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From: "Mic Barnette" <>
Subject: President LBJ's Barnett Lineage
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 01:28:34 -0500
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Hi Bet:

You asked who in the Barnett Surname DNA Project test group is related to
President LBJ?

For the most part those in Group I match one another on the 12 and 25
Participant 0003 Kit 10518, a member of that group, is the one we know of
that actually descends from LBJ's direct ancestor-Nathan Barnett and Lucy
Webb. The others in the group are somehow related.

I just tried to look at his lineage on our website and saw I do not have his
lineage linked to the his ancestral page. I will get this corrected the next
time I rework the website. However, here it is:

Participant 0003's (Kit 10518) lineage is:
1-Nathan Barnett, Sr
b: 1729, New Kent, County, GA, d: Abt 1804, Scull Shoals, Greene, GA
2-Nathan Barnett, Jr.
b: Abt 1759, New Kent, County, VA, d: Abt 1822, Clarke, County, GA
3-Nathan Barnett, III
b: 2 March 1773, Columbia, County, GA, d: 4 April 1818, Scull Shoals,
Greene, GA
4-John Griffin Barnett, Sr.
b: 12 December 1799, Scull Shoals, Greene, GA, d: 19 February
1861, Trout Creek, Newton, TX
5-Thomas Griffin Barnett
B: Abt 1836, Mississippi, d: 22 June 1863, Unknown
6-Jonathan "Jottie" Griffin Barnett
b: 27 March 1860, Call Junction, Jasper, TX
d: 27 January 1938, Magnolia Springs, Jasper, TX
7-William Frankie Barnett
b: 2 July 1908, Magnolia Springs, Jasper,
TX, d: 22 March 1977, Jasper, Jasper, TX

The LBJ Library website at
has part of LBJ's lineage but it does not go back as far a Participant 3. I
assume it was taken from the book A Family Album written by LBJ's ancestor,
Rebecca Baines Johnson. In her book she takes the Barnett lineage back to
Lucy Webb Barnett 1798-1857 who married Jesse Johnson but no further. Lucy
Webb Barnett was a namesake of Lucy Webb who married Nathan Barnett.

You will find another website with LBJ's lineage on the Blanco County, Texas
Genweb page at
According to the webpage which is based on information from a book on
Ancestors of American Presidents by Gary Boyd Roberts. LBJ's Barnett lineage

Note: As I look at the lineage on the website it looks confusing to me.
Someone more familiar with the lineage is welcome to make comments. To my
knowledge Nathan Barnett Sr born 1729 is the earliest known Barnett ancestor
in this lineage. Keith Barnett may be able to straighten out the problem in
the lineage below if there is one. I located my copy of Roberts' book to
see if what is on the website agreed with the book. It does.

Roberts uses a source RBJ but he never clarifies, at least anywhere I could
find in the book, who or what RBJ is. In his sources he seems lists Rebecca
Baines Johnson's A Family Album. My guess is RBJ is Rebacca Baines Johnson.

I went onto to see what I could find on this group of Barnetts.
What I found was a lot of confusing information. In one entry I saw Lucy
Webb Barnett's father as Leonard, in the next , I found her as the daughter
of Nathan Barnett.

I was finding Nathan and Leonard as being siblings, children of Nathan b
1729 New Kent Co, Va died 1805 Greene Co, GA and Lucy Webb

This is the lineage from the LBJ Library website:
This is not my line and I have not researched this line, so, I am no expert,
however, I do not think LBJ's ancestor was Leonard. I think it was than
likely Leonard's brother, Nathan. Also, from what I can tell, there is at
least one or two more Nathans that should be in this lineage.

Also, I am not sure about Frank and Sukey (Johnson) Barnett being the
parents of Nathan Barnett born 1729.


1. Former United States President Lyndon Baines JOHNSON was born on 27 Aug
1908 in Stonewall, Blanco County, Texas. He died on 22 Jan 1973 in enroute
to San Antontio, Bexar County, Texas, from LBJ Ranch, Stonewall, Blanco
County, Texas.


2. Texas State Representative Samuel Ealy JOHNSON Jr. was born on 11 Oct
1877 in Buda, Hays County, Texas. He died on 23 Oct 1937 in Fredericksburg,
Gillespie County, Texas. He was married to Rebekah BAINES on 20 Aug 1907 in
Fredericksburg, Gillespie County, Texas.

3. Rebekah BAINES was born on 26 Jun 1881 in McKinney, Collin County, Texas.
She died on 12 Sep 1958 in Austin, Travis County, Texas. Texas State
Representative Samuel Ealy JOHNSON Jr. and Rebekah BAINES had the following

1 i. Lyndon Baines JOHNSON.



4. Samuel Ealy JOHNSON Sr. was born on 12 Nov 1838 in Randolph County,
Alabama. He died on 12 Nov 1838 in Stonewall, Blanco County, Texas. He was
married to Eliza Jane BUNTON 11 Dec. 1867 in Lockhart, Texas.

5. Eliza Jane BUNTON was born on 24 Jun 1849 near Russellville, Logan
County, Kentucky. She died on 31 Jan 1917 in Stonewall, Blanco County,
Texas. Samuel Ealy JOHNSON Sr. and Eliza Jane BUNTON had the following

i. Jessie JOHNSON was born in 1886 in Texas. She was buried in
Johnson Family Cemetery, LBJ Ranch, Blanco County, Texas.
2 ii. Texas State Representative Samuel Ealy JOHNSON Jr.

4th Generation

8. Jesse JOHNSON III was born on 28 Apr 1795 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia.
He died on 15 May 1856 in Lockhart, Texas. He was married to Lucy Webb
BARNETT on 14 Nov 1817 in Greene County, Georgia.

9. Lucy Webb BARNETT was born on 14 Jan 1798 in prob. Elbert County,
Georgia. She died on 13 Mar 1857 in Lockhart, Texas. Jesse JOHNSON III and
Lucy Webb BARNETT had the following children:

4 i. Samuel Ealy JOHNSON Sr..

5th Generation:

18. Leonard BARNETT was born about 1773 in St. Pauls Parish, Georgia. He was
living in 1828 in Greene County, Georgia. He died after 1828 in prob. Greene
County, Georgia. He was married to Nancy STATHAM.

19. Nancy STATHAM. Leonard BARNETT and Nancy STATHAM had the following

9 i. Lucy Webb BARNETT.

6th Generation

36. Nathan BARNETT was born about 1729 in New Kent County, Virginia. He died
about 1805 in Greene County, Georgia. He was married to Lucy WEBB about 1757
in Virginia.

37. Lucy WEBB was born about 1731 in Virginia. Nathan BARNETT and Lucy WEBB
had the following children:

18 i. Leonard BARNETT.

7th Generation:

72. Frank(lin?) BARNETT. He was married to "Sukey" JOHNSON.

73. "Sukey" JOHNSON. Frank(lin?) BARNETT and "Sukey" JOHNSON had the
following children:

36 i. Nathan BARNETT

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