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Hayward R. Barnett could you please post this so the subscribers can view.

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Subject: My Barnetts

Rachel Elizabeth Barnett the daughter of A.B. Asbury, Archiberry and =
Mary? born September 26, 1850, Fayette County, AL, married 7 February =
1873, Ozark, Franklin County, AR, to Newton Belt, born 1850 Johnson =
County, AR, the son of William Belt and Matilda Campbell. Rachel =
Elizabeth arrived in AR, before June 19, 1868 as her father A.B. Barnett =
filed for a Homestead Application Johnson County, AR, they were recorded =
in 1870 Franklin County, AR, census in White oak Twp., this is where she =
met my great-grandpa Newt. Belt. They made their home at the foot of =
Mountain Top, in the Low Gap Community some say away back in Cat Hollow =
so far that you could hear the cat's scream. their children were.
1. Marilda Belt, born abt. 1875, Franklin County, AR, died in ch. birth.
2. John S. Belt, born abt. 1877, Franklin County, AR, died young.
3. Jeremiah Belt, born abt. 1878, Franklin County, AR, died young.
4. William Albert Belt, born abt. 1880 Franklin County, AR, died young.
5. Polly Ann, born April 3, 1884, Franklin county, AR, died 1956.
6. Drillar B. Belt born September 10, 1886, Franklin County, AR, d. =
7. Louisia Belt, born March 24, 1890, Franklin County, AR, d. 1970.
8. Osie Jane Belt, born & died no date franklin County, AR
9. Harrison "Bodie" Belt, born & died Franklin County, AR
10. Elizabeth Belt born & died Franklin County, AR
All the above children except aunt Pollie ar burried in Belt Cemetery =
Watalula, Franklin County, AR.
My Grandmother Louisia Belt and grandpa Arniel Lavere Cagle are buried =
in family cemetery. My mother Rebeth Cagle daughter of A.L. & Louisia =
Belt married Robert Lee Waldron August 24, 1931, El Reno, OK.
Those that were born in Newton Belt and Rachel Elizabeth Barnett's =
homeplace were Louisia Belt, Rebeth Cagle and Mack D. Waldron; 3 =
generations. Newton Belt recorded his Homestead Certificate #136455 =
recorded 13 June 1910, Land Office Little Rock, AR, by the president: =
Wm. H. Taft.
Rachel Elizabeth Barnett, died August 13, 1909, Franklin County, AR
Newton Belt, died November 2, 1917, Franklin County, AR
A.B. Barnett, died after 1880 and before 1897 as his wife Mary was =
listed as head of household for 1897 in PP TAX list Watalula Twp. =
Franklin County, AR. I have a picture of A.B. Barnett and Mary? a zerox =
copy and Rachel Elizabeth Barnett Belt. I also have the A.B. Barnett =
Bible there are no genealogy reference in this Bible except it is signed =
by A.B. Barnett stating this is A.B. Barnetts Bible.=20
By: LaMona Joyce "Waldron" Phillips the dau. of Rebeth Cagle and Robert =
Lee Waldron.


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