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From: Marleen Van Horne <>
Subject: Re: [B-W] Blame Kodak for LDS Film Rental Price Increase
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 15:45:20 -0800
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I do not know what the short trem reason for raising the rates on
microfilm loan from the Family History Library is, but I can comment on
Kodak no longer producing film.

First, let me say that all services from the Family History Library are
made available to everyone at cost, so high gas prices very likely have
something to do with the raise of rental fees.

Now, about Kodak, and Fuji, I attended the talk David Rencher gave at
the NGS Conference in Nashville in June. David said that both Kodak and
Fuji have notified the Library that they will stop making film after
2010. I am not sure of the exact date, but you get the idea.

This obviously means the Library will have to find other ways to copy
the records we all depend upon for our research. The Library has
decided to go digital, and if I understand correctly the intention is
that all the records currently held by the Library will be digitized and
made availabe to everyone on the internet, for free. This is a
monumental task, as the Library already has over 2 million reels of
film, and since 1991 has added thousands more reels of film from
countries behind the Iron Curtain, that are currently not available to
the public, for reasons of this technology change.

EVERYONE must understand, this is a very long term project, and some of
us will not live long enough to see all the records digitized, but for
those of us who live to benefit from this effort, it will revolutionize
family research.

The Library is currently digitizing the printed genealogies in the
collection, copyright premitting. These books can be accessed through
the BYU Library website, I do not have the URL handy, but you can get it
from google.

I am not a member of the LDS Church nor an employee of the Library and
have no bias in favor of either, but I do believe in giving credit where
credit is due. The Family History Library provides an invaluable
service for all of us who are interested in finding out about our
ancestors. Without the resources made available to me through the
Library, there is no way, I would know as much about my ancestors as I
do. So, give the Library a break and be patient for the very good
things that are coming, slowly, but surely.

Marleen Van Horne

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