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Subject: Re: [Beasley] Jesse Fendal Beasley
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 10:26:39 EST

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> Dear John,
> I am very much interested in your Beasley research. I am descended from
> Henry through his son William. My William migrated to Blount County. My
> William
> also had a son named Burton Beasley who might also have been in Giles
> County.
> I have always been confused about this issue but since it is not my direct
> line I have not worried much about it. However, I never find information
> out
> from my direct line so I research the other branches too. Here is what I
> can
> prove.
> Blount County deeds (425) 310-311: William Beazley to Burton Beazley: 3
> Jan 1814, 1 Aug 1815. "love and affection for my son Burton." a negro nam
> Isaac, 29 years old. Wit. William Lowery, Jesse Wallace. (Jesse was
> married to
> William's daughter, Rebecca).
> Blount County deeds (355) 255-56) William Beasley to Milly Lasater and her
> son John (Gey?) (It was Johnsey) Lasator. 3 Dec 1813, 19 Feb 1814. In
> consideration of natural love and affection for my beloved daughter .....a
> negro
> named Peter aged about 7 years (to go to Johnsey after Milly's death).
> Wit.
> William Lowery and Jesse Wallace.
> Here is the questionable entry: (444) 327-28: Burton Beasley of Giles Co.,
> Tn. to William S. Blair. 7 Aug 1815-4 Oct 1815; $150, 103 acres on waters
> of
> Bakers Creek, part of original survey made for John Miller, adj. heirs of
> Hanse Russell, William Bealsey: Wit Jesse Wallace, Jesse Butler.
> Two deeds later is property on the waters of Tenn R. adj. ...Wllie Lasater,
> Hanse Russel and others. Milly Beasley, daughter of William and sister of
> Burton, married a Burrell Lasater. This is my line. They had a son named
> Burton
> Beasley and the name has been handed down till today.
> Another tidbit ties this family together a little more: Knoxville Register,
> (Vol 4) Obituary: October 12, 1819 # 168: Died on the 9th instant at the
> home
> of William Lowery, Esq. on her way from Sequatchie Valley to Blount Co., Mrs
> Rebecca Wallace, wife of Jesse Wallace and daughter of William Beasley,
> after
> a sever attack of about thirteen days. (Rebecca's sister Milly Beasley
> Lasater lived in Sequatchie Valley).
> According to a Wallace Researcher, William Lowery, was the step-father of
> Jesse Wallace..
> Now back to Henry Beasley's will. In it he mentions an Edith Wimberly, but
> gives no relationship. We will forever wonder who she is. I am interested
> in
> the name because Diadama Lasater, daughter of Milly Beasley Lasater married
> a
> Lynchfield Wimberly. The Wimberlys, Lasaters and Beasleys were neighbors in
> Chatham County and Blount County. If they were neighbors then, perhaps they
> even came from VA together. I would appreciate it if you have any
> information
> which links our Beasleys to either of the Lasater or Wimberly families
> (deeds,
> wills, etc).
> According to some researchers they say that my William died in GA. I do
> know
> that he sold all his personal possessions and a slave named Deley,to Jesse
> Wallace in Nov. of 1818. Sounds like he might have moved on after all. I
> can't find a will in Blount.
> According to the Bible records I found on Burton Beasley and Delilah, their
> first chld was named Rebeccah and thier second William O. Wonder if this
> was
> for his sister and his father?
> What proof do you have on the father of Burton? I keep wondering if there
> were two?
> Sincerely,
> Brenda Schwall

I appreciate your response and it raises some interesting questions. I
believe there must have been two Burtons, son of William you show and son of Jesse.
The questioable deed you have for Giles difinitely is something I wonder
about since it mentions heirs of William Beasley and the Burton Burton Beasley
would possilbly his son. If so this places the two Burtons is Giles. I would
really like to explore this furrther. I am enclosing my notes for Burton the
son of Jesse so show you what I have at this point for him.

Here is the questionable entry: (444) 327-28: Burton Beasley of Giles Co.,
Tn. to William S. Blair. 7 Aug 1815-4 Oct 1815; $150, 103 acres on waters
Bakers Creek, part of original survey made for John Miller, adj. heirs of
Hanse Russell, William Bealsey: Wit Jesse Wallace, Jesse Butler.

Notes for Burton Beasley:

Beasley Family Notes, Giles County (TN) Historical Society, by Nelle
Smith, gives Jesse and Sukey as having a son named Burton Beasley who married
Delilah _____.

Beasley-Fields Bible gives:
Burton Beasley born 26 Jan 1784 (
Burton Beasley's will dated 1817 and he died in 1818 in Giles Co., TN..
Dilalah married Allen Fields in Giles Co., TN 22 Feb 1820.
Dilalah Fields died in Graves Co., KY 25 Oct 1850.
Children of Burton and Delilah.
1. Rebecca Beasley born 25 Jan 1808.
2. William O. Beasley born 2 Jun 1809.
3. Wyatt Yancy Beasley born 25 Mar 1811.
4. Tilman Dixon Beasley born 30 mar 1812.
5. Anna B. Beasley born 17 Oct 1813.
6. Polly J. Beasley born 23 Sep 1815.
7. Burton Beasley born 22 May 1818.

State Library, Nashville, 2 Dec 1999, Giles Co., TN, Chancery Court Cases, Will of
Burton Beasley 1817)

"In the name of God Amen. I BURTON BEASLEY of the County of Giles &
State of Tennessee being in a low state of health and apprehensive of departing
this life in a short time but as yet of a sound mind and perfect recollection
do make this my last Will and Testament (viz)
I give to my beloved wife DELYTER BEASLEY during her widowhood all my
property both real and personal and my will is that my beloved wife keep our children
together & raise them & that nothing be sold but to satisfy just debts & in
that case the to direct what shall be sold & should she my beloved wife marry
again then & in that case my will is that she may beloved wife receive a
child's part of the whole of my estate both real & personal.
Burton (his mark)
Signed & sealed in presence of
James Buford
Moses Grisham
This 28 day of November 1817.

Giles Co., Court Records, Friday 23d November 1827. (I failed to note
the exact record but the copy I have indicates that Rebecca Beasley, apparently
the granddaughter of Jesse Beasley and daughter of Burton M. Beasley, was
contesting against her step-father, Allen Fields, over the will of Jesse
Beasley. Fendel Beasley, who was her friend in the case, was either her father's
brother or her grandfather's brother. NEED TO RESOLVE WHO HE WAS. JEA).

"Rebekah Beasley by her next friend Fendel Beasley against Allen Fields.
The said plaintiff comes into court and said that the paper writing
purporting to be the last will and testament of Jesse Beasley decd bearing date
the 6th day of June 1826 is the last will and testament of said Jesse Beasley
deceased and the said defendant comes into court and says that said paper
writing purporting to be the last will and testament of said Jesse Beasley deceased
is not his last will and testament and this he prays may be enquired of by
the County. Bramlett J. Mims atty for Defent. and the plaintiff likewise.
Tarpley for the plaintiff
And thereupon it is agreed between the parties that the witnesses after the
issue was made up in the name of Allen Fields against William M. Beasley & Hugh
Campbell Executor & to give evidence in the contested will above mentioned
claim their attendances in this case, it being the same matter in dispute. -
Whereupon Colin S.? Tarpley undertakes as security for plaintiff for the
prosectution of this suit Rebekah Beasley by her next friend Fendel Beasley .. plt
Allen Fields,
This day came the parties by their attornies and thereupon came a jury of
good and lawful men to wit Anderson Hogan, George White, Willam Fogg, Willis
Pillow, Richard Pillow, John Pillow, Ralph Graves,Junior, James Ragan, Joshua
Horn, John A. King, Winston Gatlin and Samuel Davis who being elected tried and
sworn will and truly to try the issue joined between the parties in the case
having heard part of the evidence are permitted to disperse to meet again
tomorrow morning at 9 Oclock."
Contested Will. "Rebekah Beazley by her next friend Fendal
Beazlely}plaintiff against Allen Fields Defendent.
This day came the parties by their attornies and there upon came the
jury who were impannelled & sworn on yesterday will and truly to try the issue
issues between the parties in this case. Having heard the balance of the
evidence and argument of counsel, upon their oathes do say that the paper writing
purporting to be the last will and testament of Jesse Beazley decd is his last
will and testament whereupon it is ordered by the court that the same be
recorded and that the plaintiff recover of the defendant her costs by her about her
suit in this behalf expended and thereupon William M. Beazley and Hugh
Campbell the Executors appointed in said will appeared in Court and gave bond and
were qualified as the law directs.

Giles Co., Court Records-Dec Term of Court 1814). Burton Beasley was
appointed overseer of Fort Hampton Road - 1818 and 1820. Delilah (widow of
Burton Beasley) married Allen Fields later guardian of Burton's minor children.

Abtracts of Giles County Tennessee Wills, 976.861Wel
Giles County Court Minutes Commencing Nov Court 1813

p 241 Sep 1814 Burton Beasley jury duty.
p 333 Dec 1814 Burton Beasley appointed overseer of Fort Hampton Road.
p 203 Dec 1916 Jesse Beasley, Burton Beasley, et. al., to view that part of
the Fort Hampton Road which lied between James Buford & the Cedar Glade above
Jesse Beasleys.

WIMBERLYS. I wouldn't doubt them coming to NC from VA along with the Beasleys,
Barbees, Surles.

Notes of Catherine Harrod McCarty, 2222 N. Padre Island Dr, Corpus
Christi, TX 78408, made in 1970s provided by Hudson Allen, Jr, 3410 Clarksburg,
Austin TX 78745 Oct 1999, Chatham Court Minutes, Film 590 299 1774-1800, p 15:
"Nov 1782 - Road - Wm Allen overseer: road by Henry Beasley: Wm
Monetts; Mary Barby's hands; Gray Barby; Thos. Barby; Henry Barby; Jesse Beesley;
Ephram Beaslely; Presley George and John Howard."

Ibid., Chatham Court Minutes, Film 590 299 1774-1800:
"Aug 1783 - Road - Orange Co. line - Henry Beasleys' Sen. running by
Gray Barby's plantation crossing near the mouth of the Northeast Branch - To wit:
Grey Barby, Lewis Wimberly, Jacob Wimberly, John George, Henry Kelly,
William Allen, Presley George, John Hatley, Sen., Herdon George, Henry Beasley, Sen,
John Harward, and Jesse Beesley."

Ibid., "Feb 1784 - Road - Ephrim Beasley - overseer - Road from Orange
Co. line to Wake Co. line - Henry Beasley, Sen., Jesse Beasely, Thos. Barbee,
Chris Barbee, Jr, Fendal Beasley, and John Harwood."

I can send more on Jesse if you like but it probably will have to be as an


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