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From: "Dave Dreyer" <>
Subject: Re: [BANAT-L] Translation needed and a question on illegitmate children
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 20:57:10 -0700
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Entrance in remarks(column), J F as the physical father.

The above, in the remarks column is the kind of remark one would expect for
the birth of a illegitimate kid.
Typically for a illegitimate kid the mother's name is give first in the
parents column, if the father's name is given at all.
The printed forms for registering births often have two columns where one
can check off if a birth is illegitimate or legitimate.
Often a precher will nake a one word notation if the birth is illegitmate,
spuri in Latin----but the key is that the mothers name always comes first
and it is generally not a problem to distinguish.
Dave Dreyer.
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Subject: [BANAT-L] Translation needed and a question on illegitmate children

> Talk about opening up a can of worms...
> First of all I need a translation:
> Eintrag in Bemerkungen: J. F. als Leiblicher Vater.
> Now about illegitimate children, how were they listed in church
> records, and aside from family rumours is it possible about 90 years
> latter to find out the background of such children. Were they considered
> " illegitimate?"
> There are two family stories about WW1. Both my grandparents were
> "living together" and had children. I understand that if they weren't
> old enough to marry or the families did not approve, they couldn't get
> married, they couldn't.
> In my Grandmother's case the fellow went off to WW1 leaving Grandma and
> her daughter and never returned. My Aunt is listed under my
> Grandmother's maiden name, and there is no mention of her father,
> anywhere.
> Similarly, my Grandfather was "living" with a woman and she had a son,
> and while he was away, and purportedly took up with someone else. When
> he returned from WW1, he refused to go back with her. I think I have
> found a record of the son, listed under his mother's maiden name and
> the following Eintrag in Bemerkungen: J. F als Leiblicher Vater. I
> have just put the initials.
> I have names and a possible match in the records I have, but am not
> sure.
> These stories were never told to us, but are coming out know after
> every one is gone.
> I would like any insights into this...
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