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From: John Caskey <>
Subject: [BW] Von Westerstetten Family
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 20:04:28 -0600

I am attempting to find more information on the von Westerstetten family, a minor noble family of Württemberg. They enter my family when one CATHARINA VON WESTERSTETTEN married CONRAD BARNER.

CONRAD BARNER was born 1489 in Riedlingen, Württemberg, was attending the University of Tübingen in 1512 and graduated with a bachelor's degree from the University of Heidelberg in January 1518. He was a priest at Neuffen in 1519, was priest at Dapfen in 1520 where in 1534 he became an Evangelical pastor. It is about this time it is assumed he married. He was Diakonus in Kirchheim in 1541 and became pastor (stadtpfarrer) in Owen in 1547. Sometime after this there was a break in his pastorate for he rassumed the pastorate in 1552 and served until 1565. He died 12 May 1567, age 78, in Owen where he is buried. A stammbaum (family tree) of his family is included in the church records of Owen. There is also a small biography of him in the list of pastors in the same records. Both appear to have been written in the mid to late 1700s and used an epitaph as at least part of their sources of informatiion.

His wife is listed as CATHARINA VON WESTERSTETTEN. She died 26 October 1576 in Owen. I have seen statements that she was a former nun but I do not know what the source of that information is. In the list of the pastors of Owen included in the church records of Owen she is said to possibly to have been of a noble family.

Their children are as follows:

1. Petronella Barner died in 1545.
2. Levi Barner born 5 March 1537.
3. Ludwig Barner born 16 February 1538.
4. Daniel Barner born 17 February 1539, died young.
5. Eva Barner born 21 December 1542

I am attempting to find more information about the von Westerstetten family and how, if at all, Catharina fits in. Zedlers Universal-Lexicon has almost three columns on this family but the article is really just a list of the heads of the various branches for each generation. There are few dates and few daughters or younger sons listed.

Does anyone have any information where Zedlers obtained the information for their articles on the minor nobility of Württemberg?

What other sources are available for research of the minor nobility of the late middle ages and renaissance?

I know that many convents were sequestered by Duke Ulrich at the introduction of the Reformation in Württemberg. What provision, if any, was made for the former nuns? Were they provided with dowers or compensation? Did they have marriages arranged for them? If so, are there any records existing as to what happen to these women?

Thank You for any assistance you are able to provide.

John Caskey
Louisiana, United States

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