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<< Maxine: Where did you find the Hosea Baldwin (b 1803), son of Isaac Baldwin
(b1763). James Kirby and I (and my brother Ed <>) are
descended from Hosea
Ballou Baldwin and his father William Baldwin (b 1790 CT). Hosea's
descendents have been prety well researched. He is my great grandfather. I
have tried everything I can think of on the internet, but still haven't
tracked down any of William's ancestors.
We are reasonably certain that William is a sibling of Daniel (b~1782 CT)
and Daniel's sister Mary(Polly) (b~1776 Catskill, NY). All three went to
Ashtabula Co., OH around
1800. Polly married James Montgomery, Daniel married Mary Withrow and
William married Nancy Coffin. Several descendents are searching for
ancestors of William. If I locate any connection with your Wesson H.
Baldwin, I will let you know.
Len Baldwin in Laramie,


Please look at the information below... I am searching for E.J. /E.G.J.
Baldwin in Ohio...His wife's name is Elizabeth.....I have KIRBY/KERBY married
to HInes who married into Baldwin....

I am beginning to think that I am related to half of benton and hickory
county the way thie list below keeps growing. If you have any information
concerning any of the folks listed below I would love to hear from you. I am
especially interested in finding out more out E. J. BALDWIN and his wife
Elizabeth and where they came from in OHIO( and NY?) before the went on to
Iowa and then to Benton County. I also cannot figure out the REEDs...parents
etc. Help!!!:)

1) E.G.J. (aka E.J.)BALDWIN
b. ca. 1816 New York
m. Elizabeth( No maiden name)(??BENNETT??)
b. ca. 1828 Ohio
2) Elijah George BALDWIN
b. 25 Apr 1848 OHIO
d. 5 Nov 1917 Wann, Nowata Co. OK
m. 13 aug 1868 Benton Co. MO
Lydia Josephine REED
b. 24 july 1850
d. 27 Mar 1917 Wann, Nowata Co. OK
3) Mary A BALDWIN 1870 MO
M. 28 Dec 1871
Marcellus JEANS
3) William E. BALDWIN
b. ca, 1871 Mo
d. ?
m. 18 Jan 1894
b. ca 1879 MO
d. 1904???OK KS.??
4) Seary BALDWIN
b. May 1894 MO
b. Dec 1886 Mo
4) Lydia Rebecca Baldwin
b.24 June 1898 Mo
d. 1971 Oklahoma City OK
m. 1922 Muskogee as Lydia MEDLOCK(?)
William franklin CHAPMAN
other information available
4) Carrie BALDWIN???(no information)
4) Ruby BALDWIn ???( no information)
Note two children died before Seary was born)
3) Nancy BALDWIN
b. ca. 1874 MO
b. 1875 Mo
m. 30 Oct 1897 MO
3) Jessie C BALDWIN
b. sept/oct 1880, MO
d. ?
m. Eunice no maiden name(#1m. HUNT)
b. 4-1880 MO
4) Wesley HUNT (HIS father???)
b. NOV-1898 MO
4) Ethel BALDWIN
b. 1904 MO
4) Jenna Baldwin
b. 1907 ark
4) Clarence BALDWIN
b. June 1909 OK
3) Dora I. BALDWIN
b. ca 1880 Mo
m. 11 May 1896
3) George BALDWIN
b. oct 1883 IA
3) John A. BALDWIN
b. Dec. 1886 IA
3) Rosetta J. BALDWIN
b. Jan 1888 MO
b. Oct 1891 MO
3) unknown parents:
b. Oct 1889 MO
( listed as grandchild on census)
2) Harvey A. BALDWIN
b. ca. 1853 IA
2) Orlando J. BALDWIN
b. ca. 1855 IA
d. ? KS????
m. 29 Dec 1880 Benton Co. MO
Azora/Izora HOPPER ( have parent information)
b. ca. 1855 MO
3) Dallie D. BALDWIN
b. ca 1881 Mo
m. Magie No madien Name
b. ca. 1882 MO
b. 2 July 1885 Alexander Twp. BEnton Co. MO
3) Harvey BALDWIN
b. ca. 1899 MO
2) Hatley(aka Hattie/harriet/heather) A. BALDWIN
b. ca. 1861 IA
m. 23 July 1876 Benton Co. MO
William A. REED
b. apr 1848 OH
d. 1900 Buried Benton Co. MO
3) Etta REED
b. May 1881 Mo
3) Elmer REED
b. Sept 1884 MO
3) Claude REED
b. Jul 1887 Mo
note might have married in Nowata Co, OK???
3) Marvin REED
B. Dec. 1889 MO
3) Bertha REED
b. Nov. 1894 Mo
2) Annie E. BALDWIN
b. ca. 1867 MO

1)Benjamin (aka Benagah) HINES/HYNES
b. ca. 1823 KY
d. before 1867 ?( wife remarried thatyear)
m. 5 sept 1841 ( ? where)
Sarah KERBY daughter of Robert Kerby and Lucinda STOCKSTILL...have
more infor
b. 2/14/1822 TN
b. 9/21/1891 Hickory co.MO
M#2 Hery BIRD
9 apr 1867 Benton co. MO
2)Lucy Ann HINES b. ca. 1844 Mo.
2) John B. HINES b ca. 1845 MO
2) William HINES b ca. 1847 Mo
2) Felix HINES b. ca. 1849 MO
2) Robert HINES b. ca. 1851 MO
2) Susan Z. HINES b. ca. 1853 Mo.
m. 2 MAr 1871 Benton co.Mo
2) Elisha HINES b. ca 1855 MO
2) Zacariah HINES b. ca. 1859 Mo
M. Robecca J. CROSS
b. ca 1857 MO.
3) Rosella HINES
b. ca 1879, MO
m. 18 Jan 1894 benton Co. MO
William E. BALDWIN
b. 1871 Mo
3) J. R. HINES
b. March 1880 MO
3) Richard(Dick) Felix HINES
b. 3 Mar. 1890
Quincy, benton co. Mo
d. 20 Jan 1976 Van Zant Co TX
m. Edna Lou Martin.

2) Goldsberry HINES
b. ca. 1861 Mo
2) Margaret E. HINES
b. ca. 1863 MO
1)James Cross
b. 10 March 1818 VA
D. 23 Jan. 1890 Hickory CO. MO
M. 29 Jan 1840 Loudoun Co. VA
Elizabeth Betsey E. Lowe
b. 26/28 Oct.1818 VA
d. 1 Oct. 1900 Hickory Co. MO

Children:( Probably born Harrison Co. WEST VA)
2) Thomas W. CRoss b. VA
2) Harriett CROSS
b. 1842 VA
2) Robert J. Cross
b. ca 1846 VA
m. Mary J. No maiden name ( Molley Moree??)
b. 21 July 1852
d. 14 feb 1889 Hickory Co. MO
3) Child
b. 23 Mar 1887
2) Charles H. CROSS
b. 17 March 1848 VA
m. Nannie Cord
2) Tititha CROSS
b. 1849 VA
2) Sarah J. CROSS
b. 1850 VA
2) Richard Jackson Cross 1851 VA
m. Sarah Marie Grover
3) James Fountain CROSS
b. 20 Jan 1875 Mo
3) Czarrena Eleen CROSS
b. 19 feb 1877 Mo
d. 3 Aug 1945 Oseceola, MO
M. Suiter?
3) Mary Elizabeth CROSS
b. 9 Dec 1877 MO
d 31 dec 1955
m. William E. JAMES
3) Sarah Jane "Sally" CROSS
m. Derringer?
3) Katheryn "Kate" CROSS
m/ Wright?
3) Elva Cross
b 1 April 1888 Mo
3) Hannah Bell CROSS
d. 30 Dec 1912 Henry Co. MO
3) Ruth Cross
b. 31 DEC 1891 Benton Co. MO
d. 31 Jan. 1973 Henry Co. MO
m. Torrence Harvey WHITE
3) Richard H. CROSS
m. Cora Garrison
3) Edith Harriett CROSS
m. Martin Luther Johnson
3) Evett Jackson CROSS

2) Abigail "Abby" Cross b. ca. 1855 VA
2) Virginia E. Cross b. ca 1856 VA
2) Robecca J. CROSS b. ca. 1857 VA
Married Zachariah HINES
(son of Benjamin Hines and Sarah Kirby (#2marriage
Henry Bird)
2) Victoria Cross b. ca 1859 VA.
2) James CROSS
b VA
m. Satterfield ?
2) Susan CROSS
b VA
m. Joseph Tillford
2) Mary J. CROSS
b 1843 VA
Have more details on Cross if interested...

in benton county: Baldwin, Hines, Reed, Hopper, Kirby, Jeans, Smith,
Barker, smallwood,Hunt,bird,(maybe Duren, and Miller, too but cannot connect
right!), Cross, Spicer,( these are all that I have managed to link up out of
that area!!!) :)))

Janey Bush Bullock in Oklahoma City, OK @ bushjl@

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