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From: Eve McLaughlin <>
Subject: Re: BEDFORD-D Digest V98 #195
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 21:52:33 +0100

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>Alexander MILNE was born 1st September, 1833 in Little
>Munden, Hertfordshire. The story passed down in the family
>is that he stole a hare from Lord Lonsdale and was
>transported to Australia at the age of 9!!
>I can find no record of him through the Convict Research
>Centre in Victoria, Aus. Although there are many Alexander
>Milnes, none have that birth date and all are from Scotland.
>I have contacted Lord Lonsdale but his estates are in
>Cumbria and has never owned any land in Hertfordshire. He
>passed my letter to his archivist who, after searching the
>Earl's documents, as well as the Cumberland Quarter Sessions
>Court indictments, abstracts of the proceedings and records
>of convictions, turned up nothing.
>Alexander is not listed with his family on the 1851 census
>in Hertfordshire and the 1841 census has a different MILNE
>family, yet from the Parish Register, all the children were
>born in Little Munden between 1833 and 1847! His father
>died there in 1852.
>Can anyone tell me how I organise a search of the
>Hertfordshire Court proceedings between, say, 1839 to 1849
>from Australia? Costs involved? Any other avenues that I
>haven't thought of? Any suggestions (nice ones!) would be
>greatly appreciated.
You are unlucky - the Herts Quarter sessions records are printed up to
1833, (one area to 1840), I have the books and I looked to see if any
Milnes were involved in cases earlier, but none. The gent associated
with Lit Munden was col Loyd (sic). Itis possible it was another peer
with a similiar name to Lonsdale, or that Lord L was temporarily
visiting Herts and alex snaffled a hare from under his nose. The
punishment or transportation seems unusually severe -a few weeks prison
for hare poaching was commoner. Transportation was usually sheep
stealing level BUT if the magistrates had had a long day and a
breakfast which gave them indigestion, and the lad had been before them
earlier - anything might happen. I think you will either need a Herts
resident to help or to write to the Herts record office, County Hall,
Hertford SC13 8BE. They do undertake research - not as cheap as a
professional, but thorough.
Eve McLaughlin

Author of the McLaughlin Guides for family historians
Secretary Bucks Genealogical Society

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