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From: Eve <>
Subject: Re: [BANAT-L] Banater Schwaben versus Donauschwaben
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 10:26:54 -0400
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I have found all the discussion about Donauschaben - to be enlightening. My
parents fled their home in Indija, Yugoslavia in 1944 for a "lager" in
Austia. I was born 3 years after they came to the US with my 2 sisters. Not
once did I ever hear my parents use the term "Donauschaben". I grew a little
confused about history because what I learned in school no where matched
what I heard at home. I remember having many friends of my parents over to
the house and always talk of them being from neighboring villages, and that
they met AFTER coming here. They always talked of trials, hard work and the
partisaners - and believe me I didn't have a clue who that was.

I have learned so much from this list and other forums in regard to the
plight of my parents and others and it has opened up much conversation with
them - both still living at 85 and 95, I only wish I would have discovered
this a long time ago. I finally understand why my parents - who always
claimed to be German and spoke German more than anything (Slavish or
Swovish(?) when they didn't want me to know what was said) how they came to
be born in Yugoslavia. I now use the term Donauschaben to describe who they
are - I believe it makes it easier to explain how they came to be in another
area yet still be of German descent. It works for me - I guess everyone
needs to find what suits their situation the best.

Thanks to all at the list for all your research help and enlightening


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