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From: "Calvin Barfield" <>
Subject: Jesse Barfield
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 11:40:03 -0400
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Hello Barfield Researchers
I have been Traveling about this week. Stopped in the Libriary in Lumberton,
NC, County seat for Roebeson County. Wanted to see what was there that might
be good for searching info about Jesse Barfield (married in Roebeson County)

Found a folder in a file cabinet in the Geneocoly research room labeled
BARFIELD. In the folder was a list of Barfields in first name alphabetical
order. This list was a copy of a list that was hand typed, not sure who did
the typing but did contain a lot of Barfields.

There were three references for Jesse Barfield. One was info about Jesse in
the 1850 Census in Washington County Fl. This was not new to me. One was
reference to Wedding to Ammely Kelley in 1807, This was also known.

The third listing is the one that was the most interesting. It is on page 17
of the list and I will quote just as it was typed:
Jesse of Columbus/Robseson Cos., NC...Son of Stephen Barfield (GD); m.
Amelia Kelly; 1800 name change from Hatcher (Ct. Rec); 1815/16 buying &
selling land; 1810/30c-010011/1120011; data conflict between this Jesse
& Jesse of Horry Co., SC.

Has anyone run across any of this before? Note IF correct, this is different
father for Jesse than belived. Also, this is different Spelling for Spouse
of Jesse. I have looked in a lot of places on the internet for Ammely kelley
and have never found anything but I have found a lot of info in past on
several Amelia Kellys and suspected that may be correect spelling of her

I plan to follow up to see what all this means and to see if I can verify
but wanted to see if someone had already done so and I would be wasting my

Cal Barfield

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