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Subject: [BALDWIN-L] Baldwin Family
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 20:21:45 EST


The three John Baldwin names I have listed are father, son and grandson.
Elisha would be the great-grandson and so on, etc.

The researcher who share this with my cousin and me, had a lot of footnotes
in it and referred to them as Quakers starting in Buck County, Pennsylvania.
It states where he got a lot of his information from As I am only
interested in my direct line that is all I was sent - I hopes this helps -
this is what I have in total:

1. John Baldwin, Sr was born in England and died February 15, 1718/19 in
Wheatley, Pendle Forest, Lancastershire, England. He married Bridget Unknown.
They had:
a. John Baldwin, Jr. b. abt. 1670
b. Mary Baldwin b. October 1, 1675
c. William Baldwin b. abt. 1677
d. Elizabeth Baldwin b. July 1, 1679
e. Mary Baldwin b. April 21, 1687

2. John Baldwin, JR was born abt. 1670 in Yorkshire, England and died
January 19, 1757 in Guilford County, North Carolina. He married (1st) Jennet
Hartley February 12, 1696/97 in England. She was born March 30, 1668 and
died bet. 1700-1707. He married (2nd) Ann Scott February 1707/08 in Bucks
County, Pennsylvania, daughter of John Scott and Jane Bond. She was born
August 25, 1688 in Yorkshire, England, and died January 9, 1741/42 in
Guilford County, North Carolina.
They had:
a. John Baldwin, 3rd b. May 7, 1716 Bucks Co., PA
b. William Baldwin b. April 20, 1720 Bucks Co., PA

The couple received a certificate to move to America in 1698 and the fact
that Jennet was still alive after the trip to America is proven by her
presence as a witness to the 1700 marriage in America of Robert Heaton to
Jennet's cousin Grace Pearson, who had in turn witnessed the Baldwin-Hartley
marriage in England a few years earlier and would also witness John Baldwin's
second marriage a few years later.

3. John Baldwin, 3rd was born May 7, 1716 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and
died March 3, 1794 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. He married Phillis
They had:
a. Elisha Baldwin, SR b. 1740-1745
b. William Baldwin b. bef. 1758
c. Jacob Baldwin b. bef. 1760
d. John Baldwin b. abt. 1760
e. James Baldwin b. abt. 1761

Notes: on Baldwin Genforum ( message numbers #3280 and
Refers to the estate of John Baldwin 3rd listing reference number on Will

4. Elisha Baldwin, SR was born bet. 1740-1745 in Morgan District, Wilkes
County, North Carolina and died abt. 1809 in Ashe County, North Carolina. He
married Unknown Laxton, abt. 1771
a. William Baldwin b. 1772
b. Joseph D. Baldwin b. 1775
c. Isaac Baldwin b. abt. 1776
d. Elisha Baldwin Jr b. abt. 1782
e. Jacob Baldwin b. abt. 1783
f. Stephen b. Baldwin b. abt. 1784
g. Anna B. Baldwin b. abt. 1786
h. Theophilus Baldwin b. abt. 1792
I. Enoch W. Baldwin b. abt. 1794
J. Virginia Jane Baldwin b. abt. 1796
k. John K. Baldwin b. abt. 1800
L. Polly Baldwin b. abt. 1801
M. Elizabeth Baldwin b. abt. 1805
N. Amos Baldwin b. Unknown

Notes: for Elisha

The Patriot Index of the Daughters of American Revolutionary War states:
Baldwin Elisha, birth: abt. 1755, Service: NC, Rank: Patriotic Service,
Death: NC abt. 1820, Patriot Pensioned: NO, Widow Pensioned: NO, Children
Pensioned: NO, Heirs Pensioned: NO, Spouse (1) X Unknown

5. Stephen B. Baldwin was born abt. 1784 in Ashe County, North Carolina. He
married Nancy Unknown.
They had:
Gemina Baldwin
Jacob Baldwin
Westly Baldwin
Abijah "Bige" Baldwin

6. Abijah "Bige" Baldwin was born bet. 1803-1808 in Ashe County, North
Carolina and died in Tazewell County, Virginia. He married (1st) Mahala
"Hattie" Sizemore abt. 1824, daughter of Edward Sizemore and ANNA BALDWIN.
She was born February 2, 1811 in Ashe County, North Carolina and died May 11,
1852 in Wyoming County, Virginia. He married (2nd) Elizabeth Whitt abt. 1854.
They had:
a. Tobias Baldwin
b. William Baldwin
c. Nancy Baldwin b. abt. 1824
d. Wesley Baldwin b. abt. 1833
e. George Baldwin b. abt. 1838
f. Sarah Ann "Sally" Baldwin b. abt. 1839
g. David B. Baldwin b. abt. 1836
h. John Baldwin b. abt. 1842
I Elizabeth Baldwin b. abt. 1844
J. Owen Baldwin b. abt. 1846
K. Edward "Ned" Baldwin b. February 22, 1849 (my direct ancestor)
L. Sarah Jane "Jinny" Baldwin b. February 22, 1849 (twin to Edward)

Children of Abijah and Elizabeth:
a. James Baldwin b. 1854
b. Joseph Baldwin b. 1855
c. Lydia Baldwin b. 1857

I would appreciate any help you have to give me - thanks

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