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From: Uwe Morres <>
Subject: Re: [BANAT-L] German Reich & Banat
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 18:23:11 +0200
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"... the German emperor" ... is not quite right simply because there was
not such thing like a "German Reich" at that time.
Actually a lot of settlers had to flee to get to Banat because they did
not get the permission to leave from their landlords. Some who applied
got a certificate that their landlord - who actually "owned them" let
them go ...

The 1. "Deutsche Reich" was installed only in 1871.
Uwe Morres

Nick Tullius schrieb:

> When it is said that our ancestors "were called by their emperor to
go to
> the Banat", then that emperor was the German emperor (full title "Emperor of
> the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation"). The colonists came from many
> regions of the German Reich (full designation "Roman Empire of the German
> Nation").

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