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Subject: [BANAT-L] Ollinger
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 17:17:08 EST

Hello Steve, nice to meet you.
I really don't have much on the Ollinger surname except to
say without Anna Maria Ollinger(ggggggrandmother) I wouldn't be here. She
is kind of indispensable.
I'll give you what I have and possibly you can pick up from there.

Anna Maria was born in 1740, the town unknown.
She married Leonhard Busch(born about 1733-37-town unknown)--married
14.01.1760 in the Hungarian town of Schemling(churchbook of Kornye, Hung. in
the Schildebirge Province(this is about 15-20 miles west of Budapest). Death
unknown but after Leonhard died(31.08.1784) she remarried to a Andreas
She had 11 children with Leonhard Busch and one child with Andreas Muhlbauer.
Andreas's father was Balthasar Muhlbauer-mother was Katharina Klein.

Then I have a Jakob Ollinger which I believe was an uncle of Anna Maria but I
have no proof at this time but is definately related. He was born in
1711(unknown) and died 15.07.1775 in Kosmau, Hung. He was 64 J. This town and
Schemling are next to each other. He married a Eva N.N. She was born in 1718
and died 02.04.1781 in Boglar=Vertesboglar, Hung. A three of these towns are
within walking distance.
They had 4 children all born in Schemling, Hung.

1. Anna Elisabeth born 12.12.1747
2. Marianna 17.01.1751
3. Marianna 15.08.1752
4. Elisabeth 24.11.1758--she married a Josef Holtzer.

I also have an unconnected Ollinger that is also part of the family.
Peter Ollinger: born abt. 1759 in ? He died in Lenauheim, Banat 14.03.1789.
His first wife was Susanna N.N. He married a second time to a Anna Maria
Margaretha N.N. abt 1789-90.
His children born in Lenauheim are:
1. Maria Elisabetha 28.05.1781
2. Mathias 05.11.1786
3. Anna Eva 09.07.1788
4. Franz 20.05.1782

These are all I have at this time. It might behove you to know that the
Ollinger surname was also spelled Ullinger but as I have all of the Stader
Sammelwerk books through the letter O, I have to wait till he gets to U and
that will be some time yet.

I will give you a little history of our ancestors that I have proven at this
time. They did originate from SW Germany(Schwabia, Pfalz, Rheinland,
Zaarland, Luxembourg, Elsace, Lorraine) when it was all part of Germany. Of
course they left for many reasons but the initial one was to better their
lives and experience independence. They wanted their children to have a
better life than they did.
So, the very first settlers immigrated into Hungary and settled from Budapest
to its west and settled there for about two generations. Some of the 2nd
generation and most of the 3rd generations did immigrate to the Banat and
founded all those towns, mostly after 1770. Our ancestors came from there and
was instrumental in founding many of these towns. Grabatz, Lenauheim, Billed,
Nakadorf, Seultour, St. Hubert, Zichydorf, Werschetz, Kathreinfeld,
Setchanfeld, Lunga, Ostern, Deutsch Stamora and a lot more were involved in
the building by our Schwobs. So, our people were in this area now for 300
I could go on for pages but you may already have knowledge of this.

I do have a Family Tree which has just passed over 7600 surnames. What I
would like to do is ask you for all your pertinent surnames as the Ollingers
did marry thoughout the years and I am sure we could make a connection
perhaps through them.
If you can give me what you have on the Ollingers, I can work from this end.

Thanks for writing.

John Busch--Greenie

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