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From: Rose Hatten <>
Subject: Re: [BALTGEN-L] TB in 1880
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 03:03:02 -0500
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Monica Mullikin said the following on 12/19/2004 1:03 PM:
> The place still exits--only I think now it is a juvenile detention center.
> Victor Cullen Center I think is the name of it. I found a history of sorts
> on line at one time.
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> From: DC [mailto:]
> Sabillasville is a little Northwest of Thurmont, Md. Just a few miles from
> the PA line. I have family and friends all over that area so I'll ask
> around, see what they know. DC

I was looking for info on Sabillasville last summer, and asked the
Frederick county Historical Society, but they said they didn't have the

Then I had an email exchange with the Frederick county public library
about Sabillasville. Here's what they replied:

Dear Ms. Hatten:

I have been able to speak with the historian I mentioned in my previous
e-mail. It is her understanding that the records for the sanatorium are
housed at the Maryland Health Department and that they are closed. I
would recommend contacting the Department to confirm that information,
their webpage may help direct you
They do not have an archivist on staff, as far as I know. I would
recommend either calling the director's office or the librarian. If the
records are closed, and I believe that they would be, ask them how long
they will be closed and what does one need to do to gain access. These
records may also be covered under the new medical privacy act, which
should add to the potential confusion.

Then I wrote to the MD Health Dept and they replied that they did not
retain the records.

I didn't pursue it any further, but would be interested in any
information anyone else may have gathered about that facility.


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