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Subject: Re: [BAV-ANC] ZENGEL - LOFFLER - Genealogy research in Bavaria
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 21:40:05 EDT


While doing a quick search, I found Rollfeld is close to the area where I
found many Vath/Vaeth/Veth families. Rollfeld is not far from
Aschaffensburg - probably 40 kilometers west of Wurzburg. I believe this is still part of
the Spessart Mountain range. While touring Germany years back, I went to
the towns of Bischbrunn and Oberndorf (not far from Rollfeld) to do some
impromptu genealogical research. The people could not have been more helpful.
The priest in Bischbrunn handed me the Kirchenbuch from the 1700s and I
copied as fast as I could. I met the burgermeister, shop owners, etc. They
were glad to have someone from America as a guest.

If I can give you a tip before you go, do an internet search on the town of
Rollfeld. I just did a quick search and there are tons of references on
Rollfeld. Try to find one that looks like it might help and send them an e-mail
explaining what you are looking to do while there. I did this just a couple
of years ago and found a "pen pal" who proceeded to contact everyone in
town. In short, they got back to me and informed me the local baker had a book
that was hundreds of years old and listed exactly when my ancestors came to
America. They were able to to back another generation for me to the 1700s.

My family toured Germany again just a few years ago. Try to see as much
as you can. I would suggest you see Koln (Cologne - the famous cathedral),
Heidelberg (the Castle ruins are great and the shopping is much better than
the first time we were there), Rothenberg (the walled city), King Ludwigs
"Summer Home" (forget what village), Munich, and further south - Oberammegau and
the Garmisch area (where they make cuckoo clocks and other hand made crafts).
The drive from upper Germany to the southern part through the Alps is
simply beautiful. We went at this time of year and the weather and scenery was

Have a great time.

Ray Veth
Middletown, NJ

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