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Subject: Re: [BAKER] Baker Bible found at auction
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2008 19:58:39 -0000

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Oh how sweet of you to look up names in your Bible. This may be a long shot and I don't have a Peter but I do have half the other names you listed. When you get a chance can you look for a few? Thank you. Blessings, Tami Baker Dean

Thomas Isaac Baker (1761-1825)m. (November 23, 1780) Ann Stewart (1766-1826)
Jacob A. Baker (1798-1851)m. (August 17, 1826) Ann Hall (1808-1834)
Eliza Ann Baker
Sarah Jane Baker
John Wesley Baker
Joseph Henry Baker (1833-1918)m. (About 1883) Rachel Milligan (1846-1925)
Johnny Baker (1884-1884)
Grace M. Baker (1887-1895)m. (About 1856)
Margaret Melvina Baker (1833-1875)m. (March 5, 1835)
Mary Anne Lewis Hite (1813-1857)
Samuel H. Baker (1836-1884)m. Mattie J Baker (1854-1916)
Jacob Asbury Baker (1839-1880)m. Laurana Brooks Nevill (1843-1918)
Dora M. Baker (1862-)
Charles M. Baker (1863-)
James T. Baker (1865-)
Sarah E. Baker (1867-)
John W. Baker (1870-)
George Amos Baker (1874-1939)m. (1897) Ruth E. Kemp (1874-)
Nellie Ruth Baker (1898-)m. Claude M. Lundy (1886-)
Victor George Baker (1900-1975)m. Hannah Herbertm. Mary
Frank Leland Baker (1902-1948)m. (1924) Louise Cockrell (1899-1993)
Earl Harold Baker (1907-)m. Patsy Bakerm. Lila Emmett
Rose Ann Baker (1861-1938)m. John Hillsman. Mynatt (1846-)
Belle Mynatt
Charles G or E. Baker (1843-1916)m. Sarah E. Baker (1843-1910)
Ella Baker (1865-1904)
Daniel R. Baker (1844-)
Wesley Cord Baker (1845-1922)m. (November 24, 1867) Sara Anna Glaze (1849-1931)
Anna Mabel Baker (1869-1960)m. (January 19, 1897) Leander Dean Cochran (1862-1946)
Ada Odessa Cochran (1888-)m. (August 19, 1913) Fredrick Emerson Brooks
Sina Inez Cochran (1891-1995)m. (December 25, 1928) Robert Edward Vaughn
Lois Dean Cochran (1824-1979)m. (November 21, 1971) John Walter Newman (1896-1890)
Velda Lora Cochran (1897-1964)m. (October 5, 1920) David Edward Neale
Samuel Henry Baker (1872-1954)
m. Mrs Laura M. Baker (1875-1906)
Unknown Baker
m. Mrs. Emma F. Baker (1878-1968)
Charles Wesley Baker (1877-1964)
Unknown 1 Baker
Unknown 2 Baker
Unknown 3 Baker
Harvey Nalley Baker (1880-1937)m. (1905) Anna May Mills (1883-1979)
Dean R. Baker
Wayne D. Baker (1907-1993)m. (October 28, 1927) Anna Mary Hutton (1908-2001)
Vera Baker (1909-1993)m. Unknown Loomis
Ruth E. Baker (1912-) m. Virgil Houghton
Lois Baker (1921-)
Mary Louise Baker (1924-)m. Unknown Becklen
Coy E. Baker (1883-1961)m. (March 18, 1915) Nellie V. Heftner (1924-)
Virginia Reah Baker
Ferris Coy Baker
Frances May Baker
Mary Cordia Baker (1885-1966)m. Unknown Cordia
Manly/Manley V. Baker (1888-1946)m. (unknown)
Unknown Baker
Cathrine G Baker (~1846-)
Ann B Baker (1848-1862)
Margaret Baker (~1849-)
Isaac W. Baker (~1850-)
Malden Baker (1802-1894)m. (December 25, 1825) Eliza Cullenbaugh (~1828-)
Alexander "Sandy" Baker (1827-1898)m. (August 16, 1886) Nancy Elizabeth Stroube (1838-1914)
Hugh Baker (1874-1947)
Henry Baker (1876-)
Elmer Baker (1887-)m. Sarah Ann Wharton (1836-1865)
Jerome Maulden Baker (1852-1923)m. Jane Young
May Baker
Eunice Baker
Claudia Baker
Mary Hannah Baker (1854-)
Adah Baker (1856-)
Robert Stanfield Baker (1856-1913)
George William Baker (1859-1939)m. (March 7, 1880) Lydia Ann Carroll (1860-1939)
Wastella Baker (1881-1969)m. Willialm A. Elston (1872-1936)
Arthur Baker (1823-1952)m. (November 7, 1912) Frances Helen Wilkins (1896-1950)
Ralph Baker (1884-1972)m. Mae Dines (1882-1939)
Clayton E. Baker (1890-)
Flossie Baker (1892-)
Nancy Ann Baker (1894-)
Lenoa Baker (1896-)
Ogle Laird Baker (1898-1934)m. (December 15, 1918) Lula Raymond Corbett (1900-1986)
Lydia Olive Baker (1901-)
Oliver Baker (1903-1903)
George William Baker (1904-)
Daniel Ralston Baker (1861-1944)m. (April 4, 1883) Lydia Elizabeth Opdyke (1860-1941)
Owen Wharton Baker (1884-1968)m. Nell Claassen (1888-1962)
Lawrence Baker (1885-1888)
Clyde Baker (1887-1888)
James Harrison Baker (1889-)m. (November 8, 1911) Amelia M. Reising (1890-1943)
Harvey Lewis Baker (1891-1931)
Neva Naomi Baker (1896-1901)
Robert Baker (1901-1966)
Ada Carr Baker (1862-1936)
Mary Ann Baker (1828-1909)
Elizabeth Baker (1831-)
George William Baker (1832-)
Calvert Baker (1834-)
Louisa "Ide" Baker (1836-1906)
Thomas Isaac Baker (1840-1921)
John W Baker (1842-1870)
Amanda E Baker (1846-1927)
Benjamin F. Baker (1850-1930)

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