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From: "Barry Wetherington" <>
Subject: Re: Welcome to Barlett-L Sharon #2A
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2004 19:57:27 -0400
References: <>


Here are a few more leads for your Dan & Paul. Note the 2 Paul Ws Barlets.
Keep looking - there is much in the Archives.


Daniel Barlet Aulenbach 0 171 GA-N149
Paul W Barlet Pricetown & St. John's 0 7 GA-P946
Paul W Barlet Pricetown & St. John's 0 7 GA-P946

Daniel Barlet First Reformed Church 1 10,10,10,10 CR-F527a
Daniel Barlet First Reformed Church 1 131 CR-F527a
Daniel Barlet First Reformed Church 1 261 CR-F527a
Daniel Barlet Faith Reformed Reading 1 55 CR-F174
Daniel Barlet Rev. Aaron Seibert Leinbach 0 1-61,2-135,2-295,2-298 CR-L53li-a
Daniel Barlet Faith Reformed Reading 1 55 CR-F174
Daniel Barlet St. Paul's Lutheran Fleetwood 0 2,3 CR-S150
Daniel S. Barlet St. Andrews United Church of Christ 4 580 CR-S133

Daniel Berlet Allegheny Reformed Church 0 28, 70, 71, 71 CR-A422
Daniel Berlet Schwarzwald Reformed 0 5,5,5 CR-S399a
Daniel Berlet First Reformed Church 1 15,15 CR-F527a
Daniel Berlet Rev. Jacob Sassaman Herman 0 29 CR-H551
Daniel Berlet St. John's (Hain's) Church 1 139 K41
Daniel Berlett Allegheny Lutheran Church 3 32 CR-A422c

Barlet Daniel Barlet 1855 Cumru Township Daniel
Barlet Daniel Barlet 1887 Iowa Daniel
Barlet Daniel Barlet 1896 Reading City Daniel
Barlet Paul Barlet 1840 Ruscombmanor Township Paul

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From: Sharon Flora-Thiel
To: Barry Wetherington
Sent: Saturday, June 05, 2004 5:58 PM
Subject: Re: [Barlett] Re: Welcome to Barlett-L Sharon #2

My Paul William Barlet was born approximately 1877. He was married to Hettie
Oswald who was born 10-6-1888. They are burried in the Dryville Cemetery, in
Pennsylvania. When I was home a few years ago to help my Mom with her catarac
surgery recovery, I visited the cemetary, but couldn't find their tombstones.
Per my aunt, I apparently missed a section of the cemetary, or I could have
gotten their exact birth dates from the stones.

It looks like Paul's dad is a Daniel Barlet per the PA 1910 Miracode Index.
It shows Daniel at age 77 as father, and Paul as head of household. So Daniel
would have been born approximately 1833.

So there you go. That's the info I have at this time for this branch of the
family tree. If you have anything regarding this, or can point me in a
particular direction to look, I will be greatly appreciative.

Sharon Thiel

Barry Wetherington <> wrote:

You've got a good start there. Now if we had even just one date, we could
really zero in. There are a number of Pauls, including 1 of our 3 original
Emigrants Barletts:
Paul Barlett 1714-1796 md 1752 Berks Co Reading PA Catharine Werth
1725-1780. (My GGGG Gf & Gm)

Here is one perhaps clue:
Mary Ellen Barlet Kershner, Rev. William J 0 B275 CR-K42
Paul Barlet St. John's U.C.C. Reading 2 132,240 CR-S144
Paul Barlet St. John's Lutheran Church Hamburg 0 163 CR-S143ha
Your search returned 271 records in 8 pages:
Click on the church name to generate a church record lookup request form
First Name Middle Last Name Maiden Name Church Record Vol.Page(s) Cat. #
Mary Barlet Hains Rev. A. Seibert Leinbach Records 0 7-333,7-355,7-373
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2004 14:42:27 -0500
From: "Barry Wetherington"
Subject: [Barlett] Rev War Bible Marriage Paul Jacob Danl Hans Conrad

Hi Barletts, (& Mach*mer, Werth)

Here is some good Gen (below) located by Barbara, at:

Altho this is just an index entry, presumably there is more info avail
onsite, altho it appears to be a pay site, which could be justified if the
info is worthwhile. Of course, the Christina (unk surname) & Jacob could
well be/ are likely the Jacob Barletts, he having been b1764, member of von
Heer's Light Dragoons, bodyguards to Gen'l Washington, f/o Daniel Barlitt,
1788-1892 md Eliz Tupps d1848, who, (Daniel) observed in one of his several
newspaper published 100th+ birthday interviews, that his father Jacob was a
Genl Wash bodyguard (substantiated by Jacob's Pension order & wife's
Christina's published pension applications affidavits, one apparently being
in Licking Co OH [not Licking Co PA] ), and despite having been wounded,
lived to be 90 and died in Harrisburgh.

Just FYI, Jacobs father Paul arrived Phil (possibly from the Altenstein,
Thuringa area of central Germany) abt 1749-50 (w/Bro Conrad) & placed an ad
in 'Sowers' newspaper seeking elder brother Hans Wolf who arrived 1732 on
Pink Plaisance to Phil w/wife Anna Barlitt. Apparently Paul & Conrad, while
living in Reading Berks Co PA, were sucessful in locating Hans from his home
in N NY, where one of his daus Eve/Eva md into the Dockstaders of Stone
Arabia NY, and one of Paul's daus Anna Eliz b abt 1755 md abt 1775 Wm
Machamer 1755-1831. Paul (Paul Barlett 1714-1796 md 1752 Catharine Werth
1725-1780) & Conrad were also Rev War vets, as were other Barletts.

If anyone has access to this site, please let us know, as the Barletts
appear to be of the Jacob md Christina, and of his father & uncle's branch.


Christina, 2:70
Jacob, 2:70
Lydia, 2:93
Philip, 2:93
Betsey, 2:70
Catharine, 2:70
Christina, 2:70
Danial, 2:70
Eve, 2:70
Frederick, 2:70
George, 2:70
Jacob, 2:70
John, 2:70
Mary, 2:70
Philip, 2:70
Powel, 2:70
Rachel, 2:70
Sarah, 2:70
Susan, 2:70

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From: Sharon Flora-Thiel
To: Barry Wetherington
Sent: Friday, June 04, 2004 10:32 PM
Subject: Re: Welcome to our Barlett-L List Sharon

Hi Barry,

My ancestors are from Fleetwood/Reading, PA. My G-Grandfather on my
mother's side was a Paul W. Barlet. His daughter Mary Ellen was my
Grandmother. I am just now getting into this genealogy stuff, so look
forward to looking thru your archives to see what has been accumulated so




Barry Wetherington wrote:
Welcome to our Barlett-L List Sharon,

Please go to our Extensive Archives to Search or Browse for your family:

Where are your ancestors from?


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