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From: Jeanne Allen <>
Subject: Re: California Beards
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2008 20:40:36 -0500
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Hi All!

The George W. Beard who was my grandfather was George William Beard.
He was born on July 4, 1881 in Paterson, New Jersey. He had a brother
John who died about the time John's child was born. John's wife
Elizabeth and daughter Tamar moved to California, I think in 1920.
In the fall of 1923, George WIlliam Beard and his mother Sarah Barton
Beard moved to California to the ranch of Charles Weeks Poultry Colony
in Palo Alto Mr. Weeks apparently tried to start a utopia of one acre
farms in this area. My Grandfather died within a month of moving of a
heart attack.

Elizabeth stayed in California with daughter Tamar. Sarah may have
stayed with her but eventually returned to NJ where she died in an
Oddfellows home in Ewing, NJ in 1930. Elizabeth died in 1958. Her
daughter married a William Impens (can't find record), but his family
also seems to have been living in Paterson, NJ. They made their home
in California and had several children. William died in 1999 and
Tamar in 2003. I did not know about them in time, or I would have
contacted them. No one carrying the Beard name would be left.

Tamar would have been my father's first cousin and her children my
second cousin. Some would carry the name Impens which is less common
than Beard. My Beard relatives that still survive seem to be
generally in New York and Florida. One of my dad's cousins is in
Texas, but she does not carry the name. Another cousin died in
Atlanta Georgia - He was also a George William Beard, but called
"Mike." I did find his obit. The family, however, was all located in
the New York (Brooklyn) and Paterson, NJ area in the early 1900's.

Still looking for connections.

On Feb 5, 2008, at 10:36 AM, wrote:

> To all concerned:
> The name George W Beard has a ring of familiarity.
> Does his ancestry line go back to Georgia around 1810 or about
> there?
> Fred
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>> My grandfather, George W. Beard, Jr. died at the "ranch" in Palo
>> Alto in October
>> of 1923. He had moved there a month earlier with his mother, widowed
>> sister-in-law and niece.
>> His mother died in New Jersey in 1930, but the sister-in-law
>> Elizabeth Beard and
>> daughter Tamar stayed. Elizabeth died in 1958 in Los Angeles and
>> Tamar married
>> William Impens and died in Riverside, Calif. in 2003.
>> I would love to connect with her children or anyone knowing more
>> about this
>> family. Jeanne Allen
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