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From: Barbara Ribling <>
Subject: [BAYLESS] John BAYLES, Southold & Jamaica
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 15:38:29 -0400
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Here is a genealogy report from my database. It may have errors. I am
always working on this.

Barbara Ribling

1. JOHN(1) BAYLES was born 1617 in ENG, and died 1682 in Rose Row,
Jamaica, L.I., NY. He married REBECCA Abt. 1654. She was born Unknown,
and died Unknown.

Notes for JOHN BAYLES:
Quote from Roxie Belle Bayless Black as cited in a letter recd from Bill N.
Allen Dec. 1995:
" The Bayles family immigrated from France to escape the St.
Bartholemew's massacre of the Hugenots about August 24, 1572, thence to the
Low Countries and from there to Colchester, England and from there to Wales
for a while....Three brothers, William, John and Samuel Bayles came from
England to America together in 1636 on an English ship names Truelove."

According to Hotten, only John was a passenger on the Truelove of London
which sailed from London on June 10, 1635, to Bermuda and then to
Boston. John Lake, who is believed to have also been our ancestor, was
also a passenger on the Truelove. I have not found any information about
John Bayles having brothers William and Samuel. I have found no data to
support the Huguenot story; however, a chapter of the Huguenot Soc. was
formed in Knox Co., TN, and named the Daniel Bayless Chapter based on this
Huguenot idea. When contacted by a descendant, the Huguenot Soc. seemed to
know nothing of the Daniel Bayless Chapter.

John Bayles is believed to have been the John who came to America on the
Truelove. No evidence has been found to prove that "our" John Bayles is
the same John Bayles or Baylies of the Truelove. The life of "our" John
Bayles has been well documented by most Bayles historians including Howard
Green Bayles, Eliza Bayles St. John and Ferol Frost Hubbs. He was well
established in NY and left many records. His descendants are also fairly
well documented and believed to have been accurately recorded here.

According to Howard Green Bayless, John came from the Parish of St. Peters
of Mancrofts in Norwich, Norfolk Co., ENG. John is said to have been an
indentured servant to John Wells, the younger son of a wealthy
family. John Wells was in Boston in 1635, Lyn in 1638, New Haven in 1639
and in 1640 he came to Southold, Long Island. It is unknown what John
Bayles did during these years. Howard Green Bayles also states that
because of the lack of records between 1635 and 1654, it cannot be proved
that John of the Truelove is the same John who married Rebecca and fathered
our line of descent.

In 1654, church records in Southold show that John Bayles was living there
earlier than that date (HGB 1944). He bought a lot in Southold in
1656. On Sept.22, he sold his house and land to John Tuthill. John Bayles
had arrived in Jamaica, L.I., by July 14, 1661 when he voted in the Town
Meeting. In 1664-5, he was involved in a New Jersey Land deal. He
probably did not move to NJ but did spend most of this time there. The
land deal was a failure. In the years 1668-74 he lived in Setauket. In
1674 he traded his land in Setauket for land in Jamaica. His will was made
on Oct. 18, 1682 and was proved on Dec.13 in Jamaica.

One researcher, at least, claims that John was born in 1617 in Colchester,

Notes for REBECCA:
It is known that Rebecca was the wife of John Bayles. They were probably
married before or about 1654. I have found no proof that her name was
Stillwell. She did have a daughter Rebecca who married Nicholas Stillwell
and had a son named Elyas Stillwell.

Some researchers name her Rebecca Vincent Whitney, born in Long Island and
married in 1640 in Southold. I have found nothing to support this
idea. Accounts of the Whitney family which I have seen do not include

Rebecca remarried after the death of John Bayles. She was the fourth wife
of William Hallett.

Children of JOHN BAYLES and REBECCA are:
i. JOHN(2) BAYLES, JR., b. 1642, Jamaica, Long Island, NY; d.
Abt. 1696(1); m. RUTH RUSCO, Mar 12, 1665, Jamaica, Long Island, NY1; b.
1645, Hopewell, NJ; d. 1665.

Notes for JOHN BAYLES, JR.:
John Bayles was a Justice of the Peace, fence inspector, a delegate to the
Governor and tax assessor. He was Captain of the Militia on Long Island
before 1700.

He did not go to Jamaica with his family. On Oct. 4, 1662 he was in Southold.
At this time he made a petition to Connecticut and was made a Freeman of
Connecticut in Jamaica. He then moved to Jamaica where he lived out his life.

Some records of John Bayles include his selling his land in Jamaica to
George Woolsey, Feb. 15, 1664; his granting 40 acres of land in Jamaica to
Gerret Claessen, March 4, 1687; his being chosen 'Captain' at the Town
Meeting, Oct. 8, 1689. He was appointed by the Town Meeting to lay out
lots in 1695 and he is reported as deceased at the Town Meeting, Sept. 8,

Early records name him John Bayles, Jr. or John Baylies.

Notes for RUTH RUSCO:
Ruth was the daughter of William Rusco of Bilcrecary,Essex Co., England.

ii. REBECCA BAYLES I, b. Abt. 16431; d. Bef. 1662(1); m.
NICHOLAS STILLWELL; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

Rebecca is the first sibling of this name. A daughter was born to John and
Rebecca after the death of Rebecca Stillwell. The new child was also named

Mrs. Rose E. Clarke of Detroit, Michigan wrote to Howard Green Bayles and
stated that Lt. Gen. Joseph W. Stillwell was a direct descendant of
Nicholas and his wife Rebecca Bayles.

iii. ELIAS BAYLES, b. Abt. 1645(1); d. Unknown(2); m. SARAH,
Abt. 1674(3); b. Unknown; d. Unknown(4).

Elias Bayles appears in the 1683 tax roll and the Hempstead census of
1698. In 1699 Elias Bayles of Queens Co., NY bought land on the Falls of
the Delaware in NJ.

Notes for SARAH:
Sarah is believed to have been an heiress in her own right. Howard Green
Bayles bases this idea on the fact that properties were transferred by
"Elias Bayles and wife Sarah" which was not the usual practice in those days.

iv. ELIZABETH BAYLES, b. Abt. 1646(5); d. 16935; m. JAMES
HUBBARD, Dec 31, 1664(6); b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
v. THOMAS BAYLES, b. Abt. 1647(7); d. Abt. 1689, Gravesend,
L.I., NY(7); m. ELIZABETH REED CARDELL, Abt. 16858; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

Thomas owned land in North Wood, Gravesend Neck in 1688.

Elizabeth was the widow of Ralph Cardell who died about 1684. She was born
Elizabeth Reed according to W.H. Stillwell's ms "History of Gravesend" (HGB

vi. JONATHAN BAYLES, b. Abt. 1650(9); d. Aft. 1697(9).
vii. MARY BAYLES, b. 1654(9); d. 1733(9); m. GEORGE HEWLETT,
May 14, 1680(10); b. 1639(11); d. 1722(12).

George Hewlett, according to John Henry Jones the author of "The Jones
Family of Long Island", lived in Hempstead and was the ancestor of the L.I.
Hewletts. George and wife Mary are buried at Hempstead where their
tombstones are marked only with their initials and death year. Information
about the Hewletts and their descendants can be found in the book cited above.

viii. DAMARIS BAYLES, b. Abt. 1656(12); d. Aft. 1682(12); m.
NATHANIEL LYNS, Nov 13, 1679(13); b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
ix. ABAGAIL BAYLES, b. Abt. 1658(14); d. Aft. 1682(14); m.
DANIEL SMITH, Bef. 1682(14); b. Abt. 1663(15); d. Abt. 1754, Jamaica(15).
x. RUTH BAYLES, b. Abt. 1660(16); d. Aft. 1682(16).
xi. REBECCA BAYLES II, b. Abt. 1662.


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