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From: "Richard & Deborah Owens" <>
Subject: Urbarium-Urberi tabellak
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 13:47:09 -0400

Dear Banat List,

There is a very interesting record group of 272 rolls of microfilm available from the FHL centers. It is very early Banat material dealing with the Banat in what is now Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, and Czechoslovakia. The films were made in 1972.

Title: Urberi tabellak, 1767 - 1773
Urbarium are the "Feudal land tenancy census records of Hungary, the so-called"Urbarium" or "Urberi tabellak" , a document that defines the goods and services that a serf was obligated to give to the feudal lord. Includes names of landowners and serfs. Arranged by counties, and within the counties by villages in alphabetical order. Includes primarily the years 1767 - 1773, ..."
Family History Library Catalog Description

According to a fellow reseacher, who is working in 16th C Italian tax records, any film listed as Vault, has never been copied for viewing. I personally do not know if this is so, but if she is correct, then 99 % of these "urbarium" films have never been seen.

I should imagine that this film is not for the faint-of-heart. They are written in Hungarian, Slovak, Latin, and German.
Nonetheless, it is very profitable research material for those so-inclined, and for those in need of very early materials. Some of the counties in these films are: Abauj, Arad, Bacs, Bars, Baranya, Csanad, Hont, Lipto, Pest, Szepes, Somogy, Sopron, Temes es Banat, Torontal, Trencsen, Turocz, Veszprem, etc. The index for the rolls can be found at the end of the record group listing. You will need to know the Hungarian name for your village. There is considerable duplication of town names and similar spellings.

Happy hunting,
Tampa, FL

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