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From: "Hope C. Pees" <>
Subject: [BECKHAM-L] Re: Unidentified subject!
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 09:02:44 -0700

Dear Nonie,

Don't know if this information will be helpful to you. And as usual, I must
state that this is a Working Copy Only, and as such -- there are bound to be
some errors and discrepancies. I've been researching for nigh on to twenty
years . . . and I am continually making corrections and changes in my
material. Goes with the territory, I suppose.

Would be most interested in your information regarding Robert Mitchell; I
had not made much headway with the early Mitchells.

So glad you posted your message!

Hope Coslett Pees
Seguin, Texas

Register Report - April 30, 1999

First Generation


He married (Mitchell, Wife Of).
They had the following children:

2 i. Isaac MITCHELL
3 ii. John MITCHELL

Second Generation

2. Isaac MITCHELL. Son of MITCHELL & (Mitchell, Wife Of). Born About 1730.
Died About 1789.

Isaac Mitchell moved with his wife and children to Newberry District, South
Carolina and later to Abbeyville District, S.C. where he died.


The two Isaac Mitchells who were on jurymen lists in Old 96 during the
Revolution were possibly related, but not father and son. The one living
"Above 96 Court House" is the subject hereof. His father may have been
Daniel Mitchell of Edgefield, for whose estate Isaac and Mary Mitchell were
administrators in Abbeville, 1785.

Isaac Mitchell left will in Abbeville, 1789, naming his wife Mary executrix
(maiden name unknown; probably second wife), and Nathan Sims, Robert
Pollard, Richard Pollard, and son Isaac (minor) executors. Daughters
Ursula, Catherine, Mary, and Sarah (married Whitlow), "other sons," and "all
my children" are mentioned in will. Existing estate papers name other
children William, Daniel, James, John (got family Bible), Martha (married
Hill), and possibly Elisha. Old Isaac's widow Mary married John
Satterwhite. Some of the Mitchell family moved to Laurens, and Mary
Satterwhite left will in Laurens, 1824.

Son Isaac Mitchell married Sally Shackelford, daughter of Richard
Shackelford, prominent Baptist preacher. Isaac and Sally had several
children before Mitchells and Shackelfords moved from Laurens to Madison
County, Alabama, 1812/14. Sally (and Richard Shackelford) died in Alabama,
but Isaac Mitchell died near Memphis, Tennessee, 1856/57. Most of his
children were dead, and his will provides few clues to his MANY descendants;
but apparently one son was Daniel Mitchell, born in S.C.

In Alabama, 1820, Daniel Mitchell married Ruth Malot Young, daughter of
William Young and Catherine (Mason). Daniel, and his oldest son William who
had descendants through three children, both died before Isaac.


Perhaps John, William, Daniel and James were children of a wife prior to
Mary Williams. ???

Reference Note:
Ninety-Six District, South Carolina
Dated Jan 29, 1789, probated October 6, 1789

Executors: wife Mary, Son Isaac, Nathan Sims, Robert and Richard Pollard.
Children: Ursula, Catherine, Mary, Sarah, Isaac Jr.

Legatees: James Cook, Robert Pollard, William Mitchell, Levi Rice, Elisha
Mitchell, Richard Pollard, Isaac, Daniel, Martha, John, James Mitchell.

He married Mary WILLIAMS, daughter of Daniel WILLIAMS Sr. & Ursula
HENDERSON. Born May 30, 1745.

Will in Laurens County, South Carolina in 1824.

They had the following children:

4 i. Daniel MITCHELL
5 ii. Isaac MITCHELL Jr.
6 iii. Ursula MITCHELL
7 iv. Catherine MITCHELL
8 v. Mary C. MITCHELL
9 vi. Sarah MITCHELL
10 vii. William MITCHELL
11 viii. James MITCHELL
12 ix. John MITCHELL
13 x. Martha MITCHELL
14 xi. (Perhaps) Elisha MITCHELL

3. John MITCHELL. Son of MITCHELL & (Mitchell, Wife Of). Born About 1727 in
Lunenburg County, Virginia. Died May 1787 in Granville County, South

Abstracts of Marriage License Bonds, Office of Clerk of the Superior Court,
Granville County, N.C.

John Mitchell to Phillis Williams.
Bond dated: Dec. 22, 1777.
Signed by John Mitchell and Reuben Searcy.
Witness: Asas Searcy.

Lunenburg County, Virginia
Will Book 1, page 140


Names: Wife - not named in will and evidently deceased

Son - James Mitchell one pair spoon moulds.

Daughter - Catherine Mitchell, wife of Robert Mitchell, slave and personal
property but to go to her son John Mitchell at age 21.

Daughter - Mary Yarbrough a book, wife of William Yarbrough

Son-in-law - Jacob Mitchell negro and carpenters tools.

Son - Isaac Mitchell shoemakers and cooper's tools
.Housekeeper - Elizabeth Sawyer furniture and stock, other personal
Executors: Jacob Mitchell and Isaac Mitchell

Witnesses: Reuben Searcy
Frances (FJ) James
Ann (S/) James
/s/ John Mitchell
Will dated 29 Dec 1753
Recorded 2 Feb 1755

He married Phillis BECKHAM, daughter of William W. BECKHAM II & Phillis
MACKEY, About 1777. Born in Orange County, Virginia. Died About 1792 in
Granville, North Carolina.

Granville, North Carolina
Abstracts of Marriages

John Mitchell to Phillis Williams.
Bond dated Dec 22, 1777

s/s John Mitchell & Reuben Searcy.
Wit: Asa Searcy.

Notes; Apparently PHILLIS MITCHELL was widow of WILLIAM WILLIAMS and
December 2, 1785 she and her now husband JOHN MITCHELL were guardians and
executors of WILLIAM WILLIAMS' estate. In Phillis Mitchell's will (January
10, 1791), she mentions son SAMUEL WILLIAMS, daughter MARY SNEAD, daughter

Book 3, 1792-1796

44, 45
May Court 1793
Inventory of estate of PHILLIS MITCHEL, deceased, by STEPH. SNEED, exr.,
which property was formerly the property of her husband WILLIAM WILLIAMS,
deceased, and a part of property listed as that of her former husband JOHN
MITCHEL and articles acquired by her during her widowhood - this included a
lot in Williamsburg.


318, 319
Jan. 10, 1791
Proved November Court 1792

PHILLIS MITCHEL wills to son SAMUEL F. WILLIAMS a slave, a bed, chest,
table, pair of fire irons; to daughter MARY SNEAD, a slave, a bed, chest and
table, a pair of fire irons; to daughter ELIZABETH YANCEY, a slave, bed,
chest, looking glass, horse for her life time, then the negro to go to her
eldest child then living; to daughter SALLEY WILLIAMS, a slave, bed, 2
chests, riding chair, 2 pair fire irons and, considering that I made use of
her property, I give her 3 slaves, the walnut furniture that JOHN VANDYKE
made, an arm chair, a lot in Williamsborough, a sugar box, candle vat, glass
and earthenware and large Bible, and Harveys Meditations; to grandson
ARCHIBALD SNEAD a bed and a colt; all else sold to pay my debts and, if any
left, to my children.

23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28
STEPHEN SNEED, exr. of PHILLIS MITCHELL, deceased, account rendered from
Dec. 1794.
Rev. HENRY PATTILLO for sermon at funeral
WM. SIMS paid
Dr. GRIFFIN paid
Dr. BREHORN paid
Settled April 27, 1803.

Third Generation

4. Daniel MITCHELL. Son of Isaac MITCHELL & Mary WILLIAMS. Born About 1774.
Died December 1826.

He married Nancy CHILES. Born About 1780. Died October 1848.
They had the following children:

15 i. Isaac Newton MITCHELL

5. Isaac MITCHELL Jr. Son of Isaac MITCHELL & Mary WILLIAMS. Died 1856/1857
in Near Memphis, Tennessee.

He married Sarah "Sally" SHACKLEFORD, daughter of Richard SHACKLEFORD Sr. &
Mary Ann ROBERTS, 1791 in Laurens County, South Carolina. Born 1772 in
Halifax County, Virginia. Died in Alabama.
They had the following children:

16 i. Daniel MITCHELL

6. Ursula MITCHELL. Daughter of Isaac MITCHELL & Mary WILLIAMS.

She married James COOK. Died About 1815.

Laurens County, South Carolina
Will dated Feb 28, 1815
probated Aug 15, 1816
Wit: Abner & Allen Pitts, William Black

Sons: Clayton, John, Mitchell, William, Daniel and Tobiah

Grandson: James, son of Clayton

Granddaughters: Emily, Matilda, Eliza and Mary Tague(?)

State of South Carolina Laurens District. In the name of God, Amen. I
James Cook, of said state and district, being at this time in health and of
sound and disposing mind and memory, do make this my last will and testament
in manner and form following. First and principally, I give my soul to God
who gave it to me in hopes of a pardon of all my sins, and his gracious
acceptance in and through the precious minits [?] [sic] of my dear redeemer,
and my body I recommend to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion
of my executors named and the worldly goods it has pleased God to bless me
with, I give and bequeath as follows. First, it is my desire that all my
just debts be paid and that my executors sell as much of my property as in
their judgement can be most conveniently spared for the discharge of the
same. Secondly, I give and bequeath unto my grandson James Cook, son of
Clayton Cook, on his arrising [sic] at the age of twenty one years the sum
of five hundred dollars. Thirdly, I give and bequeath unto my four
grandchildren Emily Teague, Matilda Teague, Eliza Teague to each of them one
hundred dollars on their becoming of age or marriage. To Mary Teague the
sum of two hundred dollars when she becomes of age or marriage. Forthly,
[sic] I lend unto my beloved wife Ursula Cook all my real and personal
estate during her natural life of widowhood. And at her death or marriage,
it is my desire that the whole of my estate real and personal be set up and
sold to the highest bidder on a credit of twelve months. One third share of
the proceeds I lend unto my wife during her life and then to return and be
disposed of as after directed and in case of her marriage and moving out of
the district or state then she to give sufficient and satisfactory security
for the return of the said of my estate lent her for life. Fifthly, I give
and bequeath unto my son John Cook at the final distribution of my estate
the full sum of five hundred dollars. Sixthly, I give and bequeath unto my
four sons Mitchall Cook, Daniel Cook, Tobias Cook and William Cook all and
every part of my real and personal estate after the payment of the witness
legacies, except so much of the share of Mitchall which it is my pleasure
shall be subject to the deduction of five hundred dollars or as much of the
same as he shall receive in order to finish his education. Seventhly, it is
further my will and pleasure that Mitchall Cook, Tobias Cook, and William
Cook before the general distribution at their becoming of age, receive a
horse, saddle, and bridle to be worth at least twenty five dollars, also a
good feather bed and furniture, equal those given the others already
observing that Daniel is to have a bed, also, but no horse having already
got one. Lastly, I nominate and appoint my beloved wife Ursula Cook my co
Executrix with my two sons Mitchall Cook and Daniel Cook my executors, to
this my last will and testament. Hereby revoking all wills by me heretofore
set my hand and affixed my seal this 28th. day of February, 1815. In
presence of:

Abner Pyles
Wm. Black
Alen Pitts

James Cook (L.X.)


Whereas by the foregoing testament I have bequeathed to my grand daughter
Mary Teague the sum of two hundred dollars, in consequence of her death
thereby revoke the said request and in addition to the sum of one hundred
dollars bequeathed to each of her sisters Emily, Matilda, and Eliza Teague.
I hereby bequeath the further sum of fifty dollars each at the same time the
former request is to be paid, also in addition to the request made to my
grandson James Cook so of Clayton. I hereby bequeath him the further sum of
one hundred dollars on the same payment as the former request, as witness my
hand and seal this 27th. day of January, 1816.

Attest Jno. Black
Attest Ezekiel North

James Cook (L.S.)

Reference Note: ®179

They had the following children:

17 i. Clayton COOK
18 ii. John R. COOK
19 iii. Mitchell COOK
20 iv. William COOK
21 v. Daniel COOK
22 vi. Tobiah COOK
23 vii. Isaac COOK
24 viii. Mary Ann COOK
25 ix. John B. COOK
26 x. Emily COOK
27 xi. Elizabeth COOK

7. Catherine MITCHELL. Daughter of Isaac MITCHELL & Mary WILLIAMS.

8. Mary C. MITCHELL. Daughter of Isaac MITCHELL & Mary WILLIAMS.

She married Levi RICE, Before 1789. Born About 1770 in South Carolina. Died
in Hawkins County, Tennessee. Occupation Baptist Minister/Dunkard Preacher.

Mary Mitchell was named in her father's will, 1789, Abbeyville District,
South Carolina. Her husband, Levi Rice signed for her.

Levi may have married second JANE SIMMONS December 4, 1801; bondsman
Jeremiah Chamberlain, Grainger County, Tennessee.


They had the following children:

28 i. James RICE
29 ii. Joel RICE
30 iii. John RICE
31 iv. Mary RICE

9. Sarah MITCHELL. Daughter of Isaac MITCHELL & Mary WILLIAMS.

She married WHITLOW.

10. William MITCHELL. Son of Isaac MITCHELL & Mary WILLIAMS.

11. James MITCHELL. Son of Isaac MITCHELL & Mary WILLIAMS.

12. John MITCHELL. Son of Isaac MITCHELL & Mary WILLIAMS.

13. Martha MITCHELL. Daughter of Isaac MITCHELL & Mary WILLIAMS.

She married HILL.

14. (Perhaps) Elisha MITCHELL. Son of Isaac MITCHELL & Mary WILLIAMS.

Reference Note 153
Submitted by E. C. Mitchell to a History of Abbeville County, South
Reference Note 179
Recorded in Will Book D-1, page 330, Bundle 16, Pkg. 5.
Recorded ? day of August 1816.
proved 15th day of August, 1816.
David Anderson, Ordy., Laurens District. South Carolina

COOK, Clayton 17
COOK, Daniel 21
COOK, Elizabeth 27
COOK, Emily 26
COOK, Isaac 23
COOK, John B. 25
COOK, John R. 18
COOK, Mary Ann 24
COOK, Mitchell 19
COOK, Tobiah 22
COOK, William 20
MITCHELL, (Perhaps) Elisha 14
MITCHELL, Catherine 7
MITCHELL, Daniel 16
MITCHELL, Daniel 4
MITCHELL, Isaac Jr. 5
MITCHELL, Isaac Newton 15
MITCHELL, James 11
MITCHELL, Martha 13
MITCHELL, Ursula 6
MITCHELL, William 10
RICE, James 28
RICE, Joel 29
RICE, John 30
RICE, Mary 31

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