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From: Gary Bastin <>
Subject: Re: Bastin of Tennessee
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 00:41:02 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 25 Jul 1997 wrote:

> My Bastin family is from Hickman County, Tennessee. My grandparents were
> John Bastin & Mattie McClearen. My great-grandparents were Baswell Brown
> (BB) Bastin & Sarah Hattie Cotham. My great-great-grandparents were Thomas
> (b. 1811 in North Carolina) and Nancy Bastin. There were quite a few kids
> for each generation. Does anyone have any information who Thomas's father
> was.
> Mary

Hi Mary! Welcome to our list!

Just before you joined our list, there was on lead on this portion of
the BASTIN family that appeared. It is attached at the end of this message.

As far I know, Thomas's father has not been identified to date, although
Kandy Smith may have more information.

There is a Stephen Bastin listed on the 1820 Tennessee US Census for
Lincoln County, TN (pg. 6 of census). I do not know how or if he is
related to your Thomas.

There was also a Thomas Bastin who was married to Judith Hodge who moved
to Tennesee from Pulaski Co, KY. Here is the information I have on this
branch of the family in TN; I doubt that any of this pertains to your
Thomas and Nancy Bastin, though.

-- Gary Bastin ()


Descendants of Thomas Bastin (grandson of Thomas and Hannah Bastin
of Caswell Co., NC)

Generation No. 1

1. THOMAS BASTIN (WILLIAM B. , THOMAS) was born 1802 in Caswell Co, NC,
and died 1868 in TN. He married JUDITH HODGE 15 Dec 1823 in Caswell Co,
NC, daughter of David Hodge.

Children of Thomas Bastin and Judith Hodge are:
i.CATHERINE BASTIN, b. Bef 1828, Lincoln Co, KY; m.
BENJAMIN G. WALL, 28 Jan 1848, Casey Co, KY.
ii.JOSEPH BASTIN, b. 1829, Lincoln Co, KY; m. LUENZA NIR, 01
Jan 1852.
iii.PEYTON BASTIN, b. 1832, Lincoln Co, KY.
2.iv.FRANCES JANE BASTIN, b. 1833, Lincoln Co, KY; d. 05 Jul
1913, Pratt, KS.
v.SAMUEL SMITH BASTIN, b. 06 Jan 1834, Lincoln Co, KY; d.
02 Jul 1924; m. MARY 'POLLY ' SMITH.
vi.WILLIAM BASTIN, b. 1835, Lincoln Co, KY.
vii.THOMAS BASTIN, JR., b. 1838, Lincoln Co, KY.
viii.MADISON BASTIN, b. 1842, Lincoln Co, KY; m. MARGARET
YOUNG, 27 Sep 1860, Casey Co, KY.

Generation No. 2

Lincoln Co, KY, and died 05 Jul 1913 in Pratt, KS. She married SINGLETON
LEE YOUNG 11 Dec 1851 in Lincoln Co, KY, son of Godfrey Young and Tabitha
Bastin. (Frances and Singleton were first cousins! Tabitha was
a daughter of William B. Bastin.)

Child of Frances Bastin and Singleton Young is:
3.i.MARY JANE YOUNG, b. 21 Sep 1852, Lincoln Co, KY; d. 03
Jan 1891, Pratt, KS.

Generation No. 3

was born 21 Sep 1852 in Lincoln Co, KY, and died 03 Jan 1891 in Pratt,
KS. She married (1) MATHEW LONG. She married (2) ??? SIMS.

Children of Mary Young and Mathew Long are:
i.JAMES E. LONG, b. 26 Aug 1881.
4.ii.HATTIE ETHEL LONG, b. 27 Feb 1884, Harper, KS; d. 09 Jun
1953, Salem, Marion Co, OR.
iii.WILLIAM LONG, b. 13 Aug 1886.

Generation No. 4

WILLIAM B. , THOMAS ) was born 27 Feb 1884 in Harper, KS, and died 09 Jun
1953 in Salem, Marion Co, OR. She married SOLOMAN WINCHESTER WINGO 24
Nov 1901 in OK.

Children of Hattie Long and Soloman Wingo are:
i.HAZEL GERTRUDE WINGO, b. 06 Sep 1902, OK; d. 17 Dec 1970,
Independence, Polk Co, OR; m. LOT GARDNER, 25 Dec 1920, Falls City, Polk
Co, OR.
ii.RUBY DELIA WINGO, b. 01 Nov 1905, Spearmore, OK; m.
WALLACE RITENOUR GOTTFRIED, 25 Dec 1924, Falls City, Polk Co, OR.
iii.GLEN ISAAC WINGO, b. 11 Feb 1908, Guthrie, Polk Co, OR;
d. 09 Mar 1939; m. VERA ???.


Here is the information posted recently about Thomas and Nancy
Bastin of TN:

> From Jul 17 22:50:12 1997
> Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 10:46:09 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Gary Bastin <>
> To:
> Subject: Thomas Bastin (b. 1811 NC) m. Nancy Johnston

Greetings All!

I recently found another BASTIN researcher:

Subject: RSL: New Ba-Bl Surnames, July 1997 Update
From: Roots Surname List <>
Date: 1997/07/09
+Bastin 1811 1964 NC>TN,USA kandys
+Black 1755 1850 VA>PulaskiCo,KY,USA kandys
kandys Kandy Smith,
1734 Eastlake Cookeville, TN 38506

I wrote Kandy, since I knew of one Bastin and Black marriage
in Pulaski Co, KY, and received the following information.

"Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 17:06:57 -0600
From: Joe Woodbury <>
To: Gary Bastin <>
Subject: Re: Bastin Family Discussion List

... I am Janel Woodbury. You e-mailed Kandy Smith at my e-mail address. I
posted the surnames for her, as she does not have an e-mail address.
Her ancestor was Middie Ann Bastin born 1878 in Perry Co., TN. Parents
Horatio Bastin and Cornelia Sisco. Horatio born 21 Sep 1856 in TN or NC.
Horatio's parents were Thomas Bastin and Nancy Johnston. Thomas was born
about 1811 in NC.

Her Black line seems to be unrelated to her Bastins. However, Agnes Black
who married Horatio Burns was born 1799 in VA, and she married 2 Jul 1810
in Pulaski Co., KY. Her parents were John and Jain Black. John died in
1830-Pulaski County. ..."

[So, there is yet another Thomas Bastin from NC that has popped up! I am
aware of a Thomas and Judith Bastin who supposedly moved to TN from
Pulaski Co, KY; they had a son named Thomas b. 1838 (spouse unknown), but
this doesn't seem to be the same family group. (Does anyone have any
information on siblings to Frances Jane Bastin, b. 1833, d. 5 Jul 1913?)]

Does anyone have any information on this group of TN/NC BASTINs and how
they fit into the family? I suspect that they may be related to the
Charles Bastin and Judith Bastin that individually show up on the state
census for Caswell County, NC that pre-dates the 1790 US Census. I have
never been able to find any trace of them, or their descendants. They
disappear without a trace on the later census records. Alternatively, I
do have a couple of Thomas Bastins in my database that don't have a spouse
identified. It is possible that this is one of them!

Any leads? (Kandy is not on our list; I will forward any information
that turns up to her snail mail address.)

Gary Bastin ()

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