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From: Stacey Bates <>
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 17:11:17 -0500

I thought I would share the information I have found with you all, hopefully
this will help any of you researching along the same lines.
If any one has any additional information to this, I would appreciate you
sharing this information with me, or if you find any of this information to
be incorrect or different than what you have found I would appreciate that
information also.

Generation 1
John Bates was born 1598 and died in VA. He married Elizabeth Winston. She
died March 30, 1661 in VA.
Their Children:
George Bates b 1625 VA; d. Jan 6, 1676/77 VA
John Bates, b 1627 VA; d March 30, 1701
Anne Bates, b. 1630, VA
Alice Alse Bates, b 1632 VA; d 1677
Susannah Bates, b 1635 VA

Generation 2
George Bates married Mary Smith in 1650 in unknown. She died in 1720.
Their Children
James Bates b 1650, VA; d. Feb 7, 1722/23
Senior John Bates, b 1655, VA; d. Dec 25, 1719 VA
Mary Bates, b. 1660 VA
George Bates, b. 1677 VA

Generation 3
Senior John Bates married Elizabeth Daniel, daughter of John Daniel and
Their Children
John Junior Bates, b. 1685; d 1723 VA
Isaac Bates, b 1687 VA; d. 1725
Hannah Bates, b 1688 VA; d. 1725
Ann Bates, b. 1690 VA
George Bates, b 1693 VA (on the list I have, this name and date is listed
James Bates, b. 1698 VA

Generation 4
John Junior Bates married Sussanah Fleming On Feb 17, 1712/13. Susannah was
b. Oct 23, 1689, and d. 1757 in VA.
Their Children
Fleming Bates, b. 1710, VA; d. 1784
John Bates, b. 1719, VA; d. 1765
Charles Bates, b.1719, VA; d. May 16, 1790.
James Bates, b. March 7, 1720/21; d. Nov 9, 1785, VA
Hannah Bates, b. 1722, VA
George Bates, b. 1724, VA

Generation 5
James Bates married Winifred Hicks on Nov 11, 1746 in VA. She is the
daughter of Robert Hicks and Elizabeth Irvin. B. Jan 18, 1728/29, and d. Jan
7, 1790 in VA
Their Children
Fleming Bates, b. Nov 22, 1747 VA; d. June 22, 1804
William Bates, b. Nov 23, 1749 VA; d. 1821
Samuel Bates, b. May 24, 1752, VA
Stephen Bates, b. March 24, 1754, VA, d. Oct 8, 1788
Daniel Bates, b. July 6, 1756, VA
Sarah Bates, b March 15, 1759, VA
James Bates, b. May 10, 1761, VA; d. Sept 02, 1847
Nathaniel Bates, b. April 30, 1763, VA; d. Jan 2, 1822, VA
Matthew Bates, b. July 7, 1765, VA
Charles Bates, b. May 25, 1768, VA; d. 1827
Elizabeth Bates, b. Oct 20, 1770, VA

Generation 6
Nathaniel Bates married Martha (Patty) Martin. She died in VA
Their children
Isaac Bates, b. 1788 VA, d. Nov 12, 1857, Hardeman Cnty, TN
William H. Bates, b 1788, VA
Martha Bates, b. Oct 5, 1801 VA; d. Feb 22, 1859
Elizabeth Bates, b. 1803, VA

Generation 7
Isaac Bates married Frances (Fanny) Donohoe Jan 2, 1807. She is the daughter
of Thomas Donohoe and Druculla Davenport. She was b. 1786, d. Nov 15, 1857,
in Hardeman Cnty, TN.
Their children
Thomas Bates, b. 1806, VA
David C. Bates, b. 1807, VA
William Bates, b. 1808, VA
Elizabeth Bates, b. Jun 23, 1809, VA
Fanny Bates, b. 1810, VA
Henry Bates, b. 1815, VA
Isaac Bates, b. May 1815 VA, d. 1873, GA
Martha Bates, b. 1817, VA
Nathaniel Bates, b. April 24, 1818, VA; d. 1898
Matthew Anthony Bates, b. Jan 13, 1830, VA; d. Oct 14, 1892

Generation 8*
Thomas Bates has been married twice and the children for each of the wives
may not be correct. First wife
Rebecca Martin. Second wife Nancy Unknown.
Children of Thomas and Rebecca
Matthew Bates
Isaac Bates
Emily Bates
James Bates
Jesse Bates
Children of Thomas and Nancy
Thomas Bates
Michael Bates, b. May 19, 1854; d. Feb 19, 1942
Josephine Bates
Margaret Bates

Generation 9*
Michael Bates married Delila Ann Brown on Dec 18, 1878 in Carroll Cnty, TN.
She was b. Oct 13, 1857 and d. Dec 26, 1938.
Their Children are
Lovenia (or Lavenie) Francis Bates, b. Sept 18, 1871
John Walter Bates, b. Nov 16, 1880
Granville Sidney Bates, b. May 9, 1882; d.1898
Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bates, b. March 18, 1884
Neicy Anna Bates, b. Feb 19, 1886
Nancy Emily Bates, b. March 26, 1888; d. 1889
Matthew Boston (Boss) Bates, b. 1889; d. 1978, Conway, Faulkner County, AR
James Henry Bates, b. Nov 27, 1889-93
Dollie Mary Bates, b. May 11, 1893
Willy Lee Bates, b. Jan 18, 1895
Elija Ella Bates, b. Jan 1897
Steven Henderson Bates, b. Jan 7, 1900

Generation 10*
Matthew Boston (Boss) Bates married Era Swayze
Their children are
Steve Bates
Darrell Bates
Selma Bates
Lucille Bates
Harrell Bates

Generation 11
Harrell Bates married Vivian Marie Luyet, daughter of Emil Luyet and Julia
Their Children are
James Bates
David Bates
Cynthia Bates
Terry Bates b. 1969
Roger Bates
Kevin Bates
Cheryl Bates

Generation 12
Terry W. Bates married Stacey A. Givens on Feb 11, 1995 in Conway AR.
Daughter of John W. Givens Jr. and Karen K. Roberts. She was b.1971 in Omaha
No children

*Information on generation 9, 10 & 11 and part of info on Thomas Bates comes
from family bible...the rest of the information was provided to me by Bates
list and I have confirmed some of info from The Bates Family of Old
Virginia. I believe this information is correct, but cannot prove all of it
yet. The only information I had from the family bible was information on
Thomas Bates birth and death dates and places and his Marriage to Nancy, and
all of the information which I have on Michael Bates, and everything that
follows. The information from generation 10 and on is sketchy due to most of
these people are still living, and this was all I felt was appropriate to
share. Although I have no proof on all of this information, I do believe it
to be true, due to the research I have done and the repeating of this
information I have seen.
Me and my Husband are listed as Generation 12

Thank you
Stacey A. Bates

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