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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 21:18:16 -0500 (EST)

Here is an email I originally sent out on 11/11/97. I am sending it again,
because some of you did not receive it.

In summary, I am suggesting that a line could go like this....

--John Baggarly b. 1700 d. 1770 m. Mary came to US in 1748

--John went to Culpepper b. 1738 d. 1810

--Charles b. 1763 d. 1825 (John would have been 25 years old -- MM you
missed a generation. John had a son named John)

If this is Charles B., he could have had a son, Charles W. in 1793. I know
he had a son, David, in 1795.

Also, Charles, son THE John had the following children:

--John b. 1700 married Mary
--Charles b. 1741
------Issac b. 1771 m. Elizabeth Barracks b. 1786 in Kentucky
Jonathan b. 1802 in Jefferson, KY
David b. 1804 in Jefferson, KY
William b. 1807 in Jefferson, KY
Eliza Ann b. 1811 in Jefferson, KY
Susan Ann b. 1814
Isaac Newton b. 1817
Evan b. 1822
Miriam b. 1829
John b. 1834
-----Samuel b. 1773 in Maryland

Now, it doesn't mean that he couldn't have had Charles in 1763 at age 22
before he had Issac. His wife was Ann who was born abt 1749. She would have
been about 18. But, census only shows one Charles in Virginia.

Culpepper Co bordered Shenandoah Co. in 1787. Therefore, it is easy to
explain by Charles Baggerly appears on the 1787 Personal Property Tax List
for Shenandoah County.

On Friday, I will go back to the library and check and make sure a Charles
doesn't appear in Culpepper County.

I need to research the John from Culpepper some more. Maybe it will lead me
better proof to who his grandson's were that were fathered by Charles.

The David Clark who was Charles's son, is listed on the Bradford bibles that
are found online in the Library of Virginia's archives.

This is all I can confuse you for now......
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Subj: Baggerly Family
Date: 97-11-06 21:51:39 EST
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To: Fuzzbckt

I received a CD today from Family Tree Maker called "Compendium of American
Genealogy, 1600s-1800s".

This Family Archive contains images of the pages from seven volumes of "The
Compendium of American Genealogy: The Genealolgical Encyclopedia of the
First Families of America."

On the CD's I found some interesting Baggerly information:

page 510
John Baggarly (1700-1770) with his wife, 3 daughters and 7 sons came from
Cheshire, England, 1748, and settle in that section now Montgomery County,
MD; was a man of wealth and influence and the owner of a large number of
slaves and several plantations, much of his original holdings is now included
in the D.C. The names and family records have been preserved of the sons as
John b. 1738
David b. 1741
Charles b. 1845
Henry b. 1748
(For the early English genealogical record of the family see "History of
Cheshire" by George Ormerod).

--John (1738-1810) removed to VA. ante 1769 and settled in the northern part
of Culpeper Co.(now Rappahannock), became owner of large estates adjoining
"Three Oaks" in Fauquier Co., the estate of Thomas Marshall, father of Chief
Justice Marshall.

--Charles (1763-1825), inherited a large interest in the estates of his
father; his tastes being literary, the supervision of his lands were largely
directed by an intrusted slave; was a man of much learning, a contemporary
and great friend and admirer of Chief Justice John Marshall

--David Clark (1795-1879), owned and resided at the old manor house "Mountain
Glen," and also inherited a part interest in the estate of his father; m.
1820, Katherine Russell Bradford Helinus.

Okay---Is this our ellusive Charles B. Baggarly?

Born 1763. -- We have previously dated him as being alive as early 1765.

Died 1825 -- Census records him in 1810 and 1820, but not 1830.

One child (David Clark) born 1795 -- We have dated Charles W. as being born
in 1793.

Anyone have an opinion??????

page 511
John (Baggerley, Baggiley, Baguley, Baggerly) Baggarly (1700-70), from Eng.
with his wife and 10 children to Montgomery Co., Md. 1748; planter; extensive
landowner, much of his original property is now District of Columbia; the
family homestead occupied the present site of the US Capitol.

--Henry (1748-1831), served throught Am. Rev.; co-worker with Bishop Asbury
in establishing Methodism in MD and NY; planter; extensive landowner;
prominent in civic and social affairs; removed to NY., 1805; m. 1772,
Elizabeth Tyson (1754-92); issue:
Hezekiah b. 1773
Nancy b. 1775
John b. 1777
Tyson b. 1780
Peter b. 1782
Everett b. 1785
Alpheus b. 1787
Mary b. 1789

married 2nd, 1794, Mary Bell; issue:
Samuel Hitt 1797-1883
William Henry b. 1799
Elizabeth Tyson b. 1802
Amerisa b. 1803
Nancy, 2d, b. 1810

page 175
John Baggerly (1700-70) from Cheshire, Eng, 1748, settled in section which is
now in Montgomery Co., MD; family homestead occupied present site of US
Capitol; owner of a large number of slaves several plantations.

--Benjamin (d. 1807), moved from MD to NC; Am Rev; m. Elizabeth

--Elinor (b. 1763) m. Henry Lazenby, removed to NC 1785

--Nancy (also d. of Benjamin) married Jemima of Iredell Co.

page 687
Mary Beall (1769-1828), m. 1794, as his 2d wife, Henry Baggerly (1748-1831),
came with parent to Md; planter Montgomery Co., MD; purchased large tracts of
land and owned 332 acres now site of Washington, DC; served thru-out Am Rev;
removed to NY; settled at Phelps; co-worker with Bishop Asbury in
establishment of Methodism in MD and NY; called Father Baggerly in diary of
the bishp; built two of first Meth. metting houses, one on his estate in
Montgomery Co., MD, the other at Phelps which was called "Baggerly Meeting
House"; his funeral service was held in latter; "for nearly 60 years a ruling
power in the society to which he had devoted his life and wealth".

----Okay, how's that for a days work????? WOW!!!!!

I've added two people to our "Baggerly Network" --
Everyone say hello to Valerie (AKA: Fuzzbckt and Mark (AKA: MBOYCE

Valerie and Mark please let me know if you want to be included in our
Baggerly discussions. We email each other copies of our correspondence so
that everyone is kept up to date. If you do not want to receive these
emails, I will delete your address from my Baggerly Address Book.

I hope you decide to join in the fun.

Thanks in advance for everyones input on these latest discoveries.


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