 (son of Thomas)

Descendantcy from England

1) Thomas Bacon of Bramford, England
Married to Joan. Thomas buried in Bramford May 31, 1568
2) Thomas Bacon of Bramford, England, christened November 4, 1561
Married to Lore. Thomas buried October 26, 1610
Mentions son Andrew in his will. List of sons were: John (eldest), Thomas,
Mathias, James, Peter, Andrew, Nathaniel, Barnabas, and Daniel - all under
24, except possibly John who was supervisor of will.
Bought lands in Bramford from Mary Sherman's paternal grandfather, John. (see
Andrew of Bramford)
3) Andrew Bacon of Bramford, baptized October 21, 1596 (not buried around
No children
4) Nathaniel Bacon of Bramford, baptized March 22, 1599
5) Nathaniel, born between 1620-1635 (not buried around Bramford)
In 1635, he is mentioned in the will of Uncle Thomas Bacon of Bramford, who
held 'copyhold' lands in England.
Believe this Nathaniel is the Middletown settler.

Two Nathaniel Bacon men: Barnstable, MA and Middletown, CT

a) Nathaniel Bacon of Barnstable, MA
i) The Nathaniel who lived in Barnstable, MA was son of William Bacon of
ii) This Nathaniel is married to Miss Mayo, daughter of minister.
iii) Affidavit of Rev. Mr. Mayo of Barnstable. The Nathaniel who lived in
Barnstable, MA was son of William Bacon of Stretton. William had one
brother, who was Henry. Henry went to Barbadoes and died 'without issue'.
iv) This affidavit is near identical with New Haven Colonial records of
depositions taken while Nathaniel was present.
v) These appear to be of the same Nathaniel - of Barnstable.

b) Nathaniel Bacon of Middletown, CT
i) The Nathaniel who lived in Middletown, CT had an uncle named Andrew who
lived in Hartford, CT.
ii) Will of Thomas of Bramford states he is father of Andrew and grandfather
of Nathaniel of Middletown.
iii) Had an uncle named Andrew who lived in Hartford, CT, who left him most
of his property.

2) Andrew Bacon of Bramford, England vs Andrew Bacon of Hartford, CT, uncle
of Nathaniel of Middletown, CT

a) Andrew Bacon of Bramford, England
i) Andrew was a very uncommon English Bacon name.
ii) Andrew, baptized October 21, 1596, was son of Thomas and Lore of
Bramford, England.
iii) Andrew had a brother named Nathaniel, baptized March 22, 1599, who then
had a son named Nathaniel.
iv) Neither Andrew nor his nephew Nathaniel are buried anywhere around
Branford. Both disappear from records, about the time these names reappear
in the 'New World'.
v) Bacon, Sherman, Alfounder, and Goodwin families intermarried.
vi) Will of Edmond Sherman, father of Samuel and Mary, states 'By second
wife, 14; Mary, baptized March 20, 1599, at Dedham; married 1619 Andrew
Bacon; went to New England. (see Andrew of Hartford below)
(1) Will of Samuel Sherman, dated June 14, 1643 and probated December 12,
1644 states 'I give unto my sister Bacon in New England…and her husband…' .
(see Andrew of Hartford below)
(2) Question: Was Andrew of Bramford the same Andrew who married Mary
Sherman (of Dedham)?
(a) No other mention of an Andrew Bacon was found, other than Thomas Bacon
(father) will, and an witness on Alefounder's will (below), in this time
(b) Ages are suitable in 1619: Andrew was about 23 and Mary 20 years old.
(c) Dedham is only ten miles from Bramford.
(d) This branch of the Sherman family (originally was Yarley family) was
closely identified with Bramford.
(i) John Sherman of Ipswich, grandfather of the Mary who married an Andrew
Bacon, left bequest to 'poore of the towne of Bramford in Suffolk', and so
did his son Nicholas of Bramford, Essex who died in 1620.
(ii) Mary's Uncle John and her grandfather lived for a time in Bramford.
(iii) Andrew's father, Thomas of Bramford, bought lands in Bramford from John
Sherman, thereby a direct link between the two families is established.
vii) An Andrew was a witness on March 1629 Will of Robert Alefounder of
Dedham, Essex, at Ipswich.
(1) Robert was the brother of Susannah Alefounder who married Nathaniel
Bacon, the Ipswich Recorder, who was a nephew of Lord Bacon.
(a) Lord Bacon, Sir Nicholas Bacon (Elizabeth's Lord Keeper), and Nathaniel
Bacon, the Recorder of Ipswich were the most outstanding members of the great
Suffolk Family. Sir Nicholas had brothers named Thomas and Robert.
(i) Edward Bacon (half brother of Lord Bacon) of Shrubland Hall, Suffolk,
died Sept. 8, 1618. His will left small bequest 'to the poor of Bramford.'
(b) This Nathaniel Bacon is referred to in Will of John Goodwin of East
Bergholt, who died in 1638, as his son-in-law.
(c) John Goodwin's father, also John of East Bergholt, in 1600 will,
bequeathed to Robert Alefounder 200 'to take the use thereof for the virtuous
bringing up of my daughter Mary Goodwin until the age of 18.'

b) Andrew Bacon of Hartford, CT, uncle of Nathaniel of Middletown, CT
i) An Andrew came to America on famous ship Elizabeth from Ipswich, England.
ii) Andrew of Hartford was very closely associated with Thomas Hooker
(captain of Elizabeth), in going from MA Bay to the new settlement in
Hartford, CT.
(1) Andrew was awarded House Lot 1 in Hartford - probably was married to be
given such a big lot. Corner of 'Main Street' formed by the crossing of the
'little river'. Lot opposite of Capitol ground on South side of 'little
river', fronting Main Street.
(2) House is next to Goodwin's.
iii) Andrew of Hartford, CT in genealogical (biographical) notice of Sherman
Joseph Bacon (descendent of Nathaniel of Middleton) of Hartford and then New
York. Sherman b. Hartford, CT, and d. New York 1898.
(1) Sherman said family came over on disastrous voyage of Elizabeth in 1635.
Many died on board.
(2) Sherman stated that Andrew later married the widow Stanley, probably his
2nd wife.
(3) In 1637, Andrew given house lot 1 in Hartford, next door to Goodwin.
iv) An Andrew Bacon and the Goodwin family are associated in Ipswich, on
Elizabeth, and in Hartford.
(1) Mary Bacon is close to the Goodwin family while in Ipswich.
(2) Andrew settled along side of Mr. Goodwin in newly formed Hartford, CT.
v) Goodwins were closely connected with both the Shermans and the Alefounders
in Ipswich.
(1) Will of Samuel Sherman, dated June 14, 1643 and probated December 12, 1644
(a) States 'I give unto my sister Bacon in New England ten pounds to be sent
her or her husband in linen cloth and shoes by my cousin Edmund Sherman.'
(b) Samuel, b. abt 1572 at Dedham, Essex, settled in Wethersfield in 1636.
Well known as 'Old Father Sherman' and prominent in New England at that time,
he died in New Haven in 1641.
(2) Samuel was son of Edmund Sherman (The Dedham clothier) of Dedham, Essex,
England and 1st wife Anne Pallette. 2nd wife was Anne Clere, with whom he
had daughter, Anne Sherman, b. March 4, 1581.
(i) 1625 Will of Anne Sherman mentions 'my sister Mary Bacon'.
(3) John Sherman, baptized December 26, 1613 at Dedham Essex, died August 8,
1685 at Watertown, MA. He was known as 'the Minister', and was a fellow of
Harvard College. His biography in the Sherman Genealogy states that he
sailed from Ipswich (Suffolk) with his father and family the last of April
1634 in the ship Elizabeth, arriving at Watertown, MA in June 1634, settling
in Withersfield, CT in May 1635 as pastor of the Church. Later moved to
Milford, CT and installed as pastor Nov. 8, 1640. In 1647, became pastor at
Watertown, MA. The Ship Elizabeth he was on, was the widely known disastrous
(4) Will of Edmond Sherman, father of Samuel and Mary, states 'By second
wife, 14; Mary, baptized March 20, 1599, at Dedham; married 1619 Andrew
Bacon; went to New England.
(5) Highly probable Samuel and Anne's sister was Mary, who was wife of Andrew
of Hartford, since all other Bacon's then in New England, so far as know,
were accounted for, and none of them was married to a Sherman.


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