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Subject: [BALLARD] Larkin & Cutis Ballard branch pt 1
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 20:17:27 EST

**Dear Cousin: Your letter just received and read and I am so anxious to
answer it that I will begin as I work, which is turning washing machine, so I
can use ink. My father was Henry Howard Ballard, born in 1822, in Fayette Co.,
KY. Married Sarah Stephenson 1847. They moved to Owen Co., KY., in 1847.
Moved to Bloomington, McLean Co. IL in Oct 1862. Returned to Owen Co., KY in
1888. Went to Ocala, Florida in Nov 1891 and died there in Oct 1892. He
was a Baptist Preacher as was his brother Johnson. Now to go back as far as I
know. One Philip Ballard lived in Greenbriar Co., VA in 1796. That part of
VA at that time was called New Virginia. Since 1863, as been called West
Virginia. Philip Ballard had children: Millie Ballard, who married John Bowling.
Larkin Ballard, my Great Grand Father. Curtis, your great Grand Father.
Philip and five other sons, whose names we don't know. Philip Ballard II,
married and remained in Virginia. Millie Ballard married John Bowling and moved
to Madison Co. KY about 1796. Larkin Ballard married Elizabeth Gaines and
moved to Madison Co., KY about 1796. Curtis Ballard also moved there about
the same time as Millie and John Bowling, 1796, then later moved to Ohio, then
back to KY. He died in Harrison Co. KY and was buried in the Old Raven creek
Church Cemetery. My Father said he stood by his grave once. This is your
Great Grand Father. We know nothing of the other children of Philip. Millie
Ballard Bowling had a son, whom we called Joel Bowling the first. I don't know
if she had other children. We think she died young. Joel Bowling 1st
married [Ann] Miss Gaines, sister of Elizabeth Gaines, who married Larkin Ballard,
but we don't know her given name. Joel Bowling and she, his first wife, had
16 children but, I have not been able to get all of their names. It is
likely that several were never named, as she, Miss Gaines Bowling, was bitten by a
mad dog and was only partially cured and nearly all of her children born
afterwards, died at the age of nine days and were probably never named. The
children's names I do have are: Winifred, who married Richard Marrs. Biven
Gaines Ballard, who married Catherine Ballard, his first cousin. She was
called, "Aunt Kitty Bowling". Catherine Bowling, who married Hiram Ballard, her
first cousin, these are my Grand parents. Willis Bowling had a son, Robert
James Bowling. Hester, who married Lewis Seymour, left one daughter, who
married a Perkins, last hears of in Cincinnati, Ohio. After the birth of their
16th child, Miss Gaines Bowling, died and Joel Bowling 1st married a Margaret
Clovendale, by whom he had six children. Elizabeth Bowling married Charles
Lewis and lived in Verona, Boone Co. KY. She was burned to death in her home in
Verona only a few years ago. She has a daughter, Margaret Lewis Robinson at
Gower, Clinton Co MO. She and one of her sons attended the Ballard Reunion
in 1910. Jane Bowling and Robert died young. Ann, who married a Mr.
Wallace. Daniel, who married Nancy A. Matthus, had a daughter, Winnie, who married
a Crawford in Grant Co., KY. They had children: Joel Johnson Bowling, born
1830, died in 1911, married John Marrs, son of Winifred Bowling Marrs, her
half cousin had children: Carrie Marrs, who married a Payne, Kate Marrs, who
married a Keith, Margaret Bowling, who married Oliver Wilhoit, had one child,
Dollie, who married Eugene Cummings, of Danville, Indiana.
George Dallas Ballard married America Baxter, his distant cousin...
Children: Ruth Kinney Bowling, who married Grover Shepherd of Owen Co., KY, Clarence
Nash Bowling; Owen Co. Kentucky. James Bowling, who married Fannie Hern.,
children: Elsa and Charles Bowling, Owen Co. Kentucky. Robert Lewis Bowling,
Ball's Landing, Kentucky., Lithe Bowling, Danville, Indiana. Benjamin Lee
Bowling died young. Winifred Bowling Marrs had the following children... John
Marrs who first married Amanda Ballard, his distant cousin.
Children..Richard, Rena and Bertha. John Marrs second wife was also his distant cousin,
Emerald Bowling. Children.. Kate and Carrie. William Marrs married a Miss
Thompson. Child.. Ida. Stephen Marrs married Malinda Ayers, of White Sulfer,
Scott Co., KY. Samuel W. Marrs married Lou Drake. He is a fine man. City mail
carrier since 1891 in Lexington, KY. Lou Scott Marrs, commercial traveler,
Kate Marrs married and dead. Left one girl in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Going back to Larkin Ballard, born in Virginia, 1756, died in 1840 in
Fayette Co. KY, married Elizabeth Gaines, came to Madison Co., KY about 1796.
Children: Hiram Ballard, who married Catherine Bowling. Henry Ballard, who
married Lucy Beck. Howard Ballard, who married Sarah Cross. Humphrey Ballard died
young. Catherine Ballard, who married Biven Bowling (08/22/1816). Rebecca
Ballard who married John Wood. Sarah Ballard married John K. Pettit. Nancy
Ballard never married. Hiram Ballard, my Grandfather, born in VA in 1781,
died 1846 in Boone Co. KY. He married Catherine Ballard, his first cousin in
1809. Children: Joel Bowling Ballard, who married Matilda Rings. Had no
children but, raised America Baxter, (who married George Dallas Ballard),
Owenton, KY, born 1811, died 1897. Johnson Larkin Ballard, born 1813, died 1885,
first married his first cousin, Emerald Ballard, daughter of Lucy Ann Ballard,
who wed Jesse Baxter. two children: America Baxter, who married George
Dallas Bowling, her distant cousin, and Sallie Baxter, who married a Sorrell.
Johnson's first wife, Emerald, died and he married in Oct 31, 1850, Celia Jane
Baxter. Children: Obera Catherine, Amanda, Twins.. Mollie and Anna, Martha,
James Hiram, William, Johnson, & Belle. Hiram died in infancy. William
Willis, born in 1819, died 1880. Married three times, left on daughter, Kit
Ballard, who married Daniel Jones in Owen Co., KY. Henry Howard Ballard, my
father, born in Fayette Co. KY 1822 and died 1892, married Sarah Stephenson in
1847. Children: Lewis, born and died 1840, Florence, born 1861 in Owen Co.,
KY. Leander, born 1864 in McLean Co., IL. Cyrus, born 1865 McLean Co., IL.
Camden, born and died 1867, Sylvester and Ella, twins, born 1869. Ella died
1889 in Bloomington, IL. Ida, born 1870. Almedi, born 1871 both in McLean
Co., IL, 17 miles east of Bloomington, IL. Mary Jane, born and died 1825 at
Owenton, KY. Elizabeth, born 1826 died 1895. Married James Garrison. Hulda
Ballard married Hugh Vest, Owenton, KY. She was born 1827, died 1866.
Henry Ballard, son of Larkin Ballard, died 1872 near Bloomington, IL and is
buried there. He had children. Emerald, who married her first cousin, Johnson
Larkin Ballard. Left one child, Lucy Ann Ballard, who married Jesse Baxter.
Lucy Ann died in July 1962 in Owen Co. KY of dropsy. William Larkin Ballard
married Mary Kemper in KY moved to McLean Co., IL, near Bloomington, IL about
1858. Had children... James Harvy (Bud). Lucy, who married George Rucker
in Bloomington, 1871. And Alice, who died of consumption in 1865. William
and his wife both died of Pneumonia in 1870. They and Alice are buried in
Bloomington, IL. Lucy and bud live at Baxter Springs, KS. Jerome Ballard
married Elizabeth Slaughter, had children... John and Mildred Ballard. Mildred
married a Freud and they live in Kansas. Jerome and wife are dead. Asa Howard
died a young man. Benjamin Franklin, named for his dead brother, married
Sarah Hardesty, moved to McLean Co., IL about 1855. Living near Bloomington
until 1883, then moved to Jasper, MO, near Kansas City, where he died in 1906.
His wife and William and daughter lived in Kansas City, now and it was at
their home that the 1911 Reunion was held. He had children... Dr. Henry Francis
Ballard, Chenoa, IL., 25 miles from Bloomington IL. David William,
carpenter, Kansas City. Asa Howard Ballard, Minister, Ft. Morgan, Colorado, graduated
at Wesleyan College, Bloomington, IL., and Morgan Park Theological College,
Chicago. He has a daughter, Ethal Ballard, a milliner, and a son Howard
Ballard, in College. Charles Ballard, a farmer near Kansas city. Herman Eddy
Ballard, a rural mail carrier, Jasper MO, who was named for Preacher Eddy of
Bloomington, IL, 1861. Ida Ballard Nichols lives near Peori, IL. Alice
Ballard, stenographer for Carr Mfg., Co., Kansas City, now on trip to Europe.
Frank, a farmer near Kansas City, and Lucy Ballard Noel, Excelsior Springs, MO.
Dr. Henry Francis Ballard lives at Cheno, IL. I lived there for 7 years and
knew him well. He is a strong Baptist, as well as all the other Ballards.
He has fine daughters, all graduated from Cheno High School. Myrtle Ballard
Ketchem also graduated from Mount Carroll Baptist School and attended a
School in Florida and the Chicago University. Minnie Ballard Randal married
Herman Randall, who is Pastor of a large Church in New York City. Edith married
Arthur Jorden of Cheno, IL. Lullian married David Haggard, a hardware
merchant, Cheno, IL, died 1881, buried in Bloomington. Had children: William Howard
Haggard, Columbus, IN. Dr. Dee Haggard, Phillipsburg Kansas, graduated at
Theological College and preached a few years but, his voice gave out and he
graduated at a Medical School and is a Medical Doctor. Edward Haggard married
my sister, Ella, second cousins. He is a real estate agent. Lucy Haggard
married Edward Stone, son of A Baptist Minister in Kansas City. James Harvey
Ballard, youngest child of Henry, was born in 1834, in Jessamine Co, KY.
Moved to McLean Co. IL about 1859 and died there April 24, 1911. He was at the
Reunion, which was held in Fairmount Park, Kansas City. I loved him as a
father. He left two daughters, Alice Ballard Pickering of Mackinaw, IL.
Northwest of Bloomington, and Pearl Ballard Frise of Odell, IL. Pearl graduated at
the Illinois State Normal at Normal, IL. Alice has a daughter, Clarice
Pickering Adams, Excelsior Springs, MO., and twins, Russell and Randall, who are
still at home. Pearl has a son, George Preston Frise. Going back to Howard
Ballard, son of Larkin Ballard, he left KY long before the War, going to Tenn.,
There he married Sarah Cross at Jasper, Marion Co Tenn. The he moved to
Center Cherokee Co., AL., where he died in 1871, at the age of 81 years. His
children, Susanna Ballard Bean, last heard of in Texas., Elizabeth Ballard,
William Ballard, born 1820, died about 1895. His children: Sarah Ballard
Underwood, born 1849 at Chavies, DeKalb Co. AL Susanna Ballard Woodall, born 1852,
at Chavies, DeKalb Co., AL, Andrew Jackson Ballard, son of William, had a
daughter, Sarah Ballard Steele. Robert Marion Ballard, son of William Henry,
Howard Owen Ballard, born 1847 at Hagerman, Grayson Co., TX. Mary Ann Ballard
Deerman, Martha Ballard Bronson, Nancy Ballard Kellett, Obediah Gaines
Ballard, Elijah Gaines Ballard, born 1824 killed in LA., had two sons, Marion and
Jack. Mary Ann Ballard, born in 1827. Anna J. Ballard Wynn, born in 1837,
went to MO. Howard Ballard married second time to Althea Rutledge. No
children by her. The descendants of Howard Ballard are many but I won't take the
time to look them all up and don't know them from memory. They lived in AL.,
TX., and OK, as far as I know. Catherine Ballard, daughter of Larkin
Ballard, married Biven bowling, her first cousin about 1850. The family went to
Bowie Co TX. As they tried to cross the Red River, on the TX Border, Uncle
Biven was drowned. The family and Aunt Kitty got across and they lived there
for a few years. One son, John Bowling, died there. A year or so later, John
J. Pettit, Aunt Kittys brother-in-law, went to TX and took them back to KY.
She had children: James, John Daniel, Jane, Elizabeth and Andrew Jackson
Bowling. All of these children except Elizabeth died before Aunt Kitty. John
left three children in Bowie, TX. Jack left a son, David, who went to Indiana
and was lost tract of. Jane, James and Daniel left no children. Elizabeth
had children: George, Wesley, Joseph, and Fannie. I believe Fannie married
a Perkins. George is dead. His wife and family lived in Pleasant Plains,
OH. Charles F. Perkins is cashier in a Bank there. Wesley is dead. Joseph
lives in Owenton, KY. Thus runs Catherine "Aunt Kitty" Ballard's family.

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