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From: "Bill Bean" <>
Subject: [BEAN] Randolph -Montgomery Co.,NC.
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 17:46:02 -0800

Hi Cousins,
It appears that in Rowan Co, Caldwell, and nearby area of NC, there were two
Richard Beans, b. around 1750.
There was also a Jesse Sr., b.1757 and a Jesse Jr., probably the son of
Jesse Sr.
Jesse Sr. is said to have come by way of Hico River valley to Montgomery and
Randolph Co's. from VA. through Washington City.
One of the Richards, the researchers cannot trace and decided that he must
be a cousin to Richard 'Dickey' Bean.
The other Richard, Richard 'Dickey' Bean is related to William and Naomi, I
believe, as the son of William's brother Thomas who moved to Montgomery Co.,
soon after landing in SC. at the time William did. One of his children
moved to Illinois around Peoria, I believe. Richard Dickey went with him to
help and came back through the Cumberland Gap to NC. Richard Dickey may
have been born in Scotland or was so close in generation to Scotland that he
was thought to have come from Scotland, maybe Londonderry, IRE., like his
cousins from William and Naomi. This would answer the tales that are told
about him being from Scotland, coming from Illinois and being from the
Thomas, and later William came from the south up river to these counties as
did their children, so someone coming from the north, I don't believe is
Jesse Sr. had a Richard sign papers for him.
The researchers attributed that signature to Richard 'Dickey' Bean, because
he was the best known in the area.
I am speculating that Jesse Sr. and Jesse Jr. and one Richard is not related
to Richard 'Dickey' Bean, but from VA. by way of Hico River Valley.
That the unknown Richard signed the legal papers for Jesse Sr. and is
related to Jesse Sr.
That there may have also been another in the area that was related and may
be named William.
That these people come from the Beans of Northumberland Co., VA. family
Does anyone out there have any further information on Jesse Sr., Jesse Jr.,
or Richard Bean, (married China) and can give us any indication of who the
family is connected to?????
Thank you for any help.
Bill Bean - Clan MacBean Genealogist -

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