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From: "Rosina Schmidt" <>
Subject: begejci torak
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 08:16:36 -0700
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The other language is Serbian using the Latin alphabet. If you click on the photo showing the flood in the village you will see the Russian alphabet.

The introduction says the same as Nick translated it from Romanian.



One of the languages is Romanian (which I understand); the other is either
Serbian (or Croatian? neither of which I understand).

The intro translates as following:

Toracul (Mic si Mare), respectively Begheiþi of today, are part of a row of
ancient Romanian settlements in the Yugoslavian Banat. It is located on the
left shore of the Bega canal, once called Little Temesch, at the crossroads
of the highways that lead from Zrenianin towards Timisoara and from Kikinda
towards Vârºeþ.

Note that Zrenianin (or Zrenjanin) is Großbetschkerek (German) &
Nagybecskerek (Hungarian).
Timisoara = Temeswar; Vârºeþ = Werschetz; Kikinda = Großkikinda.

I hope this helps,

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From: t.chickola [mailto:]
Sent: August 28, 2005 11:45 PM
Subject: [BANAT-L] begejci torak

need help again. the url has data on town of
nagy-toruak now known as begejci-torak. can anyone please identify the two
languages used ? i can pick up the then used family name of cikala from the
text and have it translated to english. i am specifically searching for
burial data on jon and rose cikala, i believe they were romanian orthodox
and estimated time of death around 1930. can anyone give me e-mail address
of genealogist who does work in serbia, many thanks to listers who helped me
in the past.

ted chickola

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