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From: "Susan Williams" <>
Subject: Re: [BANAT-L] Google Earth trip to Banat
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2011 06:42:52 -0400
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Frank -- What fun -- especially for those of us who might never get to visit
our families ancestral villages.

I have done the same for my Glogowatz, Sanktanna and Neupanat families -
however, I could not see the actual house - but still seeing what the
village looks like now was wonderful. Google Earth in Europe is not
quite as good as it is here ... but well worth the "trip".

I also used it for my "Bohemian grandparents". My grandma travelled to
Prague and her ancestral villages in 1907. One of the postcards she sent
pictured an inn -- it took a lot of "determination" but I actually found
the inn in Cirkvice -- it still exists. I found a very generous fellow in
the Czech Republic who went and took a picture off the inn in 2007 --
knowing it still existed gave me the idea to search for it.

All we need do here is use your imagination!

If you are interested in addresses within the US - census addresses for
example, here are two sites. You can use Google Earth for that too but it
can be difficult to maneuver.

The two sites are: -- type in the address - it might just
get you to the approximate address. Then you can maneuver using the arrows
on the street ... and change directions, etc. using the directional arrows
in the left corner. One suggestion I have for learning how to use it is to
use an address you are already familiar with ... like your own home.

The second site I just tried for genealogical purposes. It is a real
estate site where you can locate homes for sale, their estimate of what it
is worth, taxes etc. It is: --- I just helped a friend
on another list locate an address she found on the 1930 census for her

Just one more way to enjoy genealogy -- if you don't mind getting "lost in

You are so right -- Technology is a wonderful thing!

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Subject: [BANAT-L] Google Earth trip to Banat

> Hallo Fellow Banaters,
> I must share this wonderful information. I just took a trip to the Banat
> from my Cape Coral, Florida house via my computer and visited my mother
> and
> father's and grandfathers' house where they were born in Gertinaosch,
> Bogarosch and Mercydorf, Romania using Google Earth. Technology is a
> wonderful thing.
> You can get a free down load provided you have the latest software in your
> computer and go on a trip to your homeland from the comfort of your home.
> free download at Google Earth <>; . The product is
> designed for use on newer computers with broadband or higher levels of
> connection.
> Mit freundlichen Grussen,
> "Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds"
> Frank
> Frank A. Jakob, Cape Coral, Fl
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