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From: "CG Junkers" <>
Subject: Re: [BANAT-L] research in Rumania
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 21:05:08 +0200 (CEST)


I think there is no hotel in Steierdorf-Anina, If you stay in a hotel in Oravita you should use the railway to Anina, an interesting trip!

Preparing your visit you should have a look into two books:

Schmidt, Horst Dieter: Familienbuch der Gemeinde Steierdorf-Anina - Ulm : o. V., 2000
Stanglica, Franz: Steierdorf im Banat - Bad Vilbel/Frankfurt a. M. : Arnold, 1982 (Reprint)

Both books are in our AKdFF library in the Haus der Donauschwaben in Sindelfingen. Come and see!

Microfilms of the parish books are available in your nearest family history center.

Guenter (Junkers)

>I am going to Rumania and Hungary in July. I have been researching my
>family tree for years and it has mostly been a dead end. My maternal side is
>from Anina Steierdorf in the Banat. My paternal side from Freaudenthal in
>the Sudentenland. (it is in Bohemia at the moment but I will not go there
>this trip- my relatives were shot or expelled so not much to find)
>I was wondering if I go to Steierdorf (another family village is
>Dognattcka) and look in the cemetery can I find marked graves and can I find church
>records? Are there places I can go to look up names and information? My
>relatives were in the Hungarian army in WW 1 and the German army in WW 2.
>Of my family that were left in Romania after the war some were sent to
>slavery in Russia and some were killed in the village, others killed as they
>fled when the Russian army over took them.. I am not sure where to begin.
>Any advice is welcome. Also how will these Rumanians react at my presence?
>Once my great grandfather owned much land and property in Anina (that is why
>he was shot). I am wondering if the locals will be hostile. Is there a
>hotel in Anina? I cannot seem to find much information on this place.
>Thank you, Michael Denz
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