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Subject: Re: BAILEYs
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 20:30:34 -0500


BAILEYS on the 1850 CENSUS INDEX - 31 Eastern States + DC=$15.00 post/paid

BAILEY MARRIAGE BOOK (10.000 names)=$15.00. post/paid


SOUTHERN BAILEYS ..4 issues per year==$15.00 per year
(subscriptions start in Sept. each year) Vol 1 #1 came out in Sept. 1992
Back issues each=$5.00

BAILEY ROOTS IN THE NORTH--4 issues per year=$15.00 per year
(subscriptions starts in Feb. each year) Vol 1#1 came out in Feb. 1994
Back issues each=$5.00

Free registration-send Family Group Sheet and Anc. Charts,with your oldest
BAILEY listed.
Your data along with your name and address will be entered into the
so other researchers can contact you. I am unable to do very much
individual research
for people because of the time involved (You will obtain much more
information from our readers)
Your best bet is a QUERY in one of the newsletters. These Queries are free,
but put your snail and E-mail
address on your Query.

Some of the lines of BAILEYS that I have covers 10-15 generations.

As of January I have completed the following descendants booklets
These booklets are sprial bound, with sources,researchers name and address.
All have index.
1. James & Lydia (EMERY) BAILEY of Rowley, Mass 1612-1962
over 2400 descendants---$20.00 post/paid

2. John and Hannah (KNIGHT) BAILEY/BAYLEY of Newbury & Salisbury, Mass
(came on the Angel Gabriel 1635
over 2300 descendants...$20.00 post/paid

3. Stephen and Ann (JEFFERS) (WALKER) BAILEY of Westmoreland co,VA
1600's $20.00 post/paid

More lines will be added to the list in the future.

Please include a postal address when submitting by E-Mail

Donna Beers 453 NW 171 Rd , Warrensburg, MO, 64093


VOL 1 #1--SEPT 1992

Chronology of English Morality in VA 1607-15 p 1-2
William Bayly of Jamestown VA, 1583-1979 p 3-8
Some VA Marriages p 9-10
Tombstones at Hill's Farm, Accomac Co, VA p 11
Bible Records-John & Clarissa Joiner Bailey p 12
Bible Records-Claiborn Bailey p 12
Samuel & Augusta Parks Bailey, Henry Co, VA
p 13-14
North Carolina Taxpayers 1679-1790 p 15
Head of Families 1790 NC & SC p 16
Some Wills of North Carolina p 17
Abstract of Deed Book 1739-44 Bertie Co, NC p 18
Some KY Marriages p 19-20
Some IN Marriages p 21-22
Bailey Family Group Sheets SC p 23-24
Lineage Chart of Elias & Sally House Bailey p 25
Map of Westward Migration Routes p 26
Lineage Chart of Jonathan Abshire Bailey p 27
Some Bailey Line of KY/SC p 28
VOL 1 #2--DEC 1992

Map of the James River Plantations p 34
Early Occupations p 35
Surry Co, VA Tithables 1668-1669-1770 p 36
Tibits about Baileys in Southwest VA p 37
William Bailey of VA-1608, con't from Vol 1 #1 p 38-40
Bristol and America-1st Settlers p 41
Arthur Bailey 1650+ VA p 42-43
Bailey Wills from VA p 44-45
Some VA Marriages p 46-47
Some NC Marriages p 48-49
Some KY Marriages-con't from Vol 1 #1 p 50-51
Some Bailey in Rowan Co, NC p 52
Lineage of Benjamin & Pamela Baker Bailey p 53
Bailey's of Wolfe & Lee Co, KY p 54-56
Lineage of James Bailey KY/MO/ORE p 58
Lineage of Edmond & Ancil Bailey NC p 59
VOL 1 #3--MAR 1993

First Bailey born in America p 63-66
Arthur Bailey of VA 1600's p 67-68
Thomas Bailey of VA 1600's p 69-70
Will of Callum Bailey 1783 VA p 71
Ancestor chart of Robert Bailey VA/KY/IL,MO p 72
Johnson Co, NC Wills p 73-74
The murder of James Bailey of KY p 75-78
Some VA marriages p 79-82
Some AL marriages p 83-84
Caleb Bailey of West VA p 85-86
William Bailey of Ireland & Hannah Smith p 87-90
VOL 1 #4--JUN 1993

Letter from Mary Lewis on Arthur Bailey p 94
Table of Group immigrations p 95
Early Immigrants p 96-97
Early Virginia History p 98
Our Virginia Cousins p 99
Stephen Bailey 1610-1697 p 99-102
Gen.Glening from 18th Cen. VA Newspapers p 103
FGS of Richard Bailey SR 1735-1815 p 104
Field Officers-VA p 105-106
18th Century ages of consent p 107-108
Lineage Chart of Amos C Bailey p 108
James & Talithy Sizemore Bailey 1801-56 GA
p 109-110
Capt John Bailey of Bath Co, KY p 111-112
Marriages from OH of WVA persons p 113-116
Marriages of Harrison Co, WVA 1785-1894
p 117-118
VOL 2 #1--SEP 1993

The Ancient History of the Bailey Surname p 126-127
Absolme Bailey of VA, A Quaker family p 128-130
Bayly,Bailey, Wills in VA p 131
Records of Ancil/Ansel/Hansel Bailey-VA p 132-134
Albemarle Co,VA Marriages 1780-1853 p 135
FGS and info. of John Bailey 1748 VA-1816 KY
p 136-137
Will of John Bailey 1816 KY p 138-139
Some KY Addresses p 140
FGS of James George Bailey 1790 NC/1845 MS
p 141-142
Lineage of B.Bailey and Sina Maupin of MO
p 143-144
Misc. records of Wood,Tyler Co,WVA p 145
Roan Co, WVA marriages 1856-1919 p 146
Anc. chart/FGS of Andrew J Bailey b.1826 SC
p 147-148
North Carolina 1810 Census index p 149
Bailey marriages, NC p 150
Confusing Definitions p 150
Our Bayley Ancestor p 151-152
VOL 2 #2--DEC 1993
Augusta Co, VA-Chancery Court p 159
Will of Charles Bailey 1858 VA p 160
Map of Albemarle Co, VA p 161
Deeds in Albemarle Co, VA p 162
Estate of Jesse Bailey 1837 MO p 163
A Bailey family from TN & MO p 164
KY Land Grants 1782-1924 p 165-167
The Bailey's of Bailey's Cross Roads, VA p 168-172
Lineage of John & Grace Nicholson Bailey p 173-177
and Patrick Bailey
Lineage of William and Grace Bailey-RI/NC p 178-183
VOL 2 #3--MAR 1994

Old Farms-Bailey's of Newport News, VA p 189
Bailey line of Arthur Bailey 1600's VA p 190
Britton Bailey 1765-1828 VA p 191-193
Three Taverns in Albemarle Co, VA p 194-198
The Dudley-Bailey family of VA p 198
Pictures of the Ceders-D.S Tavern p 199
Picture of the Thom.Jefferson-Watch p 200
Some of Callam Bailey's family p 201-203
FGS of Thornsberry Bailey p 204-207
Lincoln Co, KY records p 209
Bailey family of Butts Co, GA p 210-211
Anc. chart of Hiram Bailey-KY/KS p 212
Ohio Wills and Estates to 1850 p 213
VOL 2 #4--JUNE 1994

Des.of Joseph & Hannah David Bailey 1660+ VA
p 218-221
Family Group Sheets of Milton Bailey/1841 IN
p 222
KY. Counties where records were destroyed p 223
FGS of Henry Bailey ca1800 VA p 224
Des. of Isaac Newton Bailey/1857 GA p 225-227
Article on Zach Bailey-1877 GA p 228
Article on J.S Bailey-1877+ TX p 229
William Bailey 1816+ SC p 229
Des. of Levi and William Bailey ca1776 VA/NC
p 230-231
Buckingham Co, VA. Tax Summaries p 231
Pedigree Chart of Abram Bailey ca1770 VA p 232
FGS of William & Rachel Littlejohn Bailey p 233
Des. of Joseph & Elizabeth McCoy Bailey KY
p 234-239
Index to GA. Wills p 240
Henry Bailey-Family Reunion-GA p 241
Bailey Marriages of Wood Co, WVA p 242-243

VOL 3 #1 SEPT 1994

Info. Andrew Bailey Jr (book) VA. 1800's p 247
Doc.Mary Renard as wife of Roger Cocke Bailey
p 252-253
Descendants of Ralph Bailey-SC 1712-1768
p 253-255
Mississippi Census Index 1850 p 256
Holcomb David Bailey-VA 1818 p 257-261
Nathaniel Bailey-1718 Ire-1780 SC p 262
Charles Bailey of CT & SC p 263-264
Decendants of James Bailey-1812 TN-1887 MS
p 265-266
Des.of Joseph Bailey-1761 Fauquier Co, VA
p 267-268
Some Baileys of KY p 269-274

VOL 3 #2--DEC 1994

Pension request of Peter Bailey-Rev.War p 279
VA. Women of the Revolution Decade 1774-1784
p 280-281
Misc. from the Northumbria Collectanea 1645-1720
p 281
Virginia Colonial Abstracts p 281
Union Hill Bapist Church Cemetery, AL p 282
Anc. Chart of Patrick Bailey-1803 p 283
Caroline Bailey Triplett p 284
Letter about life during the Civil War p 285-286
Baileys of Nash Co, NC-1778-1854 p 287-288
Bible record of Elisha Bailey-1763 KY p 289
Letter of Joseph Baily-1672 p 290-291
Deeds of Jane Bailey-Northumberland Co, VA
p 292-293
FGS Julius & Lucinda Ann Anderson Bailey p 294
FGS Julius c & Naomi Jones Bailey p 295
FGS Julius & May Ellen Mathis Bailey p 296
Misc.from the book-Gone to Georgia p 296
William & Lucinda Youngblood Bailey p 297-299
Baileys in the Itawamba Co,MS-1850 census p 300
Desc. of Richard & Elizabeth Melton Bailey-TN
p 301-304
Info.about the Julian & Georgian Calendars p 304


VOL 3 #3--MARCH 1995

Article from Campbell Chronicle-Baileys in VA
p 309
Elisha & Hannah Gay Bailey-1763-VA p 310
Fluvanna Co, VA-Thomas Bailey's family 1700's
p 311-313
Julian and Georgian Calendar p 314
Info. from-NC and SC marriage records-Book
p 315-318
Extract from "Passports of SE Pioneers"1770-1823
p 319
FGS-Hiram Bailey 1807-KY p 320
TN Wills and Administration 1779-1861 p 321
Harrison Co,WVA-Death records 1853-1903 p 322
Richard Bailey l of Farquier Co,VA and ALA p 323
Article on Bailey Springs, Lauderdale Co,AL p 324-326
Wolfe and Lee Co, KY-Baileys-1792 p 327
Bailey-Upshur Co, TX census p 328
Bibliographies of Baileys in Texas p 329-330
FGS of William Harvey & Nancy Hagerman Bailey
p 331-332
Harrison Bailey-Lincoln Co, KY-1811 p 332
Wills of GA-Thomas 1773-Kenneth Baillie 1766
p 333-334

-VOL 3 #4 JUNE 1995-

Baileys in America,,,,,,p 339-342
Introduction of the 1790 Census.....p 342
Descendants of Stephen Bailey-1st 6th gens.VA ...p343-350
Robertson Bailey of Albermarle Co,VA-1700's...
.p 351-354
Ad for Book (SC) by Brent H Holcomb.....p 355
Index to some Mississippi Wills.....p 356
Article on joining early settlers of Oregan.....p 356
War 1812-VA. Bounty Land & Pension Applicants...
p 357
Children of Seth & Polly (James) Bailey-1800's OH..
p 358
Wm & Elizabeth (Robertson Bailey 1700+ NC/KY.
.p 359-360
Quit rents of VA-1704 .........p361
Birth & deaths 1717-18/Albemarle Parish,VA...p 361
Will of John Bailey-1775 Rowan Co,NC......p 362
Descandants of Henry Bailey-1600-1700 Va. p 363
Baileys in the 1840 census, Michigan.....p 364
VOL 4 #1-SEPT 1995
Descendants of Edward Bailey 1655-1865 VA...p 370-371
Biography of Jonathan & Albert I Bailey-OH...p 372
NC Wills (index) 1665-1900...p 373
Abstract of NC Wills.....p 374
Some Baileys of SC......p 375
FGS of Thomas Bailey 1803-VA...p 376
FGS of John Calvin Bailey 1829+ VA/TN...p 377
FGS of John 1787-VA/Miles Bailey 1813-VA/TN...
p 378
Biographical history of William H Bailey 1855-TN..
.p 379-380
Cleveland Monroe Bailey-1885 WVA.....p 380-382
Bailey Births in Adair Co KY.....p 383
FGS of Amity Bailey-1798-1846/MA/SC/AR...p 384-385
Bailey family of VA and Belmont Co,OH...p 386-395

VOL 4 #2-DEC 1995
Jordan's Journey-Baileys 1st home in America-VA...
p 400-403
Stephen Bailey of VA (gen 4 thur 6)...p 404-411
War of 1812-VA. Bounty land Pension Application...
p 412-413
1900 Census-Yancy Co,NC.....p 414-417
Descendants of Thomas Bailey-1790 NC...p 418-420
Descendants of John/Richard Bailey-1810+KY..
.p 421-423
Alabama cemetery records-Croff Action...p 424-425

VOL 4 #3-MARCH 1996

Territory that VA ceded.....p 431
VA counties that ceded to WVA....p 432
Descendants of Green Bailey 1793-GA?...p 433-434
Wanted info on letter to Robert Morriss VA-1822..
.p 434
Des. of John & Elizabeth (Currant) Bailey 1807-WVA..p 435
Henry Bailey 1837-KY.....p 436
Stephen Bailey (con't from Vol 4 #2)...p 437-444
Traveling to Arkansas.....p 445
Ad for book "Baileys from Bute"...p 446
Johnson Co, NC-Wills Abstracts 1746-1870...p 447-448
Bailey families of Eugene, ORE...p 449-454
Ahnentafel chart of Donna Oliver Beers.....p455-457
VOL 4 #4-JUNE 1996

Article about Abraham Bayly of VA-1600's...p 462-467
The Mystery of Capt.John Bailey-Bath Co, KY 1700...p 468-472
FGS of Edward & Lucy (Rutter) Bailey-1803 KY...
p 472
Baileys that were US Marshals.....p473
Baileys born in KY that went to ORE...p 473-475
FGS of Elijah & America (Mann) Bailey-1834 KY...
p 476
Bio. of Elijah Bailey-KY & ORE....p 477
FGS of Silas & Sarah (Helms) Bailey-1872 MO...
p 478
Des. of Samuel Bailey-1812 NC/GA/CA..p 479
Article on Julian, CA.......p 480-481
Ahnentafel on Robert Orrin Bailey 1625+VA...p 482
FGS on Jacob & Elizabeth Bailey-1799 NC...p 483
Ad for seminar in Eastern KY.....p 484
FGS for Thomas & Sarah Bailey-1775 VA/KY...p 485

VOL 5 #1-SEPT 1996
Southern Baileys-1790 census.....p 489-490
The Mystery of Capt.John Bailey-Bath Co,KY (con't).p 491-492
Rev.War Pension Appl. of John Bailey-Bath Co,KY..p494
Administration Bond of Jesse Bailey-1837 MO...p 495
FGS of John & Sarah (Maynor Bailey-1790 VA...
p 496
Des. of Edward & Ancil Bailey-1796+NC...p 497-503
1820 Census-GA.....p 503
Will of Levi Bailey Sr.-1851 NC...p 504-505
FGS of James William & Anne (Berry) Bailey-1843...
p 506
VOL 5 #2-DEC 1996

NEW INFO. on Julius C & Lucinda (Anderson) Bailey...p 511-513
Map of Cherokee towns.....p 514
Map of the "Trail of Tears"...p 515
Family of Robert & Mary (Hickman) Bailey-1827 KY...p 516-517
Family of Elijah Everett & American (Mann) Bailey...
p 518-519
Bailey Marriages-Charlottesville,VA-1853-1900...
p 520-522
Des. of Jesse Bailey 1741-VA...p 523-524
Des of John & Savage Bailey-1780/VA...p 524
Confederate Pens. Appl. files in TX...p 525-528
Some Baileys in the 1850 census, Cocke Co, TN...
p 528
VOL 5 #3-MARCH 1997

NC Taxpayers 1679-1790.....p 533
Bailey Burial at Gaiter Bur.-Chester Co, SC...p 534
KS Enlistments 1861-1865.....p 534
Courthouses that burned in ALA...p 535
Bio. of James Edmund Bailey-Senator -TN...p 536
Follow-up to "Mystery of Capt.John Bailey...p 537-538
Article on the National Road.....p 538
FGS on James G & Sarah (Emerson) Bailey......p 539
FGS on John Minter & Margaret (McFeely) Bailey...
p 540
FGS on Charles Selden & Inez (Crittenden) Bailey...
p 541-542
John Bailey's Will-1834 Lewis Co,VA.....p 545
William Bailey's Will-1845 Harrison Co,VA...p 546
Baileys bur. at MT.Lebanon Bapt.Ceme,WVA...p 547-548
FGS on William & Rebecca (?) Bailey 1770+VA....
p 549
Will of William Bailey-1832 Lunenburg Co,VA...
p 550

VOL 5 #4-JUNE 1997

Giles Co,VA Courthouse needs HELP!!!...p 555
Update on Julius and Joseph Bailey...p 556-558
Info. on Indian Genealogy.........p 559-561
Info. on Civil War-Pictures........p 561
Cicely and Temperance Bailey...p 562
Bailey and Bayleys-Wills-Elizabeth City Co, VA. 1610-1800...p 563-565
Old Style and New Style dates for Quaker Calendar...
p 565
1850 Wyoming Co,VA. Census......p 566-567
1850 Raleigh Co, VA. Census....p 567
Baileys in Wilkes Co, NC-Halifax Co,VA...p 568-570
Query about Anne Hennis Totter Bailey (Pioneer Heroine)...p 570
FGS on James H Bailey-1805 VA....p 571-572
Deeds from Amelia Co, VA 1768-1778...p 572
FGS of William & Elizabeth Bailey-IRE/Abbeville,SC...p 573

> From: Irma Roy <>
> To:
> Subject: BAILEYs
> Date: Wednesday, June 18, 1997 11:15 PM
> Donna,
> My husband descends from Thomas Lee BAILEY. I just checked my Family
> Maker Files to cross check your informtion. I had Thomas Lee Bailey
> to a Sarah Bailley. Where did you get the information that she was Sarah
> Osborn daughter of Jonathan Osborn?
> I am not familiar with your publication "Southern Baileys". Is it a
> subscription or just one book? Please send details.
> My husband descends through Thomas Bailey who married Zilpha Lee > Susan
> Bailey who married Needham Lee > Mary Lee who married Malden Roy. I have
> considerable database on this line. Would love to swap informtion.
> Irma J. Roy

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