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From: Bob Baird <>
Subject: Re: Bardstown, Kentucky
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 16:07:29 -0400

> Who, exactly, were the Bards/Beards/Bairds who were the actual
> founders of Bardstown, Kentucky? I have seen conflicting information
> and would like to know from which families these founders descended.
> Thank you,
> Linda Leebron
According to pages 308/309 of "Genealogies of Kentucky Families A-M",
from the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society - Brothers James &
Thomas Baird, of Cumberland co, PA are said to be the founders. They
brought their families down the Ohio River in 1780 in the Hugh Emison
party (his 1st wife was their sister, Mary Baird). It is noted that
James & Thomas had come down the year before and purchased lots #25 & #1
in the new village at the falls - later named Louisville, KY. These
brothers later moved on, built mills in/and founded Bairdstown, KY which
later was "renamed" Bardstown, KY.
Also - Mary Baird Emison's 4 oldest sons - James, Thomas, John, & Samuel
moved to southern Indiana in 1804, built mills & established the village
of Emison (its still there).

Idle curiosity on my part, since I can find no comnnection to my own
Baird surname (yet).

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