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Subject: Re: [BASS] John Bass
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 12:27:28 EDT

Unfortunately, this perpetuates several misconceptions. The source is not a
Bible but a sermon book. Photos of the book can be found on the web and in
Helen Roundtree's book, Pocahontas' People. The sermon book inscription
names John's wife as "Elizabeth, dafter of the King of ye Nansemuns Nation" . No
Keziah, no Robin the elder. I don't know how the name Keziah got into the
mix. Mrs. Bass was a full blooded Nansemond Indian and as such had an Indian
name. When she was baptized, she took on a Christian name, in this case
Elizabeth. In the same way Pocahontas gave up her Indian name and was baptized
as Rebecca and took her husband's surname, Rolfe. Keziah is not an Indian
name as some have suggested. It is found in the Bible as a daughter of Job. It
comes from "cassia", a kind of spice.
Other documents suggest that John Bass and Keziah had a number of children.
Everyone accepts that John and Keziah are one and the same as John and
Elizabeth, mainly because the descendants of John and Keziah have the sermon book
with John and Elizabeth's names.
Albert Bell, who published Bass Families of the South, also names John's
wife as Keziah Elizabeth, daughter of Robin the elder, but offers no
documentation. The family itself has in recent years said he was wrong, one of many
misrepresentations and outright fabrications in the book.
And don't even get me started on the Richard Bass mess.
I'm not trying to cause trouble, just doing what I can to put out a rumor
that has taken on a life of its own.
Curtis Bass

In a message dated 3/23/2007 11:53:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time,

Here is another John, Info taken from a bible belonging to Nathaniel Bass
dated "A sermon preached at the court at Whitehall March 10, 1598 annotated on
side leaf "Nathaniel Bass his book" and from the "Bass family records listed
in the Sampson county heritage book.

John Bass, son of Nathaniel Bass and wife Mary Bass was born 7 Sept 1616 in
Middlesex parrish, London, England.

John Bass marid Keziah Elizabeth Tucker dafter of Robin ye elder of ye
Nasimans kingdom, a baptized xtian in Holy matrimonie acodg to ye canons of ye
church of England, ye 14th day of August in ye years of our Blessed Lord 1638.

John Bass departed this life in ye years of our Blessed Lord on ye 2d day of
Apriel, 1699 ae 82.

Keziah Bass beloved wife of John Basse departed this life ye 4 daye of xber
in ye yeare of our Blessed Lord and Sav 1676

They had two children, to wit:

William, B 29 Mar 1654 in Nansemund county, Va
D 13 Aug 1741 in Chowan county, NC

Richard, B 2 Aug 1665
D 26 Dec 1722 in Nansemund county, Va

GNW <> wrote:
I have the following John Bass's. There are more, but, I surely wish all
these John's had middle names or something so you would know one from
another. Any help on any of these will be so appreciated. Thanks, Winn

John Bass son of Sion Bass. No other info on him.

John Bass born Dec 1606 St. Helen's, Bishopsgate, London, England died
Sept. 1716 Henrico Co., VA. son of Nathaniel Basse and Mary Jordan. No
other data on him.

John Bass born c.1696 in NC died 1748 Southampton Co. NC married Lovewell
Bass. They had 8 children. son of ???

John Bass b. 1737 Chesterfield VA d. 1805 Nottoway Co. VA s/o William Bass
and Martha Clay. He married Tabitha Hatcher c1760. Children Martha Tabitha,
Agnes, Elizabeth, Mary, Frances, John, Edward, Nancy & Lucy. All bornin VA.
Children of John and Tabitha from the Bible of John Bass bn 11/27/1738 owned
by Richard E Dyson.
Bass Family Bible, 1682-1856 (Printed 1712)
Library of Virginia Archives & Manuscripts, Bibles

John Bass b.1755 s/o Andrew Bass, Sr. no other data on him

John Bass b. 1756 Brunswick Co., VA. s/o Thomas & Mary Bass, no other data
on him.

John Bass b. 1762 Nash Co., NC. s/o Isaac Bass and Mary Bunch. no other data
on him.

John Bass b. 1764-1774 Nash Co., NC died before 1803 in Pigbasket Creek,
Nash Co., NC. s/o Abraham and Mary Bass. Name of wife unknown, children
Mary Polly & Mourning. No other data on them.

John Bass b.1770 NC - d.1843 St. Landry Parish. LA. married Delaney Taylor
in Mississippi Territory. s/o Jeremiah Bass and Hannah Whitney.Children are
John Jr., James F, Samuel T. Mary Delaney, Moses Drewry, Jeremiah(Jerry),
Delaney, and Marcey Ann E.

John Bass b March 1772 s/o John and Tabitha H. Bass no other data on him.

John Bass b c 1778 SC?? married Olive Richardson Dec 1798. SC Surety Bond by
Absolam Bass. No other info on him.

John Bass b. c1790 NC brother to Ezekial Bass, no other data on him. Ezekial
migrated to Montgomery Co., GA.

John Bass b. c1790 married Ann Nancy Vaughn had daughter Julia A. P.Bass who
married James Francis Flournoy. No other data.

John Bass b 1799 GA died c1850 in Ga. married Crecy Unknown.
Children, Melvina, Feland (M), Frank, Mary, Sealy, Francis (F), and James.
No other data on him.

John Bass b. c1800 married Sarah P. Ellis 1826 in Hancock Co., Ga. no other
data on him.

John Bass born June 1804 s/o Isaac Bass and Millie Turner. No other data on

John Bass b. March 1810, s/o Nathan Hale Bass and Martha Beatty. No other
data on him.

Ecclesiastes 7:20 NIV
There is not a righteous man on earth
who does what is right and never sins.

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