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To answer your question, yes Edwin Feather was a child of John Feather and
Ann Barraclough he was baptised
27th Sept 1827 at Haworth Parish Church.

Yes Ann in the 1841 census was John Barraclough & Hannah Burwin's child, she
was baptised
3rd Sept 1804 at Haworth Parish Church
These entries where extracted from Haworth Parish Register

We don't have any evidence that Edwin was in partnership with his Uncle
Thomas, but that does not mean he was not, it could have been possible. I
would imagain you would have to check the indexes at the Registry of Deeds I
would imagain if a partnership was formed and they rented,purchased or was
left the premises in a will there would have been a deed.

I have had extraced all the Barraclough entries from the Deeds Registry in
Wakefield for all Barraclough and variant's up until 1836. And there is not
a Deeds for Thomas of Haworth.
The only ones I have for this branch of Barraclough's are:
John of Haworth 1804
John of Haworth 1828
John of Haworth (Leming) 1828

All 3 Deeds refer to John Barraclough Snr. who married Hannah Burwin. These
entries can be found at:
They list the reference numbers if you would like to appy for copies of the
Deeds. If you do then let me know and I can put you in touch with a
professional researcher (if you don't live in Yorkshire) who did the
extractions for me. He is very professional and the most expert person I
know regarding Deeds. He will trascribe the entries for you for a very
reasonable amount.

Hope this has helped a little


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Subject: [BARRACLOUGH] Edwin Feather - Haworth clockmaker

> Question: was Edwin Feather (clockmaker) a grandson of John
> Barraclough, the Haworth clockmaker born in 1773?
> 1861 census shows Edwin Feather and Thomas Barraclough living next door
> to each other in Haworth. Edwin is "clockmaker and postmaster" while
> Thomas is "clock and watchmaker". (Thomas was the youngest son of John
> Barraclough.)
> Class: RG9; Piece: 3228; Folio: 47; Page: 1; GSU roll: 543099
> (1851 census seems to have Edwin living with a jeweller in York)
> 1841 census shows John Feather and Ann with children James, Amelia,
> Edwin, William, John and George:
> Class: HO107; Enumeration District: 3; Page: 2; Line: 7; GSU roll: 464255
> (You can see the Brontes on the same image).
> So am I right that Edwin the clockmaker was the child of Ann and John
> Feather shown in the 1841 census? And was Ann in that census the
> daughter of John Barraclough the clockmaker? Might Edwin Feather and
> Thomas Barraclough have been partners in the clock making business?
> Does anyone have any solid information, beyond census records and IGI?
> Bera
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