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Subject: Re: [BANAT-L] [BANAT-L} Question on WWI draft and reasons for Banatimmigrating
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 13:43:11 -0400
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Dear List:
My daughter is assigned an interview and research paper for a college
history class regarding her family's immigration story.

She needs to know why her gr grandparents left the Banat. Since they are
long passed, she must rely on me. I was told that my paternal grandparents
left because they didn't want my grandpa to be forced into the military, but
they left in 1912, which was early for the WWI draft issues, right? And he
was 11 at the time.

My other grandparents arrived in 1906 from Hatzfeld and their reason was
that circumstances were changing in the Banat in a negative way for the
germans there, so they came to America for opportunity. Does this sound
feasible and does any one know what those changing issues were? Couldn't
buy property? Couldn't vote? Something like this, perhaps? I had read
somewhere that nationalism at this time caused negative feelings towards the
transplanted germans. Were they treated badly? This family was prosperous
in Hatzfeld and they faced really difficult years in America. I often
wondered if they thought the decision was a mistake (until WWII of course
when those remaining in the Banat disappeared forever...)

I am very grateful for your insight into these questions!
Warm regards,
Kat Lang

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Hello Danube Swabian Researchers,

Bothschar is a village in Banat, where at Christmas 1944 the family
Altmeiyer was abducted and sent to Tito's starvation camp of Rudolfsgnad.

Their story is now posted on the pages and you can reach
them via the Bulletin-Board or via DS-Orphanages.

Thank you Roland, for sharing this story with us.

See you all at Mt. Angel, come September,

Vancouver Island

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