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Subject: [BATES] The Bates Family of Old Virginia - Example of Newsletter
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 06:53:53 -0400

You are invited to join The Bates Family of Old Virginia (BFOOV), which has

a wealth of information covering Bates who originated in the South.


Click on "How to Join"


The Bates Family of Old Virginia, founded in 1972, is beginning it's 36th



?In that time, it has published close to 200 newsletters, accumulated

76 Bates books in its Bates Lending Library, and has over 150 donors

participating?in the Bates Family DNA Project.



Contents of the February 2008 edition of "The Bates Booster," published

by The Bates Family of Old Virginia (BFOOV)


1.?? Picture of Thomas Jefferson Bates b1836 in Carroll Co., TN, and sketch of

?of his life and family.


2.? Consent and Marriage Bonds for Frances Burnett to marry John Bates in

Patrick Co., VA in 1796 on page 3.? Page 5 fleshes out the family, and provides

location of the family from 1804 to 1856 in Georgia.? DNA from donors closely

matches DNA from descendants of Rev. War Soldier Ephraim Bates of

NJ, PA, and OH.


3.? Search for origin of immigrant John Bates (1598-1666) of York Co., VA.

He?was on ship Southampton in October 1623, and his 30 shipmates were

named in the article.?Quoting Goethe, who once said:

"Tell me with whom thou art found, and I will tell you who thou art."


4.? John Bates d1626. who came to VA in 1621 aboard the ship Adams.

Begs the question, was he related to John Bates d1666, who came to

VA in the winter of 163/4 aboard ship Southampton?

5. Bates Family DNA Project. One example of "DNA Results So Far"

Contrary to conjecture by some on?Internet and some?publications,

Immigrant John Bates (1598-1666) of VA?was not closely related to

Immigrant Clement Bates of New England,


6.? Quote from Colonial Williamsburg Archaeological Report titled

"The Bates Site:? Investigation of a Quaker Merchant," covering

residence of?wealthy?3rd generation John Bates d1719 of York Co., VA.


7.?Obituary and sketch of the life of Sir Geoffrey Bates, deceased,?of Wales England.? A lengthy article including his picture and his World War II war record.

His DNA?was an?exact match of ?DNA from descendants of Julius Bates b1780

of SC.


8.? From the life and papers of Frederick Bates, the 2nd governor of Missouri,

who was son of Thomas Fleming Bates of Goochland Co., VA.


9.? Obituary and achievements of Robert Hicks Bates (1911-2007).? He was

a teacher, author, mountaineer, and first Peace Corps Director in Nepal India.

The article lists his "Climbs and Expeditions."


10.? Lists?several sources for lineage of Virginia Bates, descendants of immigrant

John Bates (1598-1666).? Some in?disagreements.



a.? Pictures of grandchildren of German immigrant Theodore Bates, for whom

Bates County, Missouri?was named.

b.? Obituary A. E. Griffith Bates, Jr 77., Systems Analyst, Volunteer

c.? Margaret Lula Kackly 96 of Elgin Illinois

d.? Obituary and picture of James Michael (Mike) Bates of Plainview, TX

e.? Obituary?of Gerald M. Bates 86 of Indianapolis

f.?? Obituary of Clarence R. Bates 77 of Cooksville, TN

g.? Obituary of Fred Allen Bates 70 of Daingerfield, TX

h.? Obituary and picture??of Mary Louise Armstrong Bates 70 of Madison, Indiana

i.? Obituary of Diane L. Bates 57 of Normal, Illinois


Wayne Witt Bates

Corresponding Secretary &

Director of Bates Lending Library &

Corrdinator of Bates Family DNA Project

The Bates Family of Old Virginia


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