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From: Gary W Cooper <>
Subject: Re: [Bacon] VA Bacon-s from NUCMC
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 21:19:44 -0400

Hi Nancy,

I'm glad you had the time to find all that Bacon and Lyddall info:

Take a look at the scant little info I have on my Bacons below, and you
will see why the name Lyddall interests me:

I pulled by Bacon file and here is what I have from someone in the
family who did a great deal of research (unfortunately this person is now
deceased also alot of his research was not referenced) but anyway he
wrote that Lyddall Bacon was appointed Deputy of Stewart County by
Governor _______? of Georgia (left blank) Lyddall moved his family to
Lumpkin, the county seat. Stewart County, GA was still very primitive at
this time. Other counties were later made from Stewart including Marion,
Schley and Sumter. Not known
where Lyddall is buried. The record of his estate sale has his date of
death as Oct.. 25, 1854. Lyddall married a Miss Cooke in South
Carolina. Lyddall was born in Va. and had brothers Thomas and Robert.
Lyddall stayed in Marietta before coming further South to Stewart County.

Lyddall's daughter Elizabeth married my g-g-grandfather William S.
Cooper, around 1843, daughter Sallie married a Dupree, daughter Martha
married James H. Tate in Marietta, son Edmund married Nellie Catherine
Cranford, son Langston married Caroline Griffin. There was possibly
another daughter named Kesiah "Kitty".

I was told that Lyddall married a Miss Cooke from SC who was a devout
Baptist. it is presumed they married in SC since she was from there.
They moved at some point to Marietta, Ga. His brother Thomas was with

I was told that Lyddall and his brothers Thomas and Robert became
estranged from their father when he re-married a woman they thought
unsuitable and were dis-inherited. Robert left Va and went North and
Thomas and Lyddal became overseers and moved around a good deal ending
up in South Carolina, Marietta, Ga. and then to Stewart County, Ga. I
wish I knew where my late relative had found this info. He lived in the
Atlanta area.

In looking through old GA Books I found another reference to Lyddall in
"Elbert County, Georgia Deed Books A-J 1791-1806". by Michal Martin
Farmer 1997 pub. Farmer Genealogy Co. pg. 189-190: "pg. 75. Sept 22,
1799." Lyddall Bacon is a witness to a deed. Surnames: Tait, McGehee,
Morris, Hatcher.

pg. 286: "pg. 143- July 11, 1801 Lyddall Bacon and Elizabeth his wife,
to Thomas Tait, all of Elbert Co., for $600 in sd. co., adj Susana
Colbert, Martha Tate, Memorable Walker, George Turman, Collins, 232
acres, granted to Martn Turman of Sd. Co., in fee simple. (Signed)Lyddal
Bacon, Eliz(X)
Bacon June 11, 1803."

From the book "Georgia Intestate Records" by Jeanette Holland Austin:
Page 68:
COOK, John, tailor, decd, Fanny Cook, Lyddell Bacon issued L/A 7/25/1799,
Jeremiah Wood, Conrad Leverman, secs, Richmond, AB (Could this be a clue
to Lyddall's wife's family ??? Richmond County, GA is adjacent to
Edgefield County, SC.)

Page 126:
GRIFFIN, Rial B., decd., LewellenPhillips, admr. 1/ 1844: apprs: William
T.Park, James Lunsford, Thomas R. Woodall, Abel Champion; purchasers at
Langston & Lyddal Bacon, R. A. Bell, John W., Marty & William Griffin,
Stewart, Adms.

I hope someone can give me a clue to the connection between my Bacons and
all the Lyddalls and Langstons that appear in the Bacon families.



Gary W. & Christie J. Cooper
653 Lover's Lane Road
Dawson, GA 31742

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