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Subject: [BEALL] Daviess County, KY
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2011 17:32:13 -0500 (EST)

Found the following info on Bealls in Daviess county, KY
25 Jan 1816              Thomas CLAY to Henry WHITE & wife Polly, 200ac,
part of the original patent of heirs of John MAY (John L. MAY, Daniel EPPES &
wife Polly) sold to heirs of Samuel BEALL (Norborne B. BEALL, Matilda A.
GALT, and Matilda MAUPIN) and passed to CLAY & WHITE.

7 Aug 1805              James ADAMS & wife Margaret of Ohio Co to Cecilius
HEAD of Nelson Co,  150ac in Ohio Co.Wit: Benjamin DUNCAN, James SMEATHERS,
Nathaniel BEALL, & Eli BEALL

30 Jul 1816               Norborne B. BEALL & wife Anne P. of Jefferson Co
to Richard TAYLOR of Shelby Co and Jacob SHAW of Daviess Co, 130            
0ac - Hist: part of an original patent dated 23Apr 1787, to John L. MAY &
wife Anne LEWIS (late MAY) presented to his heirs, towit: John L. MAY, and
Polly EPES (nee MAY), who sold the land 18 Nov 1812 to Norborne B. BEALL,
Matilda A. GALT, & Matilda A. MAUPIN Further states Matilda is the wife of
William C. GALT, and Matilda the wife of Richard A. MAUPIN

17 Apr 1817             Commissioner’s Deed to Benjamin DUNCAN in
settlement of the court order of Ohio Co in the case of William BEALL, Nancy BEALL,
(administrator of estate of Nathaniel BEALL) vs Eli ADAMS and his heirs

5 Jul 1817                 Sheriff's auction to William BEALL, 400ac, by
Jefferson Co court - - order in settlement of action of Charles L. CAMPBELL &
Coleman DANIEL

1Mar 1817                Norborne B. BEALL & wife Ann P of Jefferson Co to
Polly C. HAYWOOD, William BARTLETT, and Samuel E BARTLETT, and Nancy
BARTLETT, 255ac originally patented to Norborne B. BEALL, Matilda A. GALT, and
Matilda MAUPIN, infant daughter of Richard MAUPIN

13May 1820             William C. GALT & wife Matilda A. of Jefferson Co to
Norbourne B. BEALLE, 100ac in New Albany, Ind, and extensive lands
throughout Kentucky [see deed for numerous descriptions]

27 Sep 1821             Benjamin DUNCAN to William M. BEALL, slaves: an old
woman named Christine, age about 50, and her 2children - Abby, age 8, and
Peter age 6, and 2negro boys (also her children) Matthew & Mark, both about
10, and a young woman named Judy, age 17

1 Sep 1821               Norborne B BEALL & wife Ann P to John STOWERS of
Breckenridge Co, 250ac

10 May 1822            William C. GALT & wife Matilda A. (daughter of
Samuel BEALL) of Louisville to Amos RILEY, 100ac

18 Feb 1823             Sheriff's sale to Robert MC CREERY & William R
GRIFFITH, lot #16 in Owensboro, in settlement of the suit filed by the Bank of
Kentucky against Norborne B BEALL

28 Jan 1823              Norborne B. BEALL & wife Ann P of Jefferson Co to
Alexander EDWARDS, 250ac                 Note: statement that Richard A.
MAUPAIN had only 1 child - Matilda MAUPAIN, daughter of Harriett BEALL / MAUPIN


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