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Subject: Ball-Canada, and Upstate NY-help??
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 21:41:23 EST

Hello "Ball" Listers,
I am new to the list. I would like to know if any of you have been
researching ANY Ball family members of Ernestown, Ontario, Canada? My
ancestors and "Elders" tell me that somewhere in this family line, is Indian
Blood. Now, most of you will say, "Probably not my line". I have reviewed
tons of information on the fact that this paticular Ball line, where United
Empire Loyalists. But I have also learned that some of those UEL's were
Indian as well.
There was absolutely NO mistaking that my father, George Orlow Ball,
was of the Indian heritage. You can see photos of him on my web site (although this web site is for my
mother's side of the family who came from Poland). Go to the "Photo Album"
link, and click on "George Ball and Marine Buddies".
You will notice that in the Ball Lineage Below- that some were born
in Canada, and others in NY. I know for a fact that the lineage up to George
E Ball and Maude Hazel Opdyke is correct, I have the SS document for Pershing
"Percy" Ball that proves that. Although on his father's name, it didn't
specifically say his father's name was George Eli Peters Ball. The rest of
the information I found on a web site, that claims his father was George
Washington Ball who married Sarah Marie Snider (and that information has not
been proved yet). And although I have submitted several emails, this person
doesn't reply. But it is my hope, that someone on this list will know of the
family I am talking about.
I would also like to ask the List Members if any of you somehow
know how the names McCarthy, Crane, and/or McCarty or McCathey interlink? I
believe it is on my grandmother's side (Olna May Demming Ball) but am not
sure yet.
Here is what I have so far..............
Descendants of George Washington Ball

Generation No. 1

1. GEORGE WASHINGTON1 BALL was born 1846 in Ernestown, Ontario, and died
March 05, 1906 in Weedsport, NY. He married SARAH MARIE SNIDER, daughter of
SIMON SNIDER and ALMIRA MCLAUGHLIN. She was born March 18, 1858 in
Ernestown, Ontario, and died December 03, 1925 in Weedsport, NY. Notes for
George Washington Ball- he was a Stonemason Contractor. (he was great great

Children of GEORGE BALL and SARAH SNIDER are:
2. i. VIOLA2 BALL, b. October 14, 1877, Ernestown, Ontario; d. Abt. 1927,
Fort Hill, NY. (she was a seamstress)
3. ii. ADDIE AUGUSTA BALL, b. March 13, 1878, Ernestown, Ontario; d. August
1946, Fort Hill, NY. (she was a dressmaker)
4. iii. GEORGE ELI PETERS BALL, b. January 1882, Violet, Ontario (he was
a printer)
iv. TORRENCE MAXWELL BALL, b. December 21, 1886, Verona, Ontario; d.
5. v. FLORENCE EVELYN BALL, b. August 16, 1888, Auburn, NY.
vi. WILFRED EARL BALL, b. August 07, 1890, Auburn, NY.
6. vii. BEATRICE FERN BALL, b. August 30, 1896, Auburn, NY.

Additional Notes for the above family:
Found in 1900 City of Auburn, New York Directory-
George W. Ball-stone mason
George E. Ball- printer
Viola Ball- seamstress
Addie Ball- dressmaker
I found this information to be very interesting, due to the fact
that Sarah was not listed in the same household with the above at Seymour St.
Auburn. Why was Sarah and the other children not listed by 1900?
Additional Notes:
Found on using Cayuga County, search of
primary records, shows the following:
Weedsport Rural Cemetery (Town of Brutus) # 16
Section 2 of the Cemetery- George W. Ball- 1852-1908
Sarah M.
Ball- 1858-1927
This indicates a contradiction in George's birth date. But
the other dates are correct.

Generation No. 2

2. VIOLA2 BALL (GEORGE WASHINGTON1) was born October 14, 1877 in Ernestown,
Ontario, and died Abt. 1927 in Fort Hill, NY. She married ARNOLD BARNEY

i. BEATRICE MARIAN3 BARNEY, b. August 31, 1900, Auburn, NY; d. May 05,
1930, Fort Hill, NY; m. HARRY CHARLES DEMING; b. September 25, 1898, Tioga,

3. ADDIE AUGUSTA2 BALL (GEORGE WASHINGTON1) was born March 13, 1878 in
Ernestown, Ontario, and died August 1946 in Fort Hill, NY. She married
EDWARD JAY WALDRON November 22, 1900. He was born October 14, 1874 in
Quincy, IL, and died March 09, 1920 in Fort Hill, NY.

Children of ADDIE BALL and EDWARD WALDRON are:
i. ABRAHAM LINCOLN3 WALDRON, b. July 21, 1906, Auburn, NY; d. 1906.
ii. SAMUEL WALDRON, b. July 21, 1906, Auburn, NY; d. 1906.
7. iii. EDNA CATHERINE WALDRON, b. September 18, 1901, Auburn, NY.
8. iv. EDWARD JAY WALDRON, JR., b. May 10, 1910, Auburn, NY.

Aditional Notes for ADDIE BALL-
Fort Hill Cemetery, 19 Fort Street Auburn, New York, 13021 Located
in the City of Auburn, NY.
Addie Waldron- Date of death- 05-21-1946
Nativity- Auburn, NY.
Section- West Lawn Lot-D grave
Place of Death- Auburn, NY.
Edward Waldron- Date of death- 03-09-1921
Nativity- Auburn, NY.
Section- West Lawn Lot-D grave
Place of Death- Boston, Mass.
Again, some dates are somewhat off. But I believe this is the right

4. GEORGE ELI PETERS2 BALL (GEORGE WASHINGTON1) was born January 1882 in
Violet, Ontario. He married MAUDE HAZEL OPDYKE September 25, 1901, daughter
of JOHN A. OPDYKE and ELLA I. GILLISPIE. She was born December 07, 1882 in
Auburn, NY. (George Eli Peters Ball was Great Grandfather)

Children of GEORGE BALL and MAUDE OPDYKE are:
i. JOHN GORDON3 BALL, b. April 01, 1908, Auburn, NY; d. October 20,
1926, Vestal, NY. (Notes for John G. Ball- He died of Accidental gunshot
wound during a hunting accident near Ithaca, NY.)
ii. THELMA MARIE BALL, b. May 20, 1912, Binghamton, NY; d. October 10,
1926, Vestal, NY. (Notes for Thelma M. Ball- She was hit by an auto while
crossing a street and died of her injuries)
9. iii. GEORGE LOUIS GUSTINE BALL, b. July 04, 1903, Niagara Falls,
NY.(Grandfather) He worked for General Electric Comp. Vestal, NY.
iv. MARCUS LINDSLEY BALL, b. February 13, 1917, Johnson City, NY; m.
GERALDINE AUDREY HUBLEY; b. December 03, 1922, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
10. v. OTTO DOUGLAS BALL, b. May 13, 1915, Johnson City, NY.
11. vi. PERSHING VANBUREN BALL, b. March 05, 1918, Johnson City, NY.
12. vii. JOAN OLIVE BALL, b. March 18, 1919, Vestal, NY.
13. viii. HOPE ALICE BALL, b. July 25, 1923, Vestal, NY.
ix. HULDA BALL, b. Unknown; d. Infancy.
One of the sons/brothers above was a Sherrif for Chenango Forks, NY.
But have not determined if it was John, Marcus, Pershing or Otto Ball.

Additional Notes for- OTTO DOUGLAS "PETE" BALL-
Social Security Records- b. May 13, 1915 d. Oct. 1977
SS#-113-24-7187 Last Known Residence- Endicott, NY.
Last Benefit Recieved- Binghamton, NY.
Oct. 19, 1977 Binghamton Press Obituary-
OTTO ("PETE") D. BALL, 62, of Day Hollow Road, Endicott, died
on Oct. 26 at Ideal Hospital. He was a retired stone mason. He is survived by
his wife, Eileen Ball, Binghamton: one daughter, Mrs. Paul (Debra) Whiting,
Binghamton. One brother, Pershing Ball, Pine City: Two sisters, John Martinek
, Endicott. and Mrs. Hope Husling, Port Crane. one grandson, several nieces
and nephews.
Note- The spelling of Hope's last name, Husling, it should
be spelled Hickling.

Additional Notes for MARCUS LINSLEY BALL-
Social Security Records- b. Feb. 13, 1917 d. Jan. 1973
SS# 096-16-8907
Last Known Residence- Vestal, Broome
January 4, 1973 Binghamton Press Obituary-
BALL- Marcus L. Ball, 55, of 2805 Owego Road, Vestal, died
at 9:45 a.m. Wednesday at Wilson Memorial Hospital, Johnson City. He is
survived by his wife, Mrs. Audrey Ball, Vestal: One daughter, Miss Lucile
Ball, Vestal: Two brothers, Otto Ball, Binghamton: and Pershing Ball, Pine
City, NY.: Two sisters, Mrs. Kenneth (Hope) Hickling, Vestal, and Joan
Martinek, West Corners, NY. several nieces and nephews. He was a member of
the Vestal Center United Methodist Church. The funeral and committal services
will be held at 1:30 p.m. Friday at the J.B. Rice funeral Home, 150 Main St.,
Johnson City. The Rev. Robert Webster, pastor of the Vestal Center United
Methodist Church will Officiate. burial will be in Vestal Memorial Park
Cemetery, Vestal, at the convenience of the family, friends may call from 2
to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. today at the funeral home.

Additional notes for MAUDE HAZEL OPDYKE's parents-
Auburn First United Methodist Church Records (1877-1885)
99 South St. Auburn, NY.
John A. Opdyke married Ella I. Gillispie Feb. 9, 1882
Groom's residence- Auburn, NY Bride's
residence- Auburn, NY.
Groom's age at marriage- 23 Bride's age
at marriage- 21
Groom's place of birth- Galway, NY Bride's place of
birth- Auburn, NY.
However, in the 1900 Census Records for the City of Auburn Directory-
it shows- John A. Opdyke, emp DMO & CO., house 43 1/2
Maude- residence 53 Steel
Maude H.- bds, 43 1/2 Augustus
The above information indicates that Great Grandma Opdyke may have
had 2 middle names like some of the Ball's. Or her father married again
between 1882 to 1900. Maude Hazel was born Dec. 1882, and John A. and Ella
(Gillispie) Opdyke were married Feb. 1882- 11 month's before Maude Hazel's
birth. When George Eli Peters Ball married Maude Hazel Opdyke, this would
have made her 19 yrs old in 1901. So why in 1900, it shows "Maude"
(presumably her mother) living at a different residence, then John A. and
Maude H. Opdyke?

5. FLORENCE EVELYN2 BALL (GEORGE WASHINGTON1) was born August 16, 1888 in
Auburn, NY. She married (1) VARIAN SPRAGUE JOHNSON August 15, 1914.
Divorced. She married (2) ALWIN RICHARD SENF December 31, 1935. He was
born November 01, 1892 in Grossnaudorf, Germany.

i. ERWIN SPRAGUE GEORGE3 JOHNSON, b. October 18, 1918, Auburn, NY; m.
LUCILLE ANN FISCOE, October 05, 1942; b. February 27, 1920, Syracuse, NY.

6. BEATRICE FERN2 BALL (GEORGE WASHINGTON1) was born August 30, 1896 in
Auburn, NY. She married GEORGE MORTIMER CROWTHER January 07, 1920. He was
born July 12, 1895 in Auburn, NY.

i. MARILYN JEAN3 CROWTHER, b. May 14, 1925, Watertown, NY.
ii. AUDREY HELEN CROWTHER, b. June 04, 1928, Watertown, NY.

Generation No. 3

born September 18, 1901 in Auburn, NY. She married HAROLD FREDERICK SMITH
August 23, 1930. He was born September 30, 1900 in Syracuse, NY.

i. DARRYL NADINE4 SMITH, b. November 21, 1938.

born May 10, 1910 in Auburn, NY. He married JANE LIBBIE EMERSON May 27,
1933. She was born March 19, 1909 in Auburn, NY.

i. JEAN4 WALDRON, b. 1935.

born July 04, 1903 in Niagara Falls, NY. He married OLNA MAY DEMMING October
18, 1923. She was born October 08, 1905 in New Milford, Otsego Co., NY.
(Grandfather and Grandmother) Notes for Olna May Demming- she was the
daughter of Orlow Demming b-1878 and d-1936 and Cora Curry b-1888 and d-1918.
Both are buried in the Riverhurst Cemetery, Endicott, Union Broome County,

Children of GEORGE BALL and OLNA DEMMING are:
14. i. LELAND LOUIS4 BALL, b. November 08, 1925, Johnson City, NY. d- July
1985 in Binghamton, Broome County, NY. m- Laura Parsons.(Notes for Leland- he
was a RN or an AARP for a Binghamton Hospital. Died of Cancer)
ii. CLIFTON EDWARD "Eddie" BALL, b. June 04, 1927, Johnson City, NY. d-
Jan 15, 1967. m- 1.) UNKNOWN b. Unknown. m-2) BIRGIT HILDE SCHLEIMANN b. Dec.
31, 1930 in Copenhagan, Denmark.- The family called Brigit "Bee".(Notes for
Clifton- he was killed in a terrible auto accident on the Vestal Hwy, by two
off-duty police officers that had been racing and drinking) See Binghamton
Press Newspaper Article. It was a cover-up due to his Uncle being a police
officer as well.
iii. GEORGE ORLOW BALL, b. August 08, 1930, Johnson City, NY; d.DEC.
11, 1988; m 1.) MAXINE BOLTON- she was born unknown. Marriage believed to
have been Annulled in San Francisco, Calif. m.2).- VIVIAN ELAINE WATTS; b.
November 27, 1927, Endicott, NY.d: Jan. 26, 1999
(Notes for George- He was a Sgt. in the Marine
Corps, also taught combat Judo in the Marines Corps, and was a cross-county
Prison Chaser/Bounty Hunter. Died of Cancer.)

Jan. 29, 1965 Binghamton Press Newspaper Obit.
BALL- George L. Ball, 61, 269 Riverside Dr. Johnson
City, died Thrusday at 11 a.m. at Wilson Memorial Hospital. He is survived by
his wife, Mrs. Olna Ball, Johnson City. Three sons, Leland Ball, RD 2
Binghamton, Edward Ball RD 5 Binghamton, and George Ball Visalyia, Calif. 10
grandchildren: three brothers Otto adn Mark Ball both of Vestal and Pershing
Ball of Elmira. two sisters, Mrs. Hope Hickling, Vestal Center and Joan
Martinek, Johnson City. also several nieces and nephews. He was an employee
of General Electric Co. in Westover and a member of Johnson City 970 F & AM.
Funeral services will be held Monday at 1:30 p.m. at the J.F. Rice Funeral
Home, 150 Main St., Johnson city. Burial will be in the mausoleum in Vestal
Hills Memorial Park. The family will reserve friends at the funeral home
Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9.
Jan. 28, 1966 Binghamton Press Newspaper----
BALL- In Loving Memory of George L. Ball who died a
year ago today, Jan. 28, 1965.
Now the laborer's task is over,
Now the battles' day is passed,
Now Upon the further shore
Rest the voyagers at last.
Father in Thy gracious keeping
Leave us now Thy servant sleeping.
Mrs. George L. Ball
and Sons

I sure hope someone on this list can help me. Thank you so much for
your time and consideration in reading and reveiwing the above information.
Thank you.
Lisa Mansfield

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