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Subject: [Bacon] Re: 2 Corrections to Nathaniel of Middletown notes
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 15:21:03 EDT

Hi again. Sorry to say, I have 2 corrections, so far, to make to the notes I
just published of the Seldon Bacon letters. For those of you who care, and
have printed out the notes, here are the 2 changes to make:

1) Under the sub-heading "Nathaniel Bacon of Middletown, CT" of heading "Two
Nathaniel Bacon men: Barnstable, MA and Middletown, CT", item ii states "Will
of Thomas of Bramford states he is father of Andrew and grandfather of
Nathaniel of Middletown." The part, "of Middletown" is not a part of the
will - I had meant to put that in parenthesis, i.e. "(likely the Middletown
Nathaniel)" Oh, but don't I wish Thomas had been that specific!

2) Under the sub-heading "Andrew Bacon of Hartford, CT" of the heading
"Andrew Bacon of Bramford, England vs Andrew Bacon of Hartford, CT, uncle of
Nathaniel of Middletown, CT", item ii states "Andrew of Hartford was very
closely associated with Thomas Hooker (captain of Elizabeth), in going from
MA Bay to the new settlement in Hartford, CT." The part, "(captain of
Elizabeth)" should be removed. The letters did not state who exactly Thomas
Hooker was, it was just obvious he was someone noteworthy in the history of
the area. I don't know why I thought he was the captain - just a brain
glitch! This morning, I found that a Reverend Thomas Hooker came from
Ipswich, England to New England in 1633.

Thank you for your patience and help.

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