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From: "Dave Dreyer" <>
Subject: Banater Schwaben/Donauschwabnen
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 11:09:12 -0700

As Uwe points out these idenity crisis come up on the list about every year
or two.
One does not see these discussions among Banaters in Germany----they know
who they are.
They operate under an organization with the title;
Landmannschaft der Banater Schwaben---they publish a newspaper entitled
"Banater Post"
The term Banater although perhaps not farmilier to our grandparents is
concise, and explainatory.
We can do no better than to stay on the same page as our German cousins.
Dave Dreyer

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From: "Uwe Morres" <>
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Sent: Sunday, August 28, 2005 9:41 AM
Subject: [BANAT-L] Banater Schwaben / Donauschwaben

> Hi!
> As always when this discusson comes up on this list there is a lot of
> confusion among some members of the list.
> Just check the archives of this list and you will know what I mean :-)
> -
> One thing that always makes the whole thing even "messier" than it
> already is, is the use of different terms: ethnic group, nationality,
> citizenship, etc.
> One always has to keep in mind that these terms do not mean the same.
> Only then one can understand why some call themselves Hungarian German,
> Romanian German, German from Hungary, Banater Schwaben, etc.
> E.g.: someone from Romania could call himself a Romanian citizen, German
> Romanian and a Banater Schwabe (and after the 1920ies also Donauschwabe
> - all these terms did not contradict themselves:
> Living in the Romanian part of Banat one was certainly citizen of
> Romania but at the same time one still "kept" its German ethnicy or
> nationality - and since the ethnic group of that area was called Banater
> Schwaben he was of course a Banater Schwabe.
> Bye,
> Uwe Morres - Heidelberg, Germany

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